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Everyone wants beautiful, bright eyes, but stress, age, and genetics can often create dull or tired-looking eyes. Many people struggle with dark circles, wrinkles, or hollow skin in their tear-trough region or the undereye. In fact, dark undereye circles are the number one cosmetic concern among all patients. These issues cause most people to feel that their eyes are not an adequate reflection of who they are. For Seattle patients struggling with tired eyes, Eyelight Restylane Filler is the first FDA-approved, undereye filler that’s dazzling every patient with its incredible rejuvenation. The providers at Seattle Plastic Surgery now offer Eyelight restylane treatment for all its Seattle restylane patients.

What Is Eyelight Restylane Filler?

Eyelight restylane filler is the first dermal filler approved to treat dark circles, wrinkles, and hollowness below the eyes. This treatment contains hyaluronic acid that’s inserted directly above the cheekbone and into the undereye. The human body contains a substantial amount of water. When we’re young, a high water content can be found in our skin, keeping the skin radiant, smooth, and taut. However, the skin loses moisture with age, injuries, or exposure to the elements. The compounds found in hyaluronic acid have a specific ability to retain water and hold onto moisture. 

Put simply, when we lose skin moisture, sensitive areas like the undereye region can lose color and fullness or develop fine lines. Eyelight restylane filler is designed with NASHA technology which contains a highly concentrated, gel-like form of hyaluronic acid that adds and holds water in areas with low water absorption. This water retention eliminates eye darkness, hollowness, and wrinkles.

Candidates for Eyelight Restylane Filler

Eyelight restylane filler helps with many cosmetic difficulties for Tacoma restylane patients. Those who struggle with dark “shadows” under their eyes can often feel self-conscious about their appearance. Many patients feel the dark under their eyes makes them look tired, older, or unhealthy. There is also a condition known as tear trough deformity that makes the eyes look sunken and dark, often giving the appearance of illness or exhaustion. Eyelight can help with all of these are more including: 

  • Wrinkles and deep lines under the eyes
  • Dark undereye circles 
  • Dull skin around the eyes 
  • Hollow or sunken eyes
  • Embarrassment around eye appearance 
  • Eye skin laxity 
  • Undereye hyperpigmentation
  • Corrects tear-trough deformity 

Restylane filler has enhanced many other cosmetic issues, and Eyelight is the newest addition to dermal filler corrections. Any restylane Seattle patient who feels self-conscious about their under eyes or wants to bring the youthful sparkle back into them can significantly benefit from this treatment.   

Risks of Eyelight Restylane

For Seattle restylane Eyelight patients, minimal risks are involved with the treatment. Very few patients have adverse reactions to the fillers, as hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring substance in the human body. However, some patients experience symptoms such as: 

  • Swelling 
  • Bruising 
  • Redness
  • Tenderness 
  • Discomfort 
  • Itching 
  • Small bumps around the injection site 

It’s common for patients to experience some swelling and bruising following treatment. Symptoms go away after a few days and are not permanent.

Seamless Restylane Eyelight Technique

The experienced injectors at Seattle Plastic Surgery understand how tender the skin underneath the eyes is. That’s why he uses a seamless technique to administer the restylane filler. Traditionally, dermal fillers are injected into certain areas of the skin through a needle, but for Eyelight,  the provider will use what’s known as a cannula technique. 

A cannula is a blunt tool that can administer the treatment to reduce pain, swelling, and bruising in sensitive areas. By creating a tiny hole in the skin, he inserts the cannula and inserts the restylane treatment with ease and efficiency. Instead of having multiple harsh puncture wounds, the patient only has one microscopic puncture and little to no pain. Additionally, it allows the medication to flow smoothly into the designated area more consistently than with a needle. This means the treatment will have a more straightforward settling process and not cause extreme swelling or deep bruising. 

One syringe is used for both eyes, and the Restylane filler is split between each undereye. The recommended amount is around 0.5 mL for both eyes, each receiving 0.25 mL of the NASHA Eyelight technology. Eyelight restylane treatment requires less than a day of downtime after receiving the treatment. Patients can return to their daily lives directly after their appointment is finished.  

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    What Causes Dark or Hollow Under Eyes?

    There are many possible root causes for dark under eyes, but most of them are difficult to combat on your own. However, some possible reasons include: 

    • Condition known as tear-trough deformity 
    • Aging 
    • Skin dehydration 
    • Loss of bone structure due to age or trauma 
    • Insomnia 
    • Genetics 
    • Weight fluctuations
    • Hyperpigmentation 
    • Overdevelopment of the muscle in the lower eyelid known as Orbicularis Oculi Hypertrophy 
    • Dark vascular veins below the eye  

    Whatever the root cause is, Eyelight restylane filler can reverse the appearance of dark, hollow, or aging eyes.

    How Long Do Eyelight Restylane Results Last?

    For Seattle restylane Eyelight patients, the results from the treatment can last up to eighteen months, depending on the patient’s metabolism. According to a recent study, over 92% of patients have reported satisfaction with their results a year after receiving the fillers. Your provider will likely recommend scheduling maintenance treatments once a year to see the desired results. Patients can also wait until they see the effects begin to fade. However, the fade will be gradual and won’t be noticeable overnight. 

    When Can I Expect To See My Results? 

    Results of Eyelight restylane fillers are immediate. Patients will notice the difference directly after receiving the injections. However, some bruising and swelling may occur during the next week, which can temporarily hide the results. Any bruising or swelling should be gone after a week, and patients can enjoy their beautiful eyes for months to come. 

    Are Seattle Restylane Fillers Permanent? 

    Eyelight fillers are made of hyaluronic acid and are dissolvable at any time. Patients wishing to have their dermal fillers dissolved can schedule an appointment at Seattle Plastic Surgery and dissolve them with Hyaluronidase. This enzyme breaks down hyaluronic acid and dissolves the injection.

    Do I Need A Consultation Before Receiving Eyelight Restylane Fillers? 

    Your provider will schedule a consultation with all restylane Tacoma patients to ensure they are a safe candidate for the dermal fillers. They will also want to discuss your undereye problems and overall goals from the treatment. This will help them determine if Eyelight is suitable for you and produce the best result for every patient. Typically, the consultation and Eyelight treatment are done on the same day. 

    Does Eyelight Restylane Need to Settle? 

    Restylane filler needs about one week to settle under the skin entirely. While most of the bruising and swelling should fade after one day, mild swelling may continue for about a week while the treatment settles underneath the skin. Patients could sometimes experience a higher swelling rate, which is extremely rare.  

    How Much Does Eyelight Restylane Cost Seattle?

    Eyelight fillers for tear trough injections are $900 for all Seattle patients. Once they receive their first injections, the results can last for well over a year, even up to eighteen months. While it’s recommended to schedule yearly appointments, patients can always wait until they feel they need another treatment.   

    The Leading Restylane Eyelight in Seattle & Tacoma

    Seattle Plastic Surgery always provides the newest and most innovative treatments for all Tacoma patients. Dr. Craig Jonov is an experienced plastic surgeon who has performed hundreds of surgical and non-surgical cosmetic procedures with excellent results. He and the staff at Seattle Plastic Surgery are proud to offer the new Eyelight Restylane Fillers for patients who wish to brighten their eyes and their lives.

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