PDO Thread Lift Price

$300 per thread

Procedure Time: 30 mins

Recovery Time: 1 Day

PDO Threads In Seattle & Tacoma

Before the introduction of PDO threads, patients desiring a non-surgical facelift used a combination of neuromodulators like BOTOX and facial fillers. This non-surgical procedure was known as a liquid facelift. While liquid facelifts are still performed, including at Seattle Plastic Surgery, a new, minimally invasive solution is now available called a PDO thread lift. PDO threads utilize biodegradable surgical threads to create a natural lift without surgery. Seattle Plastic Surgery offers PDO thread lift procedures to the Seattle and Tacoma areas.

History Of PDO Threads

The history of facial rejuvenation goes back centuries and the first successful facelift was performed in 1911. Non-surgical facelifts and other alternatives are a more recent feat. Fillers and BOTOX have been used in the past few decades in the aforementioned liquid facelift, which was one of the first non-surgical facelifts that offered noticeable, albeit, temporary results.

Surgeons have used PDO threads as wound closures since the mid-twentieth century and it has been standard practice since the 1980s. The use of PDO threads for cosmetic procedures is much more recent, beginning in 2011. Earlier thread lift predecessors began in 1998, but they were permanent and more risky than PDO threads. Today, PDO threads are widely accepted as the best way to perform a non-surgical thread lift. 

Are PDO Threads Safe?

PDO threads are widely considered safe for use in cosmetic lifting procedures. In general, Polydioxanone threads rarely cause allergic reactions and absorb naturally into the body. When performed by a qualified provider and on an ideal candidate, PDO thread lifts are extremely safe and effective.

How Do PDO Threads Work?

PDO threads are made of Polydioxanone. These threads are medical-grade and thinner than hair. Within the medical industry, surgeons have used PDO threads as absorbable sutures. During a PDO thread lift in Seattle, the threads will cause collagen and other proteins to form around it and eventually take its place in the months following treatment. This can leave you with healthier skin and more facial volume in the treatment areas. 

In the case of a PDO brow lift, the threads will lift the skin and as they absorb, leave behind collagen that can promote long lasting results. Additionally, the threads can contribute to filling in hollowed areas like the temples and cheeks.  

Possible Treatment Areas

Nearly any area where a “lifting” cosmetic surgery can happen is a possible candidate for treatment with PDO threads. The most common include facial procedures like a non-surgical facelift and brow lift. Among the possible body areas that you can treat with PDO threads include:

  • Face (Cheeks, jowls, nose, brow, nasolabial folds, marionette lines, chin, midface, among others)
  • Neck
  • Knees
  • Stomach
  • Arms
  • Breasts
  • Knees
  • Hips

An experienced PDO thread lift provider like the ones at Seattle Plastic Surgery can administer the threads with precision wherever you would like to treat. There are a variety of cosmetic concerns that PDO threads can treat such as: lines and wrinkles, acne scarring, and sagging skin.

The Non-Surgical Lifting Solution

At Seattle Plastic Surgery, PDO threads are administered by a board-certified cosmetic surgeon. The procedure usually takes thirty minutes or less, but time can vary based on the size and quantity of treatment areas. During a consultation, your provider can give you an accurate estimate of the procedure time once they understand your goals and needs. 

During a complimentary consultation at Seattle Plastic Surgery, your provider will want to ensure you are a good candidate and that PDO threads will benefit you. To do this, they will want to understand the results you want and your medical history. After gaining these insights, they will conduct a physical examination of the area. 

It is important to determine if a non-surgical solution will give you the results you desire. For some patients, a facelift or other cosmetic surgery in Tacoma may better serve your needs. Your provider will help you determine whether non-surgical facelift threads are the ideal solution for you.

The Procedure

Performing a PDO thread lift is relatively painless and simple. While there is no need for general anesthesia, topical numbing gels are typically applied prior to treatment. Oral sedatives are available if necessary.

Once numb and comfortable, your provider will use thin needles to insert the threads. Each set of PDO thread needles are designed specifically for the treatment body area. This means the needles used for the brow and those used for the tummy are different and customized especially for the procedure. This allows you to see unique and effective results.

Your provider will insert the needles in a pattern, usually a straight or diagonal line. Once a line of thread is complete, they will remove all the needles in one motion. At this point, they will repeat the process on the other side, or begin another line as required by the procedure.

When finished, you should be able to drive yourself home. If you took oral sedatives, however, you may need a ride home. Otherwise, you should be able to return to your daily life right away. Some people return to work immediately after treatment.

PDO Thread Lift Aftercare

There are a few risks associated with a PDO thread lift. As a non-surgical procedure, there are no general anesthesia risks. Scarring is rare because of the lack of incisions and those prone to keloids or other scar formation should use caution when seeking a PDO thread lift. 

You may experience some minor side effects like swelling, bruising, redness, and general discomfort. Over-the-counter painkillers containing acetaminophen are safe to take to manage side effects. These inconveniences should clear up within a few days and not interfere with work or daily life. 

Who Are Candidates?

Unlike a traditional facelift, a PDO thread lift is suitable for most patients. The threads require no incisions and are injected under the skin using needles similar to those used to inject fillers. PDO threads do not require an allergy test prior to the procedure, but you should inform your provider of any allergies you have during your consultation and pre-operative appointments.

You should use caution when seeking a thread lift in Seattle if you have a current or persistent acne break out or skin infection. If you are taking blood thinners or medications with a similar side effect that you cannot stop taking, you and your provider can discuss the best course of action. 

PDO thread lifts are not suitable for those currently pregnant or breastfeeding (but can easily be performed when finished). Autoimmune diseases, diabetes, and active infections can increase the risk of complications. Typically, if these conditions are well managed, you may still be a viable candidate. Informing your provider of your full medical history will help them determine the safest and most effective treatment for you.

Seattle Thread Lift Results

Your results will be immediately noticeable and will improve as swelling goes down. Usually, you can expect your final results within a month following treatment. An increase in collagen production can lead to sustained results, even after the threads absorb. Some patients may require or desire follow up procedures to continue boosting and improving results.

The threads usually absorb within 12 months of the procedure, although this will vary between individual patients. You can prolong and promote better results by following your aftercare instructions, taking good care of your skin, and staying in contact with your provider.

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    PDO Thread Lift Cost Seattle, WA

    The cost of a PDO thread lift varies based on the treatment area and the necessary number of threads. Seattle Plastic Surgery offers PDO threads for $300 per thread. Following a consultation with Dr. Jonov at Seattle Plastic Surgery, patients will receive a customized price quote.

    Can I Still Have Other Procedures?

    Other aesthetic and injection procedures are a great way to supplement your Seattle PDO thread lift results. It is completely safe to undergo other procedures, but you should wait around two weeks following your thread lift for most other non-surgical and aesthetic procedures. For Fraxel and laser procedures, you should wait at least a month. 

    Procedures that can complement your PDO thread results include:

    In addition, a PDO thread lift does not mean you will never need a surgical facelift or other cosmetic surgery in the future. Typically, a thread lift is suitable for those experiencing the early signs of aging, but not yet ready for a full surgery. It is safe to have a plastic surgery like a facelift, tummy tuck, or arm lift after a PDO thread lift, as long as the threads have absorbed.

    The Best PDO Thread Lift In Seattle & Tacoma

    The PDO thread lift providers at Seattle Plastic Surgery consist of facial rejuvenation experts, a board-certified cosmetic surgeon, and Physician Assistants with specialized injection training. All of our providers work together to create the ultimate plan for your non-surgical rejuvenation with PDO threads.

    Surgeons and qualified injectors work together to create a plan tailored to your goals. This may mean recommendations for surgical procedures, injections, or other non-surgical treatments. We aim to keep you informed and give you options, so that you may make the most informed decisions concerning your health and cosmetic goals.

    The Seattle Plastic Surgery office offers the ideal environment for your PDO thread lift. A cozy lobby with amenities like freshly baked cookies, coffee, tea, and other refreshments, our office prioritizes your comfort and safety. 

    To schedule your free consultation with a PDO thread provider at Seattle Plastic Surgery, call us at 206-324-1120 or contact us online.

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