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Red Light Therapy, Seattle 

Listen, we all want to feel and look our best. And there’s nothing wrong with that. In fact, it’s good to want the best for yourself and your life, including your appearance. Wanting your skin to be smooth, clear, and firm is completely normal and is a great way to take care of yourself as a whole. If better skin sounds like something you’re interested in, then we may have the answer for your clear skin needs. 

Instead of searching through thousands of skin care products and trying homemade remedies, you can save your money (and sanity) with red light therapy. This treatment is great for creating clear, smooth, glowing skin and helping you get back to your radiant self.

What Is Red Light Therapy? 

Red light therapy is a cell regeneration therapy that can reach the deepest layer of the skin to create change at the root cause. You may be thinking, okay, great, but how does it work? Don’t worry; we won’t bore you with in-depth medical terms that leave you with more questions than answers. Instead, let’s break it down like this: 

  • Red light (near-infrared light) is swept along the skin or certain areas of the body with an LED light therapy machine 
  • This red light penetrates through the layers of skin to reach the lowest layers to reach the cells and muscle tissue  
  • It then wakes up the cells (like the perfect cup of coffee) and causes micro-damage so the cells rapidly heal and reduce inflammation in that area

That’s essentially how red light therapy works. We could have thrown in a lot of big words, like photobiomodulation, but who has time for that? 

Photobiomodulation: The process of cells responding to certain wavelengths of light. 

Red Light Therapy Benefits

While the studies and clinical trials of red light therapy are small, they show successful results. Red light therapy is incredible for the skin and other regeneration purposes. Not to mention it doesn’t require surgery or recovery. Look, if you’re looking for better skin and are tired of trying hundreds of products that don’t do a whole lot, red light therapy may be for you. Its benefits may include: 

  • Promotes wound healing 
  • Fades scars (like acne scars) 
  • Reduces wrinkles and fine lines 
  • Reduces breakouts 
  • Smooths skin texture 
  • Increases glowy complexion 
  • Increases hair growth (on your head) 

If you’re anything like me, these benefits probably sound incredible. And if they do, then using a facility with an incredible light therapy machine is the way to go. (So you don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on a weird mask.) 

Red Light Therapy Machine  

If these benefits aren’t enough, our red light therapy machine provides more than one color. In fact, it offers seven light options that all serve different purposes. You can choose the type of light best for your skin needs and use our subscription service whenever you wish. 

Oh, did we forget to mention that? For $99 a month, you can schedule as many light therapy appointments as you wish. ( Well, up to one a day.) Using red light therapy frequently helps the treatment compound, meaning you get better results.

Types Of Light Therapy

There are seven different types of light therapy, each with its own benefits and purposes. Whether you are in search of a glowing complexion, clear skin, or a refreshed face, we have something for you.

Different wavelengths of light reach certain layers of tissue, creating different results. The depths at which the light reaches are measured by nanometers (nm), which just means how far the light can span.

Red Light Therapy (630-700nm) 

Well, you know all about red light therapy by this point. But it does reach the deepest layer of skin, making it great for deep healing, regeneration, and restoration. You can use red light to prevent acne breakouts, fade wrinkles, or even help with sun damage. 


White Light Therapy (400-700nm) 

White light therapy reaches just above the deeper levels of tissue for a refreshed, smooth texture. White light is great for firming the skin, fighting hyperpigmentation, or healing skin damage. It also can boost your mood if you’re feeling low. 


Orange Light Therapy (590-630nm) 

Have you ever wondered how people get that shimmery, dewy skin? Well, it’s probably orange light therapy creating that magical appearance. At the middle layer, orange light therapy creates a beautifully glowy complexion. 


Yellow Light Therapy (400-700nm) 

Yellow light therapy reaches the upper layers of soft tissue. It’s great for eliminating toxins and stimulating collagen production. This light helps with wrinkles, wound healing, and sun-damaged skin.


Cyan Light (500-520nm) 

Do you struggle with combination skin? Well, cyan light therapy may be of use. Cyan light wavelengths interact with the lowest levels of the surface tissue. This light aids in the balancing of combination skin and creating a smooth texture.


Blue Light Therapy (430-450nm) 

Blue light therapy interacts with the middle layer of surface tissue. It can unclog pores and manage oily skin.


Purple Light Therapy (400-420nm) 

Purple light therapy reaches only the surface of the skin. However, the surface of the skin holds many impurities that purple light can cleanse and restore. Purple light therapy is ideal if you want a deep cleanse and reduced inflammation.


Frequently Asked Questions

Are There Any Risks?

Red light and LED light therapies are FDA-approved and considered a safe treatment. You may experience some redness or tightness directly after treatment, but this subsides fairly quickly. 

How Many Times Can I Get Red Light Therapy?

Red light therapy, and all LED light therapies, for that matter, is a compounding treatment. This means the more you get it, the better the results. With our subscription plan, you can get red light therapy treatment once a day.

How Much Does Red Light Therapy Cost In Seattle?

At Seattle Plastic Surgery, we approach red light therapy with a subscription-based plan so you can get the most out of the treatment. For $99 per month, you can enjoy as many LED light therapy treatments as you wish. (Up to one red light treatment per day.)    


Light Therapy At Seattle Plastic Surgery 

Listen, we want you to feel your best, and sometimes that means looking your best. Red light therapy can help you find the skin glow or balance you want. With seven different wavelength options, LED light therapy is the perfect way to balance your skin and achieve a smooth complexion. At Seattle Plastic Surgery, we are happy to help with all of your skincare needs.

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