Mommy Makeover Featured on TODAY Show

It can be a struggle for moms to get their bodies back to their pre-pregnancy look, even with diet and exercise. Fatma Rice, mother of a five year old, shared with the TODAY Show how she got her body back with plastic surgery.

Rice had a â??mommy makeover,â? which refers to moms who undergo multiple cosmetic plastic surgery procedures to restore or improve their post-pregnancy bodies.

Before pregnancy Rice was fit and happy with her body. While she was pregnant, she gained about 48 pounds, and even after she lost her pregnancy weight she says her breasts and stomach were saggy. She tried various workout routines to try and get rid of the stubborn fat, but nothing helped. My confidence level went down, she said.

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She chose to get a mommy makeover to get back to what she used to look like and how she used to feel about herself.

Rice had three procedures â?? liposuction, a tummy tuck and a breast lift and appeared on the TODAY Show two weeks after the surgeries to show off the results. I’m ready to start 2011 in a new beautiful body, she said.

Rice’s plastic surgeon, Dr. Loren Schechter, said she was a great candidate for the procedures because she’s healthy and she works out. â??Not everyone is a candidate to combine surgeries, he stressed.

How long should new moms wait before having plastic surgery? We do advise women to wait until the changes associated with pregnancy have resolved. Usually at least six months, if not a bit longer so that swelling from pregnancy can go down, said Dr. Schechter.

6 Ways Cosmetic Breast Surgery Can Change Your Life

Cosmetic surgery of the breast can have a profound impact on a person’s quality of life. Researchers have identified 6 aspects of breast surgery that influence patient quality of life and satisfaction. You can find the article “Satisfaction and quality of life in women who undergo breast surgery: A qualitative study” on Biomed Central or the August issue of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.

1. Greater Satisfaction With Breasts
This is clearly the main goal of any elective breast surgery. Participants of the study commented about improvements in breast shape and the clothing options that were now available to them as a result. One patient with breast implants comments, “I have really nice voluptuous, rounded, normal-sized perky breasts and I am sooo happy with them.”

2. A Positive Surgical Experience
Those who experienced a positive surgeon-patient relationship – with good communication and honest information exchanged – expressed more satisfaction with breast surgery. Patients who had an adverse relationship with the surgeon or staff reported less satisfaction.

3. Improved Psychological and Social Well-Being
Patients in the study shared the positive changes in self perception and experiences in social settings. Increased confidence and feeling as if you fit the perceived “norm” of the female body are said to be a common benefits of breast surgery.

4. Improved Physical Well-Being
Breast reduction patients can get relief from back and neck pain, which often allows increased activity and better health.

5. Improved Sexual Well Being
Enhancements in breast shape and size can bring improvements in sexual pleasure, largely because it alleviates “negative feelings about the breasts” that often cause women to feel less attractive.

6. Overall Satisfaction
Researchers also included the simple category of general satisfaction. Would you undergo the surgery again? One breast augmentation patient responds, “there is not one day that goes by that I am not so pleased that I did it.”

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