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Procedure Time: 30 mins to 1 hour

Recovery Time: Little to None


The jaw is among one of the most striking features on the face. Men and women alike often want to slim or accentuate the jawline in some way. Due to the structure of the jawline, many believe that surgery is the only way to achieve a slimmer jaw. However, depending on your anatomy, it may only take a few BOTOX injections to see a noticeable difference in the shape of your face. Seattle Plastic Surgery provides the best masseter BOTOX Seattle and Tacoma offers.


The jaw is one of the least fatty parts of the face. While fat can collect along the jawline, fat in the chin and cheeks impacts the look of the jaw more. The shape and definition of the jawline are determined by bone structure and the muscle tone of the facial muscles. Therefore, it may seem like there would not be many non-surgical options for altering the jaw or jawline. 

Injectables have come a long way and there are a few options for non-surgically enhancing your chin, based on your goals. There are two main goals that patients tend to express regarding their jaw. They want either a slimmer, more defined jawline, or they want a wider, square jaw. In both of these cases, the patient usually wants the jawline to have more definition. Whether you want a wider jaw or a slimmer jaw, there are injectable options. 

To obtain a more masculine or wider jaw, filler may provide the results you want. It is common for men to want a more square jaw and filler is a fantastic option. For patients who want a slimmer jaw, BOTOX may slim the jaw by limiting the growth and movement of the masseter muscle. Occasionally, if the masseter muscle is not to blame for an undefined jaw, chin filler can create a more defined look.

Causes Of A Wide Jaw

If you notice that your face appears more square or that your jaw appears wider, this may be due to overgrowth of the masseter muscle. The masseter is a large muscle located on the side of the face towards the back of the jawline. It connects the cheekbone to the mandible.  

The masseter’s main function is to lift the lower jaw, primarily during chewing and eating. Overuse and some conditions can cause the muscle to become particularly strong, which can result in a square or full look along the lower jaw. For women, in particular, this can contribute to a more masculine appearance and take away from the natural soft slope of the jaw.

Among the most common causes of a wide jaw include:

  • Frequent gum chewing
  • Teeth grinding or clenching
  • Genetics
  • TMJ disorder
  • Some psychological disorders
  • Injury
  • Dysfunction of the muscles or muscle disorders

Facial Slimming With Jaw BOTOX

BOTOX is a neuromodulator that limits muscle movements and thins the muscle. This reduces the projection of the muscle and can also prevent involuntary movements such as teeth grinding at night. While BOTOX temporarily paralyzes some muscle movements, it should not get in the way of eating or normal jaw movements long term.

Over time and with repeated treatments, you may see the projection of the muscle go down naturally because BOTOX thins the muscle to prevent and treat a widened jaw. This can also reduce pain and headaches caused by TMJ, a painful disorder of the facial muscles and nerves.


One of our qualified plastic surgeons or injectors will examine your jaw to determine if BOTOX or filler will provide the results you want. The procedures are similar and involve an extremely similar technique. However, they offer widely different results. The table below provides insight into the differences between the two injectables and which may work best for you.

Jaw BOTOX Jaw Filler
  • Slims the appearance of the jaw
  • Slowly thins the masseter muscle with repeated treatments for longer term facial slimming results
  • Lasts on average about six months
  • Can create the coveted ‘V’ face shape
  • May provide relief from TMJ and associated headaches
  • Possibly less painful procedure overall than filler
  • Treats an overgrown/used masseter
  • Adds volume to the back of the jawline for a more square, chiseled look
  • Results last between a few months to two years depending on the filler used
  • May balance facial contours or asymmetric appearance
  • Creates a good frame for the face
  • May provide some benefits to the chin

It is also important to note that many patients interested in jaw filler find the results they are looking for from chin filler. A recessed or non-prominent chin can cause the jawline to be less defined. Enhancing the chin with a non-surgical chin augmentation can bring your features into proportion which creates a stronger jawline. 

Your provider will discuss all of these options with you during a consultation at Seattle Plastic Surgery. As one of the features that impacts the overall shape and appearance of the face, the jaw enhancement in Seattle requires a specialist who understands the intricacies of your facial features. Our providers have extensive training and experience in BOTOX and filler procedures that make them among the best cosmetic injectors in Seattle.



Before proceeding with your masseter BOTOX treatment, your provider will want to meet with you for a complimentary consultation. In many cases, your provider can perform the injections at the same appointment. During the consultation, your provider will lead a conversation about the concerns you have with your jawline and goals for treatment. They may also ask about your medical history and lifestyle. Finally, your provider will conduct a short exam of the jaw. 

Following this conversation and exam, your provider will then recommend the best treatment for you. If they believe you are a good candidate masseter BOTOX, they can describe the treatment, projected number of units, and expected results. 


To prepare for the injections, your provider will disinfect the injection sites with an alcohol wipe. Depending on the specifics of the treatment and your preference, they may apply a topical numbing cream. If you get numbing cream, it will take around fifteen to twenty minutes to fully kick in.

Once numb, your provider will begin injections. While the injection sites may vary between patients,  your provider will likely inject in the shape of a triangle on the masseter muscle. This pattern avoids important anatomical structures and accounts for the diffusion of the BOTOX after treatment. 

The number of units is not set and depends on the patient’s anatomy. On average, patients require around 25 units per side. However, your provider will provide a more accurate idea of the number of BOTOX units necessary for facial slimming at your consultation.

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    BOTOX takes about two weeks to take full effect. During these two weeks, you may experience some side effects. Many of these side effects are associated directly with the injections such as swelling and bruising. However, you may also experience some stiffness and soreness. For the first day or so, you will want to take it easy and avoid touching the area. Additionally, you should not lay down for a few hours after treatment.

    You may experience some difficulty during chewing after treatment. This is temporary and you should see this side effect improve with time. Usually, patients begin seeing their results after two weeks. You will likely notice that your face looks slimmer and more contoured.

    Repeated, regular treatments often result in fewer side effects. They also tend to lead to better results as the BOTOX thins the masseter muscle. Since BOTOX temporarily reduces some muscle function, the muscle will naturally stop performing these functions to their full extent after a while. This may result in you needing fewer units or treatments to maintain your results.


    Does BOTOX In The Masseter Change Your Smile?

    Injecting BOTOX in the masseter should not affect your smile. This can happen when the risorius muscle–which impacts lip movement and is near the masseter muscle–receives some treatment. This is exceptionally rare when seeing an experienced injector like those at Seattle Plastic Surgery. 

    Can It Help Teeth Grinding?

    Yes, masseter BOTOX is a common treatment for teeth grinding. Some people involuntary grind their teeth, especially during sleep. Normally, this is in response to stress or a sleep disorder. When you under BOTOX injections in the masseter, this can physically prevent you from grinding your teeth. This may alleviate pain in the mouth and headaches that can occur because of teeth grinding.

    When Does BOTOX Start Working?

    BOTOX begins relaxing the muscle as soon as it is injected. However, BOTOX takes around two weeks to diffuse and achieve the full effect for most patients. You may begin seeing results sooner, though it varies. Your provider will discuss the timeline following the injections with you during a consultation and treatment.

    Does It Hurt During Or After Masseter BOTOX?

    Seattle Plastic Surgery offers numbing cream to minimize the pain of injections. Even without, most patients tend to tolerate Tacoma masseter BOTOX injections well. Afterward, patients may experience some minor discomfort and pain over the next couple of weeks as the BOTOX kicks in. 

    Your provider can discuss expectations for aftercare following your jaw BOTOX in Tacoma. After a day of limiting activities, patients usually feel comfortable enough to resume their full activities. Many patients also return to work immediately without pain.

    How Much Does Jaw BOTOX Cost?

    The final cost depends on the number of units of BOTOX you end up needing. At Seattle Plastic Surgery, we offer BOTOX specials which are:

    • 20 Units for $219
    • 30 Units for $299


    Jaw BOTOX is one of the best procedures to slim the face available. Our providers have years of experience in BOTOX injections, including BOTOX for face slimming. Dr. Craig Jonov is one of the top BOTOX injectors in Seattle and has over two decades of injection experience. He understands the importance of facial symmetry and aims to maintain facial balance.

    Seattle Plastic Surgery is located in the First Hill neighborhood of Seattle. With a cozy, welcoming atmosphere, our private treatment rooms offer a comfortable and safe environment for your Seattle BOTOX injections. 

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