Cosmetic surgical procedures that reverse the effects of pregnancy on the breasts and body are collectively known as a Mommy Makeover. These are among the most common cosmetic surgery procedures performed across the country.

Why Undergo a Mommy Makeover Procedure?

After one or multiple pregnancies, many women will experience a stretching and loosening of their tummy, with wrinkling, stretch marks, and loose overhanging skin.

This may also be associated with a stretching of the abdominal wall fascia and separation of the rectus muscles, known as diastasis recti, resulting in a protrusion of the tummy when a woman stands up.

Tummy Tuck

The treatment for the aforementioned loose tummy skin and separated muscles is a called a tummy tuck. If only skin of the lower tummy below the belly button is affected, then a lower or “mini” tummy tuck is performed.

If the loose skin extends above the belly button, then a full tummy tuck is recommended. Most often the muscles are tightened when a full tummy tuck is performed.

Breast Lift or Augmentation

The breasts are also frequently affected by pregnancy, particularly after nursing. Oftentimes the breast skin has stretched, the amount of overhang of the breast has increased, and the nipples may be positioned too low.

Many women will suffer a significant atrophy of the breast tissue with a resulting deflation of the breast. If the breast is well positioned without significant overhang but simply deflated, breast implant augmentation may be all that is required to restore the youthful shape of the breast.

If the breast has good volume but is stretched and hanging, a breast lift alone may restore its shape. And if both sagging and a deflation of volume are present, then both breast lift and breast augmentation may be needed.

Sometimes after pregnancies, women may find areas of fat distribution that are different than before and are much more difficult to affect with diet and exercise. These areas may be effectively treated with liposuction. Although not an alternative to weight loss, liposuction may be an effective technique to address specific problem areas.

Combined Surgeries in One Surgical Session

Sometimes multiple procedures can be safely performed together in the same surgical session, while in some cases they are staged for the safety of the patient and to minimize the risk of any complications.

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