Mini Tummy Tuck Price


Procedure Time: 3-4 Hrs

Recovery Time: 1 month


An abdominoplasty–or tummy tuck–is cosmetic procedure that trims away extra fat and skin in the abdomen. While most people are familiar with a tummy tuck, not many know that a full tummy tuck is not always the best course of action depending on your body type and needs. At Seattle Plastic Surgery, we offer mini tummy tucks to the Seattle and Tacoma and areas.


A mini tummy tuck is a cosmetic surgery that helps flatten the stomach and create a smoother body contour. However, unlike a full tummy tuck, a mini tuck focuses only on the lower abdomen below the belly button. For many mini tuck candidates, the loose skin and excess fat is localized to the lower stomach, therefore, a full tummy tuck is not needed.

A mini tummy tuck is less invasive than a full tummy tuck or extended tummy tuck. It includes a smaller incision (and only one incision versus a full tummy tuck which can sometimes require two), shorter recovery time, and does not affect the belly button.

How Do I Know If I Need A Mini Tummy Tuck vs. A Full Tummy Tuck?

If you have stubborn fat and excess skin concentrated on your lower abdomen, you may be a candidate for a mini tummy tuck. However, if your extra fat and skin extends beyond the belly button, a full or extended tummy tuck may be a better fit.

It is a less invasive procedure which is often preferable. But, depending upon your cosmetic goals, you may still require a more extensive tummy tuck.

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    Good candidates are healthy individuals who have excess fat and skin in the lower abdomen. It is ideal that you are done having children and do not plan on becoming pregnant after surgery. Weight gained during pregnancy (even if lost after) compromises your results.

    Mini tummy tuck candidates must have realistic expectations for their procedure. Understanding what the surgery can do for you will help you communicate your goals and your cosmetic surgeon determine if you are a candidate. Because it is a surgical procedure, major health issues may jeopardize your procedure. It is important to discuss these with your plastic surgeon during your consultation to lower the risk of your mini tuck.

    Reasons To Seek A Mini Tuck: 

    There are many reasons that Seattle and Tacoma area patients seek out Seattle Plastic Surgery for a mini tummy tuck. While reasoning is always personal and individual, there are many common reasons patients seek a mini tuck such as: 

    • Weight loss that left you with extra skin
    • Stubborn fat that will not go away even with a healthy lifestyle
    • Stretched skin and muscles from pregnancy
    • A “pouch” stomach that doesn’t go away with diet and exercise
    • To repair diastasis recti (if present in the lower abdomen)
    • To gain more confidence and self esteem


    There are many benefits to a mini tummy tuck. Beyond feeling more confident in your swimsuit and fitted clothing, a few benefits include: 

    • A flatter, smoother stomach
    • Removal of excess skin
    • Tightening of lower abdominal muscles
    • Removal of excess fat
    • In certain cases, will aid in the correction of hernias


    Your Seattle plastic surgeon will work to make sure that any scarring from your procedure is easily covered by a bathing suit. Luckily, the scar is smaller and thinner than that of a full tummy tuck. The scarring is similar to that of a C-section and can replace a C-section scar if one is already present.


    A mini tummy tuck consultation in Tacoma consists of an examination of your abdomen, an inquiry about your medical history, and a discussion of your goals and expectations for the procedure. Your cosmetic surgeon will then decide if you are a candidate for a Tacoma mini tummy tuck. 

    At Seattle Plastic Surgery, we encourage you to voice any questions or concerns you may have about the surgery. Your plastic surgeon wants you to feel confident and comfortable about your mini tuck and will cater your mini tummy tuck to fit your needs.

    As with any surgery, not everyone is a good candidate. There are some medical conditions and aspects of your goals that make you right for a mini tuck. 

    Will A Mini Tummy Tuck Help Me Lose Weight?

    No, a mini tuck will not help you lose weight. While it gives the appearance of weight loss, it is not uncommon for patients to lose very little weight after their tummy tuck surgeries. During a full tummy tuck, no more than ten pounds of fat are removed. During a mini tuck, even less tissue is removed.

    Our cosmetic surgeons typically recommend being at your goal weight or within ten pounds of it. A mini tummy tuck in Tacoma is meant to help remove excess skin and stubborn fat that will not go away without surgical intervention. It is not a weight loss surgery, but often one of the final steps in a weight loss journey.

    Your Seattle Plastic Surgeon May Determine A Mini Tuck Isn’t Right For You If You:

    • Have unrealistic expectations
    • Smoke and are unwilling to quit in advance of surgery
    • Have any unmanaged, serious medical condition
    • Have a blood or blood clotting disorder
    • Are allergic to anesthetics
    • Plan to become pregnant after the procedure
    • Have not yet reached your weight loss goals or are obese


    At Seattle Plastic Surgery, we put your safety and care above all else. Our accredited surgical facility is state-of-the-art. We are located on Capitol Hill in Seattle and connected by underground tunnels to Swedish which provides an unseen level of safety for your surgery.

    Our mini tummy tuck procedures are catered especially to your needs. Your Seattle plastic surgeon will work to address all of your desires and concerns in your surgery plan so you can feel confident in your procedure. 


    During your consultation with a Seattle plastic surgeon, they will examine you, discuss your medical history, and listen to your goals for your mini tummy tuck. After a thorough exam, your cosmetic surgeon will determine if you are a good candidate for a mini tummy tuck.


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