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Dermal fillers are a well known cosmetic procedure that can provide natural looking augmentation to the cheeks, lips, and tear troughs. However, in addition to their increasing use in non-surgical rhinoplasty and similar procedures, fillers can enhance the jawline in a variety of ways. From creating a sharp, masculine contour to softening the edges of an overly prominent jaw angle, filler can accomplish your ideal jaw. Since the jaw is important to our facial appearance, our injector team uses only the best injectable fillers and techniques to custom make your jawline. Seattle Plastic Surgery offers jaw filler to the Seattle and Tacoma areas. 


Jaw filler is the injection of dermal fillers into the jaw to augment, even out, shape, or correct a cosmetic concern. Most commonly, patients want a well defined jawline that complements their facial features. It is possible to use almost any dermal filler option to sculpt the jaw, however, based upon your specific goals and anatomy. Usually, a thicker filler like Juvederm Voluma or Restylane Defyne will provide the best Seattle jaw filler results.

The jawline is an essential feature of the face that defines the profile and can influence how people perceive you. A strong, chiseled jaw can even out the facial features providing a more balanced facial appearance. Filler is a great option for the jaw because implants along the jawline can be cumbersome and your injector can mold the filler to suit your face and particular features. Hyaluronic acid based fillers are temporary and reversible, which allow you to try out different looks if you choose and your injector can dissolve it at any point after the procedure. However, no jaw filler will last forever and will eventually be broken down by the body.

There are many other cosmetic procedures that can correct issues with the jaw. However, it depends on the specific cause of an undefined jaw and the goal you want to achieve. The cause will help determine the most appropriate Seattle jaw enhancement procedure.


The ideal jawline aesthetics for men and women varies. Therefore, when seeking jaw filler procedures, men and women tend to want slightly different looks. Men tend to want a strong chin and a sharp, masculine jawline. Women usually tend towards a subtle, contoured look that does not take away from the rest of their features. Strategically placed fillers can typically achieve these goals in most patients.

While every man and woman will differ in their goals and anatomy, facial symmetry and balance can benefit nearly everyone. Our injectors are masters of achieving the perfect facial balance using Tacoma jaw filler based on your individual face shape and structure.


The length of time you can enjoy your renewed jawline will depend on the filler you choose. Most fillers last between 4 and 18 months, however, some people’s bodies break down fillers faster than others. Certain thick fillers like Juvederm Voluma can last up to 2 years and others like Radiesse stimulate collagen production to contribute to longer lasting results.

Each filler will interact differently for every individual, however, the table below illustrates the average amount of time some of the popular fillers last.

Filler Average Length Of Time
Juvederm Voluma 9 months-2 years
Restylane Defyne 6 months-1 year
Restylane Refyne 1 year
Radiesse 1 year-1 ½ years


An undefined jawline can have many causes. Once your injector determines and understands what is causing the lack of definition, they can help you put together a plan that will help you see the results you want.

Among one of the most common causes of a weak jawline is a genetic predisposition. Many people are born with an undefined jaw that has no other underlying cause. Sometimes, a recessed or lack of projection of the chin can cause the jaw to look undefined. In these cases, a non-surgical chin augmentation or chin surgery can absolve these issues. 

A variety of other conditions, lifestyles, and situations can cause your jawline to lose or lack definition. These include: 

  • Genetic predisposition to submental fat (double chin)
  • Aging 
  • Weight gain or loss
  • Poor eating habits (or a diet consisting mostly of soft or liquid foods)
  • Injury to the jaw or chin
  • Recessed or undefined chin
  • Overbite

Procedures That Can Enhance The Jaw

When it comes to obtaining the jawline you want, it is important to discuss all of the options for defining your jaw. After you and your injector can focus on the causes of your undefined jawline, they can help put together a customized treatment plan. This plan will include the procedure or combination thereof that is best for your medical history, goals, and body. 

Cosmetic surgeons and injectors can perform many procedures that can help give you a sharp, flattering jawline and improved facial profile. You and your injector will discuss the surgical and non-surgical jaw enhancement procedure to choose the right treatment plan for you.


The surgical options for jaw enhancement will depend upon the causes of your jaw concerns and what exactly you hope to treat. A number of surgical procedures can provide definition to the jaw including:


Many injectable fillers and products can increase or reduce the amount of volume you have at certain areas of your face for the appearance of a slimmer jawline. Non-surgical options for jaw contouring in Seattle can include:

Which Is Right For You?

Like mentioned above, the jaw enhancement procedure that will benefit you most depends upon many factors like your goals for your jawline, facial anatomy, cause of your undefined jawline, and whether you want a surgical or non-surgical solution. It is also possible to combine these options in most cases. For example, if you have submental fat and you want more projection of the jaw angle, using Kybella along with facial fillers may accomplish the look you want. 

Your injector can discuss all of your options, give recommendations based on their experience and expertise. As well as educate you on the procedures themselves. At Seattle Plastic Surgery, we want to guide you towards making informed and independent decisions concerning you and your health. Thus, we will never force you into making a decision and will take time to address all your questions and concerns.


The price of jaw filler will depend on the filler product you choose, the amount you need, and the Tacoma filler injector you choose. Dr. Jonov, a board-certified cosmetic surgeon, offers filler injections and our qualified injector team offers fillers for a discounted rate. Additionally, the product and amount of filler you use will affect the price. 

For example, Juvederm Voluma is priced at $850 with an injector and $950 with Dr. Jonov. Restylane Lyft $525 with an injector and $625 with Dr. Jonov. For more information on the cost of individual filler products, visit our pricing page.

Seattle Plastic Surgery does not offer internal financing, however, we do work with outside financing companies like Care Credit and Alphaeon. To find more information about these options and links to apply, visit our financing page. Seattle Plastic Surgery is committed to helping make your jaw filler in Tacoma affordable.


The Consultation

During your free consultation with one of our experienced injectors, they will first want to know about your concerns with your jawline and what look you want to achieve. Once they have a good understanding of your goals, they will intake your full medical history to ensure that you receive only the safest and best quality procedure that accounts for your individualized health needs. Finally, they will perform a physical examination of the jaw and surrounding structures to help determine if you are a candidate for jawline filler in Seattle.

The Procedure

If your injector believes you are a good candidate for jaw filler, they can usually complete your injections during the same appointment. After choosing the filler that best suits you and your needs, your injector may apply topical anesthetic to the area if you prefer. It will take some time for you to numb, so your injector will prepare the filler and go over the procedure with you. 

They will then begin your jawline filler injections. Depending on your jaw and goals, they may inject the filler at multiple points and focus in on particular areas of the jaw such as the back of the jaw, the jawline, or the chin. After injecting a particular site, your injector may lightly massage the filler into place. This will allow them to mold your filler to create natural looking results that enhance your facial features and symmetry.  

 The Recovery

In general, filler injections of any kind do not require any downtime or recovery. Unlike with surgery, the majority of patients who receive jaw filler can return to work and their normal lives directly after treatment. While it is advised that you use general caution and do not perform vigorous exercise for a day or two afterward, there is no reason that jaw filler should interfere with your life. 

With a talented injector and in a good candidate, side effects are relatively rare. Like with any injected treatment, you may experience a few minor side effects like redness, itching, bruising, and swelling. You should only have these side effects for a short period of time and they should go away without treatment. Your injector will recommend avoiding the use of certain over-the-counter painkillers like Ibuprofen because they can worsen bruising and swelling.

Otherwise, your injector will inform you of any other recovery protocol to follow after your Tacoma jaw filler. Every person is different. Therefore, you may require some specialized directions to promote the best results.

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    How Will It Affect Jaw Use?

    Jaw filler, when expertly injected, should not affect any of your normal jaw movements or uses. You may feel some tenderness or pain the days of and following your injections. This should resolve on its own and not be overly painful. 


    Jaw filler is a delicate procedure that requires an aesthetics and injection expert. The injection team at Seattle Plastic Surgery have mastered the individual techniques each filler requires. Of the areas filler is most commonly applied, the jaw demands a special dedication that the providers at Seattle Plastic Surgery have curated and continue to refine. 

    Dr. Jonov, along with his talents as a cosmetic surgeon, his injection techniques are some of the best on the West Coast. Chosen an educator for the makers of Radiesse, he has educated other cosmetic surgeons and injectors on the most successful and least invasive injection methods of the product. He passes on his expertise to his team of injectors that consist of Registered Nurses and Physicians Assistants, who are all accomplished and experienced in the cosmetic field.

    Located off Broadway in Seattle, Seattle Plastic Surgery has offered the gold standard of injectable products for nearly two decades. Always working to improve and utilize the newest in injectable technology, Seattle Plastic Surgery has become the leader for filler injections in the Greater Seattle area.

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