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Before and After image of a facelift by Dr. Santos in Seattle Plastic Surgery

Why is a Facelift by Dr. Santos the Best Facelift in Seattle?

If Dr. Santos does not perform the best Seattle facelift procedures himself, he is undoubtedly one of the best facelift surgeons in Seattle, having performed over 4,000 facelifts in his career.

It is common for plastic and cosmetic surgeons to perform multiple different procedures throughout the human body. While this is by no means bad or undesirable, Dr. Santos has chosen to devote his career to plastic surgery of the face exclusively.

A direct result of this focus is that Dr. Santos knows all the face’s intricacies, from the outermost layer of skin, through the supporting tissues, down to the base skeletal structure. By knowing these areas so well, he is able to custom tailor individual facelift procedures for patients that are second to none.

Facial Aging and Us

As we age, it is natural for our bodies to produce less collagen, for fat deposits to shift and for the supporting layers beneath our skin to weaken. Because of these changes and because we also lose elasticity in our skin, we begin to see wrinkles form, jowls develop, and a general sagging appearance in our faces. While these are all completely natural, often times we begin to miss our youthful appearance and seek to restore some of our younger features. For individuals feeling this way, a Tacoma facelift may be just the answer.

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Tacoma Facelifts With Local AnesthesiaImage of a Before and After photo of a facelift | Seattle Plastic Surgery

Dr. Santos has helped pioneer the use of local anesthesia with oral sedation in facial plastic surgery. Traditionally, cosmetic and plastic surgery operations have been performed under general anesthesia, which requires full sedation of a patient and carries heightened risks for the patient during surgery.

Dr. Santos is able to negate the risks of general anesthesia by using local anesthesia to keep the procedure painless and oral sedatives to ensure his patients remain perfectly calm and comfortable throughout their procedures. As his local anesthesia patients do not need to spend extra time regaining consciousness, they typically leave their procedures much more cognizant in much less time.


One of the benefits of booking your Tacoma facelift with Dr. Santos is you will likely experience a much-lowered risk of scarring, provided you follow his post-surgical care instructions. He has developed minimally invasive techniques and procedures over the course of his career. By disturbing as little tissue as possible during the procedure, Dr. Santos provides optimal results, while minimizing incidental impact. By doing so, patients experience less physical trauma and are able to return to work as quickly as possible.

With any facial surgery, you can expect some swelling and bruising, though Dr. Santos is able to minimize this swelling and bruising. Ultrasound massage therapy on areas of swelling and bruising helps break up scar tissue and promotes healthy fluid drainage from the incision sites to speed up the recovery times even further.

Those concerned about scarring will be happy to hear Dr. Santos recommends the use of a proprietary post-surgical scar prevention process. Starting with a special anti-scar tape, each step is specifically designed to ensure your incision sites remain hydrated and nourished.

What Does a Facelift in Seattle Cost?

As discussed, Dr. Santos prefers to perform his Seattle facelift procedures under local anesthesia with oral sedatives to ensure the patient remains comfortable for the entire operation.

Pricing for a facelift with local anesthesia is typically $5995. Pricing for a facelift under general anesthesia utilizing an anesthesia provider is typically $7495. The primary difference between the pricing is there are additional costs when general anesthesia is used.

Please keep in mind that these are general figures. Your surgery will be individually tailored to your individual goals and your final cost will reflect a fair price for you. For more specifics, please book a free consultation with Dr. Santos to discuss in more detail.

Can I Get Similar Results with Other Procedures?

Put briefly, no. Certain non-invasive procedures have gained popularity in the media lately with names implying they are substitutes for a surgical facelift or that they have equal results. These include vampire facelifts, lunchtime facelifts, liquid facelifts and others. While some of these procedures may show limited results when performed by properly trained professionals, they are not true facelifts.

What is a Liquid Facelift?

A liquid facelift is not actually a facelift. Rather, it is a series of injectable treatments designed to smooth wrinkles and fill in areas of sunken facial features. They are great for patients seeking a quick “touchup” of areas of personal concern. However, at the end of the day, they are only quick, temporary fixes. They are no match for a true facelift performed by an expert surgeon such as Dr. Santos.

While we do perform liquid facelifts at Seattle Plastic Surgery, it is important to have realistic expectations about outcomes. We are more than happy to discuss either procedure with you in a consultation.

What is an Instalift?

Instalifts, or lunchtime facelifts, are quick procedures with essentially no downtime, designed to gently lift the mid face utilizing a biodegradable thread implant. These can be great procedures for those on a limited budget or who simply wish for a near instant recovery period. As with liquid facelifts, we perform Instalift procedures. Again, it is important to realize these are temporary procedures. Permanent results should not be expected.

Historic Facelifts

Historically, cosmetic and plastic surgeons performing facelifts would perform incisions around the edges of a patient’s face and neck. After making these incisions, the surgeons would then pull the patient’s skin taut, trimming the excess before placing sutures to hold the tighter skin in place during the recovery times.

The primary problem with these procedures is that they provided unnatural results- those we often associate with the “plastic” or “doll” appearance so often parodied in the news and in the media. Seeking more natural results, surgeons refined this technique over the years.

What is a SMAS facelift?

SMAS is medical shorthand for the superficial muscular aponeurotic system. This system extends from the lower layers of our skin into the supporting layers underneath. We know that as we age, the weakening of these supporting layers causes sagging. A SMAS seeks to remedy this sagging by not just repositioning the skin, as with a traditional facelift, but also some of the musculature beneath the skin.

During a SMAS facelift, a surgeon makes a series of incisions above your hairline. Next he or she will gently lift your facial and neck skin, along with the underlying SMAS layer together to tighten your facial features. Once satisfied with the placement any excess skin may be trimmed before your surgeon places sutures at the incision sites.

This procedure leads to much more natural results than the skin-only facelifts used in the past. In a sense, it is less of a skin tightening procedure than it is a skin and muscle tightening procedure.

What is a deep plane facelift?

The deep plane facelift is considered the gold standard when it comes to facelifts and should only be performed by an expert in facial plastic surgery such as Dr. Santos. SMAS facelifts can produce exceptional results for certain individuals. However, they do still rely on skin tightening. As we learned in the traditional facelift section, skin tightening does not always provide the best outcome.

Deep plane facelifts go one step further than SMAS facelifts. Aging occurs all over our bodies, including beneath the SMAS layer. In a deep plane facelift, your surgeon will lift your skin along with all supporting layers to reposition, tighten and smooth the visible signs of aging. Once satisfied on the best placement for the best results, your surgeon will remove excess skin and tissue before suturing. By repositioning everything as one unit, we realize the most natural results.

While this procedure sounds misleadingly extreme, it can actually result in quicker recoveries. Because there is no underlying separation, we experience less trauma, less swelling, less bruising and quicker recoveries.

What is an Endoscopic Facelift?

Endoscopic facelifts have appeared in more recent years. During an endoscopic facelift, a surgeon utilizes tiny incisions for insertion of an endoscope into your facial tissues to lift, tighten and reposition mid to upper facial areas. Endoscopic facelifts are typically recommended for younger individuals looking to reposition upper facial areas, rather than the typically older patients seeking other Tacoma facelifts.

Is a Facelift Permanent?

A common misconception is that a facelift stops aging, though this is not correct. The best analogy to use is that a Tacoma facelift returns more-youthful features, by turning back the hands of the aging clock. Your body will never stop aging, though it is possible to reverse the outward signs of up to a decade of aging with a Seattle facelift. You may still be 60 years old, but you’ll have the face you did when you were 50.

Will it be Obvious I Have Had a Facelift?

You have no doubt seen certain celebrities and media personalities who look more like plastic dolls than humans after so many facial procedures. This is the exact opposite of the results Dr. Santos and the rest of us look to achieve at Seattle Plastic Surgery.

In contrast, we seek to achieve natural results. We want to restore younger features without obviousness. When performed correctly, nobody should be able to tell you have had a facelift in Tacoma. It is all too common for patients to return to follow up appointments remarking about how happy they are with their procedures, how many compliments they have received about their appearance and how shocked they are that none of their closest friends even suspected they have had a Tacoma facelift.

Do you offer Facelift Financing?

While we do not offer in-house financing, we are partnered with Alphaeon Credit and CareCredit for private financing. You can learn more on our financing page and apply directly for either on their websites.



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