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Recovery Time: 1 Week


Male enlargement of the breasts–or gynecomastia–is most often caused by a hormone imbalance. In most cases, gynecomastia does not cause major pain, but the condition can cause mental distress and insecurities. Through male breast reduction surgery, cosmetic surgeons help men regain a flattering chest and reduce the size of their breast tissue. Seattle Plastic Surgery offers gynecomastia surgery to patients in Seattle and Tacoma.

A Before and After Photo of a Plastic Surgery for Gynecomastia By Dr. Craig Jonov

Along with a flatter and more masculine chest, this procedure can help give men more confidence.


Most cases of gynecomastia happen due to a hormone imbalance in the body. Therefore, this is why gynecomastia is common during puberty or with health problems that cause hormone issues. A few of the conditions and situations that can cause gynecomastia:

  • Certain medications and steroids (including medications used to treat AIDS, anxiety, cancer, heart conditions, among others)
  • Drug and alcohol use
  • Genetic predisposition
  • Herbal products
  • Hyperthyroidism
  • Aging
  • Malnutrition

This includes only a small list of the possible causes of gynecomastia. It is important to determine the cause of your gynecomastia so that you can find the proper treatment. For some men, medication, controlling health conditions, or lifestyle changes may treat their gynecomastia.

However, for many others, these lifestyle changes may not be enough to treat or provide satisfactory results. Surgery is often the best treatment for gynecomastia because it provides almost immediate and permanent results. Choosing surgery is a highly personal decision that takes time to make, this is why we recommend fully educating yourself on the procedure and coming in for a consultation with a Seattle plastic surgeon to ensure you are a good candidate for gynecomastia surgery in Seattle.

Once you have determined that the best treatment for your gynecomastia is male breast reduction surgery, it is important to understand your goals for the procedure and what problems the area can solve. Your Seattle plastic surgeon can help you determine if surgery is the best gynecomastia treatment for you. Likewise, they will explain the surgical technique. They will also help you visualize the look of your new chest.  

Can You Combine It With Other Procedures?

Since gynecomastia often includes liposuction, many men choose to add on other areas of liposuction such as the abdomen, flanks, and legs. Tacoma male breast reduction surgery is easy to combine with other procedures and your plastic surgeon can help you decide if it is compatible with your specific surgery.

Other surgeries or procedures often combined with gynecomastia include: 

  • Tummy tuck (or mini tummy tuck)
  • Facelift
  • CO2 Laser Resurfacing
  • Neck lift
  • Fillers

How Can Gynecomastia In Tacoma Help?

Male breast reduction surgery treats many aspects of gynecomastia you may see in yourself. And, while it reduces the size of overdeveloped breasts in men, it can also treat other abnormalities of the chest gynecomastia causes. 

Along with a flatter and more masculine chest, this procedure can help give men more confidence. Instead of hiding their chest or avoiding removing their shirt at the beach, male breast reduction in Tacoma can renew their confidence and self esteem.

While reducing the size of male breasts, other benefits you may see from Tacoma gynecomastia surgery include: 

  • Repositioning the nipples
  • Removal of extra skin and fat
  • Balance asymmetrical proportions/breasts
  • Treat puffy nipples
  • Reshape and flatten chest


Much like how the surgical technique varies from patient to patient, your Tacoma male breast reduction will also depend on your surgery. For patients who only received liposuction, recovery is generally easy and requires little downtime. With male breast reduction surgeries that require incisions or larger removal of breast tissue, a longer recovery time is required. 

For the first few days after surgery, you may experience some bruising, tenderness, and swelling. Keeping in contact with your plastic surgeon is vital to ensuring a quick and pain free recovery. They can answer questions you have during recovery and prescribe you pain medication if needed. Most patients return to work after about a week with their plastic surgeon’s approval and more strenuous activities and exercise after an average of six weeks. 

You will immediately notice a difference in your chest after surgery. It will appear flatter and more in line with your body. Your final results will become visible as your swelling goes down and your incisions heal. Within a few months, you can fully enjoy your new chest.

During your recovery, your cosmetic surgeon will recommend using our proprietary scar treatment to help reduce future scarring and lead to an all around more comfortable recovery. In addition, you can help your recovery by attending all post-operative appointments and staying in contact with your Seattle cosmetic surgeon. 

Wearing loose, comfortable clothing the day of surgery and ensuring you have a caregiver for the first day or two after surgery will help you heal comfortably and optimally. Other recovery instructions will be given by your plastic surgeon before surgery.  


Seattle Plastic Surgery offers state-of-the-art surgical techniques and board-certified cosmetic surgeons. Male breast reduction surgery can lead to life changing results, but it is important to consider your choice of surgeon. This is why we advocate for patient education and work to help you visualize your results and understand every part of your gynecomastia surgery.Since male breast reduction surgery varies from patient to patient, knowing what you want to achieve will better help your plastic surgeon cater and personalize your gynecomastia surgery in Seattle.

Our office is located off Broadway across from Swedish Hospital. We offer a private and calming environment that will put you at ease. With tunnels connecting us to Swedish and a state-certified facility, we place your safety and comfort above all else.

During a consultation at Seattle Plastic Surgery, your plastic surgeon will begin by asking about your gynecomastia and medical history, your reasoning and goals for the procedure, and finally take measurements. Once they fully understand your needs and health, they can determine if you are a good candidate for Seattle gynecomastia surgery. If you are, they will then lead a discussion where they explain the surgical techniques that will give you the best results. You and your plastic surgeon can then decide the best course of action for your male breast reduction in Seattle.

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    There are many surgical methods to perform male breast reduction surgery. The method your Seattle plastic surgeon uses will depend upon your goals, the extent of your gynecomastia, and your surgery preferences. 

    Often, your plastic surgeon performs liposuction of the chest to remove the excess fat and sculpt the chest. Your Seattle plastic surgeon may utilize liposuction before making larger incisions, or the entire operation may consist of liposuction. Most commonly, liposuction and surgical incisions work together to create a flatter chest. 

    The Procedure

    Firstly, to begin your surgery, a small incision is made for the entrance point of the liposuction cannula. Secondly, your cosmetic surgeon will then move the cannula up and down across the chest, including the side to improve your chest’s profile. The amount of liposuction performed will depend on the amount of fat that requires removal. Usually, liposuction only removes small amounts of fat–normally no more than ten pounds. 

    Finally, after finishing up liposuction, your Seattle cosmetic surgeon may make incisions to tighten the skin and remove breast tissue. The location of incisions varies on if the nipples need addressed and other aspects of your gynecomastia and anatomy. Incision locations include: just under the areola, along the natural chest contours, or sometimes, larger incisions along the top and bottom of each pectoral. 

    If your surgery consists of correction of puffy nipples, or the procedure warrants their reposition, the procedure will consist of a larger incision. However, this is simply to ensure balance and symmetry of the chest. Most gynecomastia patients find that the results largely outweigh the incisions and potential for future scarring. We also utilize a scar treatment protocol which helps reduce the amount of post-operative scarring and the risk of infection.

    Custom Male Breast Reduction Surgery In Seattle

    Since Seattle male breast reduction surgery sometimes includes liposuction of the chest, it is important to choose a qualified and board-certified cosmetic surgeon, like the ones at Seattle Plastic Surgery. Doing this will reduce risks associated with the procedure and ensure that liposuction and surgical techniques used during the surgery are performed safely.

    Moreover, your plastic surgeon will customize your male breast reduction surgery to fit your needs. During a consultation at Seattle Plastic Surgery, they will describe the necessary surgical techniques and help you understand the results they give.  


    The cost of gynecomastia surgery begins at $7,485. This price varies depending upon your needs and the techniques required.

    We work with medical financing companies, like Care Credit to help you make your male breast reduction surgery affordable. For more information on the companies we work with, their options, and to apply, visit our Financing page.

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