Botox injections have many multifaceted applications. Most commonly, Botox addresses muscles. This includes overactive muscles, and those performing small localized movements causing wrinkles or other cosmetic problems. Additionally, Botox can help control nerve function. For example, when treating hyperhidrosis, the injections are shallower and target the nerves which induce sweating. In some cases, the exact mode in which Botox acts has yet to be fully known such as when it treats chronic pain. One of the newer Botox treatments—scrotox—falls into this category. The injectors at Seattle Plastic Surgery provide the best scrotox in Seattle and Tacoma offer.

Understanding Scrotum Botox 

Scrotum Botox is not one specific treatment. It can address several concerns, including cosmetic and medical ones. The treatment was first performed as a way to reduce excessive sweating on and around the scrotal region. However, now it is also used to reduce wrinkles on the scrotum to create a smoother appearance. In some people, Botox may help lower the testicles slightly and make them appear bigger.

When treating the scrotum with Botox, the nerves underneath the skin are generally treated. However, the muscles affecting the hang and position of the scrotum—cremaster and dartos muscles—can sometimes be treated, especially if they are overactive. Overactive cremaster or dartos muscles can cause pain or the testicles to stay close to the body.

Therefore, each scrotum Botox treatment will look slightly different based on the patient’s specific goals for the procedure. Your injector can discuss what the ideal scrotox treatment looks like for you.


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    Benefits & Risks

    Like all medically based procedures, there are benefits and risks associated with scrotum Botox. Your provider will discuss these with you during a consultation appointment, but patients should know some basic expectations and possible complications associated with the scrotox procedure.

    Possible benefits of Seattle scrotum Botox include:

    • Smoothing out wrinkles on the testicle skin
    • Treatment of overactive cremaster or dartos muscles
    • Release tension in the muscles
    • Address inflammation and scrotal pain
    • Help the testicles look bigger and hang lower
    • Increased sensitivity for enhanced sexual pleasure
    • Improved self-esteem and confidence
    • Quick treatment
    • Minimal pain or discomfort
    • No recovery or downtime
    • No need to commit to a single appearance or result
    • Few side effects
    • Performed by a qualified and experienced injector

    Major complications or adverse effects of scrotum Botox are rare but possible. Patients should be fully informed of these risks and possibilities before undergoing the procedure. Risks may include:

    • Pain
    • Little noticeable effect
    • Low sperm count (rare and has not occurred in human patients)
    • Prolonged side effects such as swelling
    • Infection

    Alternatives To Scrotox

    Depending on what a patient is treated with scrotum Botox, there are some possible alternatives. For chronic scrotum or testicular pain, surgery may be an option explored before or after Botox treatment. While this can resolve or improve pain, it does not always work. Additionally, not all patients are good surgical candidates. Other medical conditions can cause the testicles to not hang as they should or otherwise act abnormally. Sometimes treating the related condition can adequately resolve the concern.

    For sweating, the only alternatives are certain medications or topical antiperspirants. These options often do not work or are not enough for people with hyperhidrosis. This is when scrotal or testicular Botox is explored as an option.

    Scrotox Procedure In Seattle

    Initial Consultation 

    To get scrotum Botox, patients must first meet with an injector at Seattle Plastic Surgery. We offer in-person and virtual consultations. At this appointment, your injector will discuss the treatment, benefits and risks, and what to expect from the results. Your provider will also want to get a good understanding of your medical history, anatomy, and goals for treatment. This may involve an in-depth discussion and physical exam of the area.

    If your injector believes you are a good candidate and would benefit from the procedure, they will walk you through what the average appointment looks like. For in-person appointments, performing the injections during the same appointment may be possible.

    Scrotox Injections 

    Before injecting Botox into the scrotum, your provider will apply alcohol and numbing cream to the area. Then, they will proceed with the Botulinum toxin injections. Commonly, between fifty and one hundred units are used for scrotox treatment. Patients can expect about fifty to one hundred individual scrotox injection sites. Each injection site receives approximately one unit of Botox.

    In all, an injection appointment takes around 30 minutes. Patients are also welcome to have other areas treated at the same time


    Scrotal Botox comes with little necessary aftercare. Patients can immediately return to work and their normal activities following treatment. Sometimes, patients may want to limit strenuous exercise and sexual activity for one to two days to prevent side effects and prevent hindering results. Smoking and alcohol consumption are also discouraged following Botox injections.

    Side effects such as discomfort, swelling, redness, and (to some extent) bruising are normal. However, major or long lasting side effects are rare. Stay in contact with your injector and contact them with questions or concerns.

    Frequently Asked Questions 


    How Long Does Scrotox Last? 

    Scrotox results last between three and four months on average. Many things affect how long results last, like the amount injected, the patient’s metabolism, and the treatment goal. Patients may also see results improve with additional sessions over time.

    Following your first scrotox session, your injector will see you back in about two weeks to gauge the results and your body’s reaction. This helps them determine if more or fewer units or another treatment altogether is warranted.

    Where Specifically Is Scrotal Botox Injected? 

    Scrotal Botox is injected primarily into the skin of the scrotum. Based on the specific treatment, the injections may also reach the muscle layers covering the testicles—the cremaster and dartos. This is not always necessary. Generally, the injections use a fine needle and do not penetrate deeply into the skin.

    Who Can Perform Scrotox? 

    Plastic and cosmetic surgeons, aesthetic medicine physicians, physician assistants, and registered nurses can all perform scrotum Botox injections. At Seattle Plastic Surgery, our surgeons, aesthetic medicine physicians, and physician assistants are our primary injectors.

    How Much Is Scrotox Seattle? 

    Scrotum Botox in Seattle can vary in price based on the number of units injected. Because the treatment is specialized and sensitive, it may cost more depending on your provider’s skill and experience.

    Will Insurance Cover Scrotum Botox For Certain Medical Conditions?

    No, insurance normally does not cover scrotum Botox, even when treating a medical condition such as excessive sweating. Patients can finance their procedure through outside resources such as Care Credit or all major credit cards. Patients can find out more information about financing and payment options on our financing page.

    The Best Scrotox In Seattle At Seattle Plastic Surgery 

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