En Bloc Breast Implant Resection


Procedure Time: 1-2 Hrs

Recovery Time: 1 Week


Most breast augmentation patients are pleased with their implants and plan to keep them for a lifetime. But, for some patients who experience a change in lifestyle, rare complications, or who want to exchange their implants for another type or size, an en bloc breast implant resection is a surgery that can help. Seattle Plastic Surgery happily offers en bloc breast implant resection to patients in the Seattle and Tacoma areas.


En bloc breast implant resection is a cosmetic surgery that removes breast implants and the scar tissue surrounding them. An en bloc breast implant resection in Tacoma is a delicate surgery that requires an experienced plastic surgeon to perform. Our surgeons at Seattle Plastic Surgery have years of experience in breast surgeries and specialize in en bloc resection surgeries.

Reasons Women Seek Implant Resection?

Breast implant related illness is when a woman has an adverse reaction to her breast implants. This reaction varies from woman to woman, but regardless, it is usual that these women seeking implant removal. Since breast implant related illness is so rare, many doctors and surgeons discount it altogether, leaving women feeling unbelieved and ignored. At Seattle Plastic Surgery, we believe these women and want to provide the care they need through an en bloc breast implant resection. 

Other than breast implant related illness, there are a variety of medical and personal reasons to seek removal of breast implants. While every woman has her own reasons for wanting to remove her implants, there are some instances when the removal of implants is necessary or when women commonly choose to seek en bloc breast implant resection such as: 

  • Capsular contracture
  • Implant rupture or leak
  • Desire to change implant type or size
  • Implants that over 20 years old
  • Rippling
  • Desire to no longer have implants
  • Other health problems that require removal


Beyond the desire to have your breast implants removed, there are a variety of medical conditions and symptoms that may pose concerns to you and your plastic surgeon. If you experience any of these symptoms, it is important to consult a professional so they can evaluate you and decide the best course of action. Often, an ultrasound or CT scan is required to determine the cause of your symptoms and to detect possible rupture or leaks.

Before resorting to further surgery, depending upon your symptoms and the cause, it is likely your Seattle plastic surgeon will try other methods to solve the issue. For example, ultrasound massages are shown to improve capsular contracture without surgical intervention.

It is important to discuss all of your symptoms with your cosmetic surgeon and forthright with any concerns you have. This will help them decide if an en bloc breast implant resection is right for you and your symptoms.

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    Symptoms You May Want To Talk To Your Plastic Surgeon About:

    It is normal to experience some discomfort and side effects after breast augmentation. If these continue long after recovery, or if you begin experiencing symptoms after having your implants for years, it is best to have them checked out by a professional. Symptoms that may warrant concern include: 

    • Breasts or nipples become misshapen
    • One or both breasts feel hard
    • Pain or tenderness
    • Soreness
    • Tightness
    • Asymmetry

    Major breast implant complications are rare, especially if your breast augmentation was performed by a board-certified and experienced plastic surgeon. If you are showing no symptoms, there is no reason for concern or to seek an en bloc breast implant resection in Seattle (unless you seek removal or exchange of implants for other personal reasons).


    Once you are sedated, your Seattle plastic surgeon will make an incision in the crease where the breast meets the chest, also known as the inframammary fold. Through this incision they will remove your breast implants and the thin, white scar tissue that surrounds the implant. If you choose to replace your implants, your surgeon will then place the new implants. As a final step, your surgeon will close the incision using surgical sutures.

    Will En Bloc Breast Implant Resection Get Rid Of My Symptoms?

    Most likely, although it will depend on the cause of your symptoms and discomfort. If your symptoms are directly tied to your implants, such as in the event of a rupture or capsular contracture. In these cases, en bloc surgery will most likely clear your symptoms and discomfort. However, if your symptoms are caused by a larger medical issue not directly related to your implants, you may require treatment for that issue rather than removal of your breast implants. In the case of breast related illness, it is possible for the symptoms to appear unrelated to your implants, though cured by en bloc resection.

    Differences Between En Bloc and Capsulectomy?

    It’s likely you’ve heard about a capsulectomy in conjunction with breast implants before. Often, the terms en bloc breast implant resection and capsulectomy are used interchangeably, but there is a distinct difference. An en bloc surgery removes the breast implant and the scar tissue surrounding it, while a capsulectomy only focuses on the scar tissue surrounding the implant and does not always fully remove the implant.

    An en bloc procedure is more complex, but removing the implant as a whole with the scar tissue dramatically reduces the risk of rupturing the implant. This is why an en bloc procedure requires an experienced plastic surgeon like those at Seattle Plastic Surgery.

    What Can I Expect After an En Bloc Breast Implant Resection?

    Your en bloc breast implant resection surgery recovery is similar to the recovery from your original breast augmentation. You can expect roughly one week of downtime. Most en bloc breast implant resection patients return to work and their normal activities around a week after surgery.

    Your Seattle plastic surgeon will provide you with a custom recovery plan that fits your needs. Within a few days of your surgery, we will see you for your post-op appointment where your incision and overall health is examined. This will allow your plastic surgeon to carefully monitor your health after surgery and reduces the risk for complications during recovery.

    The cosmetic surgeons at Seattle Plastic Surgery place your safety and comfort above all else.


    The cosmetic surgeons at Seattle Plastic Surgery place your safety and comfort above all else. Located on First Hill–the medical hub of Seattle–we are connected by underground tunnels to Swedish. This provides an unprecedented level of safety for your surgery.

    Your Seattle plastic surgeon caters your en bloc procedure to fit your specific needs as well as address your desires and concerns. For example, Dr. Jonov can perform an en bloc with breast lift for the best results. Before surgery, we want to ensure you feel comfortable and confident with the procedure.


    During your consultation with a Seattle plastic surgeon, they will discuss your goals for the procedure, review your medical history, and examine you and your breasts. They will then discuss your symptoms and reasons for seeking the removal of your breast implants before determining if you are a candidate for en bloc breast implant resection.

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