Dissolving Filler Price


Procedure Time: 15-30 Min

Recovery Time: Little to none


Injectable fillers have continued to grow in popularity throughout the 21st century. First time filler patients often feel nervous undergoing their first treatment. Fortunately, hyaluronic acid fillers and some other types of fillers have an injectable antidote. This can ease the nerves of these patients. Even though the chances of a botched procedure or major complication are low. For the few who end up with botched hyaluronic acid filler, our injectors can dissolve it. Then, re-inject new filler using advanced methods. Seattle Plastic Surgery offers hyaluronidase injections to dissolve filler in Seattle and Tacoma.


The most common agent used to dissolve filler in Seattle is hyaluronidase. Much like hyaluronic acid which is the base for most dermal fillers, hyaluronidase is found naturally in the body. This makes it an extremely safe procedure with little risk. In your body, hyaluronidase breaks down hyaluronic acid and contributes to the natural turnover of this acid.

When injected, it breaks down the hyaluronic acid in the filler. It can lead to full dissolution of filler in around 48 hours. Depending on the specific filler, the area, and your metabolism, you may need additional injections of the agent. 

For fillers not made of hyaluronic acid, other agents or methods are used to dissolve these fillers. Before receiving any filler injection, you and your injector should discuss your goals and filler options. Hyaluronic acid fillers are favored because of their quick, easy antidote. For first time filler patients, these are usually the most suitable. For certain areas, like the lips, it is rare to inject non-hyaluronic acid fillers. 

At your consultation, you and your injector can discuss the pros and cons of each type of filler. As well as determine the one that best serves your needs. 

Dissolving Radiesse

Radiesse’s main ingredient is calcium hydroxyapatite. Therefore, it will not react to hyaluronidase. Prior to 2018, Radiesse was considered a filler that had no immediate reversal agent. However, sodium thiosulfate was effective in dissolving Radiesse. While trials continue, it is likely that Radiesse will soon have a dissolving agent like Juvederm and Restylane.

Other Options

For other fillers like Bellafill, Sculptra, and others, there is no quick and easy way to dissolve these fillers. The need to dissolve these fillers due to injector error or complications is rare. However, you should always seek out an experienced injector like Dr. Jonov or the physician trained injectors at Seattle Plastic Surgery.

In uncommon circumstances fillers may need dissolved because of a botched case or complication. In these cases, steroid injections are typically the first try. These injections increase your body’s immune response and can lead to faster metabolization of the filler. If treating a bad result, often the best way to fix botched Sculptra or similar fillers is to wait. In extreme cases, non-reversible fillers can be surgically removed. Although, this is highly unlikely.

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    Where Can I Have Filler Dissolved?

    Anywhere you had a hyaluronic acid filler or Radiesse injected, you can have it dissolved. Hyaluronidase is an extremely safe procedure and low risk. This means that hyaluronidase or sodium thiosulfate can be injected to dissolve filler in the:

    While these are among the most common filler injection sites, anywhere on your face or body that you received an injection with a hyaluronic acid filler or Radiesse can easily be injected with the appropriate reversal agent to dissolve the filler. 

    Can I Get My Fillers Re-Done After?

    Yes! Many patients who have filler dissolved receive subsequent filler injections. Sometimes it is to inject a different filler, use a varying technique, or get better results. It is common to have filler re-done after hyaluronidase injections in Tacoma. 

    Normally, your injector will recommend waiting two weeks before getting new filler in the treatment area. This is because it ensures that all of the filler is dissolved. And, that you do not need follow up treatments. Once the results of your hyaluronidase injections have taken full effect, your injector can perform the new filler injections.


    Dissolving fillers is fairly straightforward. However, it requires skill to perfect the correct dilutions and an even result. Dr. Jonov and our injectors have experience dissolving botched filler jobs and re-injecting the best Tacoma fillers. Oftentimes, you can have your consultation with Dr. Jonov and then your hyaluronidase injections the same day. 

    Who Are Candidates?

    Candidates for hyaluronidase include anyone who received hyaluronic acid filler injections and wants to dissolve them. Because you already had filler, you are usually at low risk for future injections. However, patients with non-hyaluronic acid fillers will see no results from hyaluronidase. Additionally, every patient and case is different. Sometimes other options are more viable or better for certain patients. 

    Before commencing with your filler dissolving injections, your injector will ensure you are a good candidate and discuss all your options. They will also want to know your medical history and goals. Such as, do you plan to have fillers re-injected? What are your concerns with your current filler? And, the specifics of the filler you have.

    How Are Hyaluronidase Injections Performed?

    Once they determine that you are a good candidate and that hyaluronidase will benefit you. They will then prepare the hyaluronidase. Based on your preferences, your injector may apply a topical anesthetic to ease any discomfort. Finally, they will inject the hyaluronidase into the area you want to dissolve filler.

    Depending on the size of the area, injections can take around 10-30 minutes. There may also be multiple injection sites to encourage even distribution of the hyaluronidase acid.

    You may feel some discomfort and a mild burning sensation during injections. This usually fades quickly or is managed with numbing gel prior to treatment. In general, patients tolerate hyaluronidase well and any side effects are short-lived and mild. 

    After Filler Dissolver Injections

    Immediately following your injections, it is possible to see nearly instantaneous results. Some patients may take longer to see results based on metabolism. However, most patients see full or partial results within 48 hours of their hyaluronidase treatment.

    Thicker fillers like Juvederm Voluma or larger amounts of filler may require more hyaluronidase to fully dissolve. After your first hyaluronidase treatment, you can follow up with your injector. This can ensure that your filler has been fully dissolved. If not, they can administer additional treatments.

    Hyaluronidase and other filler dissolving injections have the same side effects as fillers. Any side effects that patients experience are typically mild and resolve within a few days. Some patients may experience no side effects. The most commonly recorded side effects include:

    • Redness
    • Discomfort
    • Swelling
    • Bruising

    With hyaluronidase there is a minute possibility of an allergic reaction in some people with allergies to bee stings. If you or your injector have concerns about this, they can perform a patch test to ensure a safe procedure.


    Hyaluronidase injections, like dermal fillers, are considered a safe procedure. Not only is dissolving filler safe, it makes hyaluronic acid filler injections safer and less stressful. Many patients feel nervous for their first filler because they are afraid of a bad result or a rare risk. Hyaluronidase can ease their worries because Dr. Jonov can administer it immediately if they do not like the result or experience a rare complication.

    It does require a skilled injector to dissolve fillers with your goals in mind. Hyaluronidase works wherever it is injected and can have different strengths based on amount and dilution. Thus, it is important to choose an experienced injector who knows how to achieve the best possible outcome. As well as flattering and even looking results.

    Beyond the cosmetic uses, the medical field uses hyaluronidase for a variety of purposes. These include enhancing X-ray technology and helping the body absorb certain drugs.  


    The total cost of dissolving filler will depend on how many treatments you will ultimately need. This is not always evident at your consultation or first treatment. This is because your individual metabolism and body contribute greatly to how effectively hyaluronidase works. Certain fillers commonly require multiple rounds of hyaluronidase because they are thicker than other fillers. 

    For one treatment of hyaluronidase in Seattle, the cost is $700. Your injector can give you a better idea of the costs once they understand your needs. Seattle Plastic Surgery works with outside financing companies like Care Credit. Aiming to make your cosmetic injections and procedures fit your budget.


    Board certified cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Craig Jonov, has provided premier injectable fillers to Seattle for two decades. As one of the physicians chosen as an educator by the makers of Radiesse, he has elite qualifications. As well as twenty years experience performing all types of filler injections. This includes injecting hyaluronidase and repairing botched filler. With a deep understanding of facial anatomy, Dr. Jonov is truly an expert injector. 

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