About Darya

Aesthetic Medicine ARNP

Darya Shmidt was born in Almaty, Kazakhstan, and moved to Denver when she was nine. She speaks three languages and learned English when she moved to the United States. Darya has an extensive background as an Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner who began her career in women’s health as a high-risk prenatal and labor and delivery nurse. While working in the prenatal unit, she met a provider in LA who did both prenatal and aesthetics work and began learning everything she could. She fell in love with how patients responded to cosmetic injections and loved watching the confidence people found through noninvasive treatments.  

Five years ago, she became an aesthetic injector in Beverly Hills, where she began helping patients find their inner beauty and restoring confidence for every patient. In 2021, she and her family moved to Washington, where she began searching for a cosmetic center with a phenomenal team and reputation that was the best fit for her to join. In 2023, she discovered Seattle Plastic Surgery and joined our team as an Aesthetic Medicine Provider. She is passionate about challenging the narrative around cosmetic injections and loves sharing how medical aesthetics is integral to the healthcare system. Darya believes that fillers can achieve much more than the negative stereotypes portray. She says, “We are prone to take better care of ourselves when we are confident in our reflection.”  She knows she can provide confidence and joy to every patient, believing “the best injections are undetectable.”

Outside of work, Darya loves spending time with her eighteen-month-old baby girl, growing her education, and spending time with family. She is beyond excited to join our team and help every patient reach their aesthetic goals!