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The middle and lower face is often of major concern for Seattle area patients. It is one of the quickest areas to show signs of aging, as volume is lost starting in our early twenties when collagen production slows. The nasolabial folds and cheeks can begin to hollow, even in patients who have not yet shown more well known signs of aging. Non-surgical procedures like facial fillers and chemical peels can help you appear younger while preventing the onset of aging. Surgical procedures like a facelift can rejuvenate the face later in life. Radiesse is a facial filler option that can provide immediate results and stimulate future collagen production. The providers at Seattle Plastic Surgery offer Radiesse to the Seattle and Tacoma areas.


As mentioned above, Radiesse is a filler capable of stimulating your body’s healing and collagen processes to create more permanent results than standard volumetric fillers. Unlike other facial fillers made of hyaluronic acid, Radiesse contains calcium hydroxyapatite–a substance found naturally in our teeth and bones. It is also widely used in the medical field and dentistry to help reinforce teeth and bones.

Radiesse uses microsphere technology to plump and add volume to the delicate structures of the face. These microspheres are then slowly broken down by your body’s white blood cells and other healing cells. During this process, Radiesse stimulates your body to produce collagen as if it were healing a wound.

With ideal treatment and reaction to the filler, this collagen will become permanently latched and fill in the hollowed areas. It may take multiple Seattle Radiesse treatments to see a large amount of collagen production. The amount of collagen production you see will depend on the health of your body’s healing response and lifestyle.

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    For one 1.5 mL vial of Radiesse, it will cost $800 when injected by a qualified injector or $900 when injected by a board-certified cosmetic surgeon. Regardless of the provider you choose, the amount of Radiesse you need depends on the targeted areas and the severity of your skin concerns. Your provider can give you a more accurate estimate of the total cost of your Radiesse and the amount you may need during your consultation.

    Because we want you to take advantage of the best Radiesse Tacoma offers, we work with outside financing companies like Alphaeon and Care Credit to help your Radiesse treatment fit your budget. You can find more information about medical credit options on our financing page.


    When choosing a Radiesse injector in Seattle, it is important to find one that will listen to your concerns and work to fully understand your vision for treatment. Our knowledgeable injectors know the best techniques for achieving whatever your facial goals. To ensure safe practices and procedures, your Radiesse should only be administered by a professional injector or board-certified cosmetic surgeon.


    The day of your consultation at Seattle Plastic Surgery you can expect to come into our private, comfortable office. We offer a variety of beverages and fresh cookies for your convenience and comfort. Once you are taken back to one of our consult rooms, your provider will want to know about your cosmetic concerns, goals, and medical history. After getting a full idea of your facial condition and your overall health, they will conduct a physical examination of your face and the areas you want to treat with Radiesse in Seattle.

    If your provider determines that Radiesse is suitable for your goals, they will help you design a plan that includes the amount of product, treatment areas, and other precautions or techniques based on your medical history or anatomy. Depending on the day and your unique treatment, your provider may be able to perform your Radiesse injections on the same day.


    Your Radiesse injections should take no longer than 30 minutes to perform. In one of our private treatment rooms, your provider will cleanse your face and sanitize the injection points. Radiesse in Seattle contains small amounts of lidocaine that can soothe your injections, however, we also offer the use of topical anesthetics if you wish. Regardless of anesthetic, most patients typically do not find Radiesse injections unbearable.

    Your provider will use a thin needle to inject Radiesse at the targeted sites. Usually, small amounts of the product are injected at each site to create an even and flattering look. You should remain comfortable during your Radiesse treatment in Seattle.


    Once your provider finishes your Radiesse injections, you can leave our office after your provider briefs you on any unique aftercare and ensures a good immediate reaction to the product. Patients can usually return to work and their immediate activities right after treatment. Like with any injection treatment, you may experience some side effects like swelling, bruising, tenderness, and redness. 

    You should see some results just after your treatment. Due to possible minor side effects like swelling, your final results will become visible in the coming weeks. Radiesse also takes some time to settle. Because it stimulates collagen, you may continue seeing results months after your initial treatment. After each subsequent Radiesse treatment, you may continue to see collagen buildup which will lead to better results in the future.

    Radiesse does not require any specific aftercare, but depending on your medical history and specific needs, your provider may brief you on protocol for after your injections. In general, you should avoid painkillers known to thin the blood like Ibuprofen and Aspirin because they can worsen or prolong bruising.  Tylenol can manage any pain or tenderness. Usually, your provider will advise you to avoid strenuous exercise. This will allow the Radiesse to settle and prevent extra blood flow to the face that puts you at risk of extra bruising.

    Where Can It Be Injected?

    When Radiesse was first FDA approved in 2006, it was for the treatment of severe to moderate wrinkles. Usually, Radiesse treatment centers on the lower and mid face areas with fewer applications in the upper face. Radiesse is also used for hand rejuvenation and filling in aged hands to provide a more youthful look. Among the most common uses of Radiesse include: 

    It is important to note that while Radiesse is a versatile filler that has many applications and that the body typically responds well to, that it is not safe in all areas. As a thick filler, it should not be injected in the tear trough area or lips. Other fillers are better suited for these areas. Luckily, you can safely use them with Radiesse.


    The majority of other facial fillers on the market consist of hyaluronic acid. These types of fillers are often preferred because they have a low rejection rate, are safe, and suitable for injection most places on the face. However, these fillers do not stimulate larger collagen production and typically do not last as long as Radiesse. 

    The filler choice best for your needs will depend on the areas you hope to treat, your goals, and your medical history. During your consultation, your provider will introduce you to all of your filler options and explain the pros and cons of each one. They have a profound understanding of all the filler options at Seattle Plastic Surgery and how they could benefit your facial filler needs.


    Most patients are good candidates for cosmetic injection treatments, including Radiesse. Radiesse may not be suitable for people with certain medical conditions. Used on the wrong candidate, Radiesse can cause dangerous complications or side effects. This is why it is important to inform your injector of your full medical history, so that they can accurately determine how Radiesse will work for you. 

    Ideal candidates for Tacoma Radiesse are: 

    • Over 18
    • In good general health
    • Concerned about the appearance of their face or hands
    • Not allergic to ingredients of Radiesse
    • Informed and have realistic expectations for treatment

    If you have had a reaction to any previous filler product, it is best to not receive other filler treatments unless you are under the careful care of a licensed and knowledgeable provider. Tell your provider if you have ever had a reaction to a cosmetic injectable, so that they can determine how Radiesse will likely interact with you body. This will help them decide if it is the right option for you.


    Seattle Plastic Surgery has provided the Greater Seattle area with the highest standard and state-of-the-art cosmetic surgeries and injectables for two decades. Located on First Hill, the office is centrally located and easily accessible from the freeway. 

    Dr. Craig Jonov is one of the leading cosmetic surgeons in Seattle. He was chosen by the makers of Radiesse to educate other injectors on the West Coast about the correct injection techniques. These techniques provide the best possible results among patients. Along with other cosmetic surgeons, Dr. Jonov taught these techniques to our talented injectors who also offer Radiesse injections to Seattle area patients.

    Our injectors are highly qualified individuals who have proven a special talent and eye for injecting filler and neuromodulator products, like Restylane and BOTOX. Each injector trained extensively in-office and continue to learn the newest products and techniques.

    Regardless of your provider choice at Seattle Plastic Surgery, we ensure a customized experience for your Radiesse injections. Every aspect of your body and goals accounted for during treatment. 

    To schedule a free consultation at Seattle Plastic Surgery, call us at (206) 324-1120 or contact us online using the form above. 


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