Eyebrow Lamination


Procedure Time: 30 min

Recovery Time: None; 24 hours of modified routine

Brow Lamination Seattle & Tacoma

Every day thousands of people enhance their eyebrows with brow pencils, tints, and highlights. This can be incredibly time consuming, especially when combined with the application of other makeup products. Several semi-permanent brow enhancements are available to save people time and money via enhancing the brows for a longer period. One of these options is brow lamination. Seattle Plastic Surgery provides the best brow lamination Seattle and Tacoma offers.

The Ins & Outs Of Brow Lamination

Brow lamination is an esthetic procedure that essentially perms the eyebrow hairs to lay flat, neat, and in the ideal position. Often, this involves brushing them all in one direction. This will be determined by your brow artist during a consultation based on your facial anatomy, structure, and desired look. Using artistic principles such as the golden ratio, your brow artist creates the best brows for your face shape.

In a more scientific sense, brow lamination is a perm for the eyebrows. Using two solutions, the first one makes the hair more malleable which allows your brow expert to comb them into the right position. The next one sets the hair into these positions. Both solutions are largely made of natural ingredients and gentler than the conventional perming solutions.

The brow technicians at Seattle Plastic Surgery are also master estheticians with years of experience in brow artistry. They also offer brow tints and lash services. Working with our brow artists, Seattle Plastic Surgery also performs microblading performed by certified tattoo artists.


Eyebrow lamination comes with many benefits, especially for patients who have unruly brows or want to hide one missing patch. A few benefits of brow lamination in Seattle can include:

  • Hide patches of missing hair
  • Neaten unruly brows
  • Make the eyebrow hairs lay flat
  • Correct small differences in symmetry
  • Create a neater, cleaner brow shape
  • Uses only your natural brows
  • Brows look fuller and fluffier
  • Enhance the shape of your eyes and face
  • Increase the prominence of the brows
  • Can combine with a brow tint
  • Reduces the need for makeup
  • Temporary, so you can keep up with brow trends
  • Does not smudge
  • Can complement brow hair growth in some cases
  • No downtime, can continue exercising and playing sports
  • No associated pain
  • Cost effective
  • Lasts up to eight weeks
  • Quick application, takes less than an hour
  • Needleless


As a non-surgical procedure that does not break the skin, brow lamination has relatively few risks. Though, like any esthetic procedure, there are some risks and contraindications. First, let’s look at the possible risks of brow lamination:

  • Infection
  • Unsatisfactory result
  • Allergic reaction
  • Contamination of the eyes
  • Breakouts
  • Irritation

Typically, the average person is unlikely to experience a complication. Some minor, temporary side effects are normal, but they largely should not interrupt your daily life or cause major discomfort. 

The people most likely to experience risks or complications are those who have certain skin conditions such as eczema, a history of major allergic reactions, rosacea, or have taken harsh acne medication in the past year. In these cases, your brow artist may recommend another treatment or use specialized care when performing your treatment.

Comparing It To Daily Brow Makeup Application

One of the biggest factors that make the decision when a patient is deciding to undergo brow lamination is the time it saves. Estimates from the Today Show postulate that women spend 55 minutes a day doing hair and makeup. For busy moms and working women, this is time they simply do not have. Therefore, if they can undergo a one time procedure every few weeks, this can save them multiple hours every day.

Additionally, a person spends an average of upwards of $300 every month on makeup alone. While brow lamination cannot cut out the makeup budget altogether, it can reduce the monthly costs significantly. This is especially true if a patient decides to undergo a brow tint at the same time.

Plus, brow lamination lets you lay back and relax while your brow expert does all the work. Normally, you would be required to create your ideal brows in less than ideal conditions. In Seattle Plastic Surgery’s medically focused environment, it is quiet, well lit, and allows your brow artist to create the perfect brow of your dreams.

Brow Lamination: Before & After


Brow lamination begins with a consultation with your brow artist. This allows them to get an idea of what your idea of the perfect brows are. Your brow artist will also ask about your medical history and lifestyle. This will help them gauge the best and safest treatment for you. They may also examine the brow area.

If your eyebrow artist believes that you are a good candidate for brow lamination, they will explain the procedure more. Your brow artist will craft an individualized plan for your brow lamination procedure. They take into account your desired shape and needs. In some cases, you may be able to undergo the procedure the same day. Otherwise, you can receive a personalized price quote and schedule your consultation.

Laminating The Brows

The first step of brow lamination is the cleaning and disinfecting of the brows. This removes built-up makeup and environmental makeup. You should come to your appointment without makeup on. 

After this, your brow artist will apply the lifting lotion. This solution gently breaks the bonds that keep your hair in position. The lifting lotions sit for about two to five minutes. Then, your master esthetician removes it and combs the hairs into their new position.

From there, your brow technician will apply the setting lotion. This repairs the broken bonds so that your brow hairs stay in the ideal position. Like the other solution, it stays on for approximately five minutes. In both cases, the brows are covered in plastic wrap to enhance the process and hold in heat.

Once the setting lotion is removed, the treatment is complete. Your master esthetician may clean up the area and apply aftercare. If you are also getting a brow tint, it will be performed at this point.


Eyebrow lamination provides instant results. You should not notice a major difference in the coming weeks. However, in the few days following brow lamination in Seattle, they will still be somewhat fragile. Therefore, do not get them wet or apply makeup on or around the brows for at least one to two days. After this, it is safe to treat your brows normally.

Results tend to last between four and eight weeks. Brow lamination is waterproof and smudge proof after 48 hours. You do not have to worry about sweating, swimming, or working. Though, certain activities or environments may lessen the time you can enjoy your results.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is Brow Lamination Better Than Microblading?

    Not necessarily, it depends largely on the individual. If you have sparse brows or no brows, then lamination is likely not the best option. Microblading will create a better and more dramatic result. If you have bushy eyebrows or just one patch or so that needs addressing, then brow lamination may work well. 

    Using their knowledge of brow artistry and the science of facial aesthetics, your brow technician can help you choose the right brow enhancement technique. You can feel confident that the providers at Seattle Plastic Surgery will take you and your needs into consideration throughout the whole process.

    Can You Put Makeup On Laminated Brows?

    After a few days, yes. Though, many people find that they do not need brow makeup following brow lamination. Additionally, applying makeup can reduce the time your results last. You can reduce the need to apply makeup even further by undergoing a brow tint. This can be done at the same time as your Seattle brow lamination.

    How Can I Make The Results Last Longer?

    There are no guaranteed ways to extend your results as they will vary based on the environment, your skin, and other factors. Though, there are a few things in your control that may help your results last longer. This can include:

    • Protect your brows from the sun
    • Limit the makeup applied to the brows
    • Be mindful of the skincare products you use on or near the brows
    • Regularly brush your brows in the direction they were laminated 

    Are There Any Side Effects?

    Brow lamination can cause some minor side effects, especially for those with sensitive skin. However, most people do not experience side effects or only experience minor ones. A few side effects could include:

    • Redness
    • Swelling
    • Bumps
    • Skin peeling
    • Itchiness

    Generally, side effects, if they occur, are mild, temporary, and completely treatable. Your master esthetician can discuss this with you in more detail if it is a concern. 

    What Is The Cost Of Brow Lamination In Seattle?

    Brow lamination costs start at $75. If you add a brow tint or other service, this will impact the price. You can find out more about our lash and brow service prices on our price list or our Price Simulator app.

    Beautiful & Bold Brows With The Best Brow Lamination At Seattle Plastic Surgery

    Seattle Plastic Surgery is a top-of-the-line plastic surgery clinic and medical spa. Located in the First Hill neighborhood, the central location allows for easy access from around the Puget Sound area. Our providers cater to all of your surgical, non-surgical, and skincare needs.

    Along with performing medical grade skincare services such as chemical peels and microneedling, our master estheticians also perform brow lamination. This can help supplement your overall facial appearance and is quick to perform. You can easily perform it with another brow or lash service.

    To learn more and schedule a consultation, call us at 206-324-1120. You can also reach out online via chat, contact form, or Price Simulator.