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Breast Augmentation

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Breast Augmentation

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Procedure Time: 1 Hr

Recovery Time: 5 Days


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Many women are genetically predisposed to smaller or misshapen breasts. Others experience changing breast shapes due to pregnancy, breastfeeding, weight loss, or cancer. Whatever the reason, a lack or loss of breast tissue is a common cause of self consciousness for women. At Seattle Plastic Surgery, we offer breast augmentations in Seattle & Tacoma that will help you gain self confidence and the fuller bust you yearn for.

A Before and After photo of a Breast Augmentation Plastic Surgery by Dr. Craig Jonov


As mentioned above, there are many reasons women seek out breast augmentation in Tacoma. A breast augmentation is a plastic surgery that increases the size of the breasts. Most commonly, this is achieved through the surgical placement of implants. We also offer another method–known as a fat transfer breast augmentation–that uses your own liposuctioned fat to achieve larger breasts.

Reasons for seeking a breast augmentation surgery are personal and will vary, but a few include: 

  • Loss of breast tissue after weight loss
  • Changes or loss in breast tissue after pregnancy or breastfeeding
  • Genetic predisposition for smaller breasts
  • Inability or no desire to gain weight for a fuller chest
  • Loss of one or both breasts due to cancer
  • Wanting a more proportionate figure
  • Wanting a more feminine figure

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At your consultation (whether virtual or in person), you and your cosmetic surgeon will discuss your goals for the procedure, medical history, and examine your breasts to determine if you are a good candidate for breast augmentation


The way your cosmetic surgeon performs your Seattle & Tacoma breast surgery depends on your implant choice, body, and goals. As with your choice of implants and type of augmentation, you have a say when it comes to the incision and the placement of your breast implants.

On the day of your surgery, our staff will greet you and prep you for surgery. Just before surgery, we will place you under general anesthesia and ensure your comfort during the surgery. The majority of breast augmentation surgeries in Seattle & Tacoma take approximately an hour, but depending upon the specifics of your surgery could take longer. 

During surgery, your cosmetic surgeon will make your choice of incision and create a pocket either above or below the pectoral muscle. They will then place the implant into this pocket and your cosmetic surgeon will close the incision using sutures and surgical tape.


There are many breast augmentations we offer to help you achieve your cosmetic goals. Since every woman’s body and goals are different, each implant and augmentation option provides a different look or option for your Seattle & Tacoma breast augmentation.

Saline Breast Implants:

Saline breast implants consist of a silicone shell that surgically placed and then filled with sterilized saline. This implant option is best suited for women with a fuller chest who want to achieve dramatic results. Many women believe saline implants do not look or feel as natural as other breast implant options. But depending upon your body and breast augmentation goals, your doctor may recommend or you may decide that saline implants are the best option for you. 

Silicone Breast Implants:

Silicone breast implants are by far the most popular choice of breast augmentation in Seattle & Tacoma. They come pre-filled and–due to this–require a slightly larger incision than saline implants. However, women often say that silicone implants look and feel more natural. Compared to saline breast implants, silicone breast implants are less likely to ripple or wrinkle. 

Gummy Bear Breast Implants:

Gummy bear breast implants are a type of silicone implant that consists of a cohesive gel–similar in consistency to the gummy candy they are named after. They are more likely to hold their structure in the event of a rupture. We offer two shapes of gummy bear implants in Seattle & Tacoma: round and anatomical. You and your cosmetic surgeon can discuss the shape which best suits your cosmetic goals during your consultation.

Other than your choice of saline or silicone implants, you will have a variety of other choices concerning your breast implants in Seattle & Tacoma: 

  • Size and shape of implant
  • Incision placement
  • Smooth or textured implants
  • Implant placement (over or under the muscle)

Fat Transfer:

Another breast augmentation option is fat transfer breast augmentation. This type of augmentation consists of two steps. First, your cosmetic surgeon will liposuction fat from another part of your body, often the abdomen or thighs. Second, your cosmetic surgeon will purify the fat and skillfully inject it into your breasts to achieve a more natural-looking breast augmentation. 

Many women are interested in fat transfer augmentation in Seattle & Tacoma because of the many benefits and advantages it offers. A few of these benefits and advantages include: 

  • No risk of capsular contracture
  • No incision
  • Less invasive
  • No or very minimal scarring
  • No risk of an allergic reaction or rejection because the implanted material comes from your own body
  • Typically less downtime and a quicker recovery
  • Results that look and feel natural

A fat transfer breast augmentation does not deliver the dramatic results that breast implants can. For some women, this is a disadvantage, but if you are only looking to increase your breast size by one or two cup sizes, you may be a candidate for a fat transfer breast augmentation.

During your breast augmentation consultation in Seattle & Tacoma, you and your cosmetic surgeon can discuss the breast implant options and which will suit your body and goals best.

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    Types of Incisions:

    Our cosmetic surgeons at Seattle Plastic Surgery specialize in breast augmentation surgery and perform it using four main types of incisions: 

    • Inframammary: The crease where the breast meets the chest
    • Periareolar: Around the areola
    • Transumbilical: Near the belly button
    • Transaxillary: Through the armpit

    Types of placements

    When deciding the placement of your breast implant, you have two choices: 

    • Submuscular placement: This placement is when the breast implant is positioned beneath the pectoral muscle. This is the most common placement for breast implants in Seattle & Tacoma because there is less risk for complications such as rippling and capsular contracture
    • Subglandular placement: This placement is when the breast implant is placed under the breast tissue, but above the pectoral muscle. Subglandular placement has a shorter and easier recovery time. This placement may also benefit women who need a slight lift their breasts as well.

    During your consultation, your cosmetic surgeon can describe the specifics of these placement options so that you can make an informed decision about the placement of your breast implants.

    How Can I Prepare For My Breast Surgery?

    Your cosmetic surgeon will help prep you for your surgery day, but there are many ways you can make the surgery smoother for yourself, your cosmetic surgeon, and the surgical staff. A few ways you can prepare for your breast surgery include: 

    • Shower the day of your surgery
    • Wear comfortable, loose clothing for after the procedure
    • Arrange your lodging and transportation to our facility
    • Follow any other instructions from your cosmetic surgeon


    Following a breast augmentation in Seattle & Tacoma, recovery varies depending upon the specifics of your breast surgery and body. You will have restrictions on heavy lifting and exercise for the first two weeks following surgery and some exercises restricted for the first six weeks. Despite these restrictions, you can expect to engage in some limited activity 24-48 hours after surgery. Your cosmetic surgeon will explain your restrictions and better help gauge your recovery during your consultation and after surgery.

    A few days after your surgery, your cosmetic surgeon will provide a surgical bra to aid in your recovery. They will explain its use and it is important to follow your cosmetic surgeon’s instructions carefully in the use of the surgical bra and your recovery as to not compromise your final results.

    It may take a few weeks for all the swelling to subside and a few months to see the final results from your Seattle & Tacoma breast augmentation.  


    Our cosmetic surgeons at Seattle Plastic Surgery are board-certified and specialize in breast augmentation plastic surgery. Our cosmetic surgeons prioritize you and your cosmetic goals and will custom tailor your breast augmentation surgery to fit you and your needs.

    We know that choosing to travel an hour north (if coming from the Tacoma area or other outside areas) for your breast augmentation is not an easy decision. We want to make the process to achieving your cosmetic goals easy and seamless. This is why we offer virtual consultations and sometimes even virtual pre-operative appointments so that you aren’t traveling unnecessarily. Our doctors conduct these virtual consultations on the major face-to-face chat apps such as Skype and FaceTime.

    If necessary, we also offer concierge services to help you find lodging and transportation closer to our facility for the duration of your surgery and any other required appointments.


    At your consultation (whether virtual or in person), you and your cosmetic surgeon will discuss your goals for the procedure, medical history, and examine your breasts to determine if you are a good candidate for breast augmentation in Seattle & Seattle & Tacoma. If you are eligible, your cosmetic surgeon will then guide you and make recommendations concerning your breast implants and augmentation. 

    We will then provide you with any necessary concierge services you need and are more than happy to help accommodate you for your breast augmentation surgery.

    If you’re ready to take the first steps towards the fuller breasts you want, call us at 206-324-1120 or Contact Us Online to schedule a consultation.

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