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Procedure Time: 1 Hr

Recovery Time: 3 Days


As we move to adulthood, “losing baby fat” or the thinning of the face is a common and natural occurrence. For some, however, the cheeks continue to cling to this fat, contributing to a child-like appearance. Buccal fat removal surgery–or a cheek reduction–removes excess fat in the cheek. This creates a thinner and more mature look, which often better matches the patient’s age and personality. Cheek reduction is a delicate procedure which must be performed by an experienced surgeon, like those at Seattle Plastic Surgery. We offer buccal fat reduction to the Seattle and Tacoma areas.


Buccal fat reduction is a surgical procedure that removes some or all of the buccal fat pad in the cheeks. This creates a slimmer, more contoured look to the face and can define the cheekbones and overall facial structure. Cheek reduction is a common procedure after losing a significant amount of weight. Sometimes after weight loss, the fat in the cheeks remains, leading to an unproportionate look compared to the rest of your bodily fat. 

Seattle cheek reduction surgery can even out these proportions and create an appearance that is more mature and defined. While the cheeks are supposed to have some fat, excess fat in the region can contribute to confidence and self esteem issues. Buccal fat removal can help rid you of that childish look and feel more confident in your everyday life.

What Are Common Motivations For Cheek Reduction In Seattle?

Every patient’s reason for seeking buccal fat removal in Seattle varies and is unique to them. Yet, many people seeking the surgery share similar experiences that cause them to want to seek a cheek reduction. Among some of the most common motivations include: 

  • Desire for more defined cheekbones/ appearance
  • Reduce the size of the cheeks
  • Get rid of a child-like appearance
  • Even out facial proportions/ symmetry
  • Want a leaner face after weight loss


The ideal Tacoma buccal fat removal patient is in good general health, past the age of facial development, and has significant stubborn fat in the cheeks. Age is an important factor in your candidacy for a cheek reduction in Tacoma. Since the loss of fat and a thinning face are part of puberty and the aging process, you should not consider a buccal fat removal surgery until you are at least over the age of 25. This is because your facial structures are still developing, even into your early twenties. Removing your buccal fat pad too young can cause a sunken and gaunt appearance later in life, adding years to your appearance. Your Seattle plastic surgeon will take this into consideration during your consultation and will advise you on how to define your cheekbones and features with non surgical solutions.

However, young patients can be possible candidates if they have a family history of chubby cheeks and a good bone structure to support the results.

Other Factors?  

When seeking out any cosmetic procedure, you should account for your medical history. People with certain medical conditions, such as blood or bleeding disorders, cancer (or history of cancers), or mouth diseases or injuries may not be candidates for Tacoma cheek reduction. Preferably, patients should be non smokers because the surgery is performed through incisions in the mouth and it can complicate the healing process and put you at high risk for unsavory outcomes.

Finally, major weight fluctuations can reverse or compromise your cheek reduction results. If you plan on gaining or losing significant weight after the procedure, you should wait until after this weight change to undergo a buccal fat removal in Tacoma. Along with managing your weight, managing your expectations will make you an ideal candidate. Your cosmetic surgeon will help you understand what is and is not possible with your surgery. 


The technique for buccal fat removal is simple, but sensitive procedure. It requires a talented surgeon like those at Seattle Plastic Surgery to perform. At the beginning of your procedure, your plastic surgeon will make small incisions on the inside of the cheek. Removing the buccal fat from incisions inside the mouth, limits the amount of scarring and prevents visible scarring on the face. 

Through these tiny incisions, your plastic surgeon will remove the excess fat. The entire procedure should not take longer than one hour to complete. They will then stitch up the incisions to finish the procedure.

Buccal Fat Removal Is Often Performed With:

Since a cheek reduction in Tacoma is typically a quick surgery, patients often choose to combine it with another procedure to get the most out of their cosmetic surgery. When performed by an experienced cosmetic surgeon and with an ideal candidate, combining procedures is perfectly safe. Recovery time is not increased because you will recovery from the surgeries concurrently. Because you are choosing to combine the procedures, only one surgery day and round of anesthesia is required. In many patients, this reduces the risk of side effects or complications associated with anesthesia and leads to an easier recovery.

Combine Procedures? 

Considering that buccal fat removal is a facial plastic surgery, other facial procedures can enhance and improve your results. The surgeries and procedures most commonly performed alongside a buccal fat removal include:


When desiring fat removal of any kind, liposuction is often one of the first procedures people consider. Facial liposuction can help reduce excess cheek fat, like buccal fat removal in Seattle. Producing similar results, it can be difficult to decide which procedure is best for you. Your cosmetic surgeon can help you determine whether cheek reduction or facial liposuction is best for you. 

The procedures have more similarities than differences. Both surgeries are relatively non-invasive and quickly performed in our office. You can expect minimal recovery and downtime with Seattle cheek reduction or facial liposuction. They even have similar side effects. 

The main difference between the surgeries is that a buccal fat removal utilizes an intraoral incision while the tiny incision required for cheek liposuction is on the exterior  of the face. While liposuction procedures tend not to scar, this can make the difference for some patients trying to decide between the procedures.

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    After your cheek fat removal surgery, you can expect a few days of recovery. Most of the time patients return to work within a week of their operation, although extensive or strenuous exercise will remain restricted for about two weeks post operatively. Your cheeks will be swollen after surgery, but this will go down and should subside throughout your recovery period. This swelling will not allow you to see your final results, but your skin needs time to settle. Therefore, the final results are usually observed about two to three months after your buccal fat reduction in Seattle. As swelling goes down, you will see an improvement in the look of your cheeks.

    Your Seattle plastic surgeon will advise you on your specific recovery protocol. Generally, because your incisions are located inside the mouth, they will prescribe an antibiotic to prevent infection and pain medication to help you manage post-surgery pain. You will also go on a fluid and soft food diet for at least a few days. This is simply to decrease the chances of infection and for your own comfort.  

    How Can I Maintain My Results?

    The fat removed during Seattle buccal fat removal surgery cannot come back, especially if the entire fat pad is removed. However, your results can still be reversed or compromised  due to lifestyle changes, aging, and environmental factors. You can help maintain your cheek reduction results by: 

    • Maintaining a consistent weight
    • Taking good care of your skin
    • Immediately contacting your Seattle cosmetic surgeon if you have concerns
    • Following all postoperative results
    • Ensuring you are a good candidate before committing to surgery
    • Continuing a healthy diet and exercise 


    At Seattle Plastic Surgery, our cosmetic surgeons are board-certified and specialize in facial procedures. This means that they understand facial balance and symmetry and will ensure that your cheek reduction procedure will yield you the most flattering results.

    Our priority is providing you with safe cosmetic surgeries and helping you achieve the results you want.  We do this by voluntarily keeping our surgery center up to the most rigorous standards and personalizing every single procedure to fit you, your goals, and your anatomy. Using state-of-the-art technology and techniques, we will custom tailor your buccal fat removal for your needs and wishes.

    Your Consultation

    During your consultation, your Seattle plastic surgeon will discuss your desire for buccal fat removal surgery, your medical history, as well as your goals and expectations for the procedure. After fully understanding what you want and expect from the procedure, they will conduct a thorough exam to ensure you have excess fat that qualifies for removal. If they determine you are a likely candidate for a cheek reduction, your cosmetic surgeon will then explain the procedure and help you visualize what you will look like when your results set in. 

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