Mini Arm Lift


Procedure Time: 90 Minutes

Recovery Time: 1 Week


A mini arm lift is a less invasive version of the cosmetic surgery known as brachioplasty. This procedure can create a sleeker and slimmer arm contour through removal of excess skin and fat. Unlike a traditional arm lift surgery, a mini arm lift does not require an incision that extends down the arm. The incision for the mini version is hidden completely within the armpit. For those with only moderate skin sag and fat, a mini arm lift may provide the limited lift and enhancement needed. Seattle Plastic Surgery offers the mini arm lift to patients in the Seattle and Tacoma areas.


The two main culprits of arm sag are aging and weight loss. Over time, collagen breaks down and our skin loses its elasticity which causes saggy, loose skin. In addition, aging can make it harder to get rid of extra fat. This can also contribute to arm flab. 

Patients undergoing significant weight loss can also be left with arm contours that do not match the rest of their body. When you lose a significant amount of weight, your skin will not fully tighten to match your body’s new contours. Therefore, you can be left with extra skin on your arms. In these cases, a mini arm lift is especially helpful as these patients need only the removal and tightening of skin. This is easily achieved with a Seattle mini arm lift.

What Can It Achieve?

Because a mini arm lift includes a smaller incision, it cannot accomplish the same dramatic results seen with a full arm lift. However, this does not mean you will not see life changing results from your mini arm lift in Seattle. Some patients simply do not require a traditional arm lift, but still benefit from less invasive surgeries. Others want to minimize scarring, so a mini arm lift is more suitable. 

Since the incision is smaller, it does not allow your plastic surgeon access to the whole arm, which means you can only expect a moderate amount of correction. The procedure is best for those who need only minor enhancements to their arm.

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    The average price of a Tacoma mini arm lift is $8,995. Depending upon your specific procedure and goals, the price can fluctuate. The most accurate estimate of the total cost of your mini arm lift in Tacoma will come from your plastic surgeon.

    To help you reach your arm goals while on a budget, we work with outside financing companies such as Care Credit and Alphaeon. You can find more information about these options and links to apply on our financing page.



    Before proceeding with your mini arm lift, your cosmetic surgeon will want to ensure that you are a good candidate for the procedure. During your consultation at Seattle Plastic Surgery, your plastic surgeon will begin by asking about your expected outcomes, goals, and reasons for seeking cosmetic surgery. This will help them understand what you want from your end result. 

    Next, they will inquire about your medical history, including past surgeries and current medications. Knowing your medical history allows your plastic surgeon to determine if it is safe for you to undergo the surgery. They will then create a custom plan based on your health needs.

    Finally, your cosmetic surgeon will conduct an exam of the arms. After this, if they determine you are a good candidate, your plastic surgeon will help you visualize what a Seattle mini arm lift can do for you. Every arm lift performed at Seattle Plastic Surgery is tailored to the individual, because we all have different bodies and different needs.


    On the day of your mini arm lift in Seattle, your plastic surgeon will review the plan with you and make marks to guide them during surgery. You can also ask any last minute questions you may have. Making a small incision in your armpit, they will remove excess skin and fat before tightening the skin to provide a flattering, contoured look. The entire surgery should not take longer than two hours to complete. Most mini arm lifts taking significantly less time.

    Once your surgery is complete, your Seattle plastic surgeon will suture the incision and likely place your arm in a compression garment to reduce swelling and promote healthy circulation in the area. Your cosmetic surgeon may instruct you to wear this garment throughout your recovery. 


    When you come out of surgery, you will see some noticeable results, though your arm will likely be swollen. As swelling and bruising subside, your results will become more apparent over time. Most patients see their final results within two months. 

    In the days following your surgery, you will likely experience some side effects like swelling, redness, pain, and redness. These are normal after most surgical procedures and should go away on their own without intervention. Your plastic surgeon may prescribe antibiotics or pain medications to prevent infection and ease your discomfort. 

    Wearing your compression garment as instructed and following all of your cosmetic surgeon’s post-operative instructions will provide you with the best mini arm lift recovery. They will likely recommend our proprietary scar treatment, formulated to minimize scarring as you heal. 

    Compared to the more extensive full arm lift, a mini arm lift comes with a shorter recovery time. Patients usually return to work within a week of surgery, unless they have a physical or strenuous job. Your cosmetic surgeon will usually restrict unnecessary exercise or physical activity for at least two weeks after surgery. However, they may clear you for certain forms of exercise before then. Attending all of your post-op appointments ensures that your plastic surgeon can clear you for work and activities quickly.


    Good candidates for mini arm lift surgery come in many different forms. In general, good candidates for a mini arm lift possess a need for the surgery, good general health, have realistic and attainable expectations, and have no health problems that could complicate surgery or results.

    Firstly, as a cosmetic surgery, a mini arm lift should never be performed on someone who does not need it. While it’s possible to dislike the appearance of your arms, if the problems do not pertain to sagging skin and fat, or can be treated through non-surgical, less invasive methods, it is best not to go forward with arm lift surgery. Your plastic surgeon can decide if mini arm lift surgery will address your needs adequately during your consultation. 

    Secondly, you must be in good general health. Any surgical procedure performed on an unhealthy person can put them at undue risk. There are a variety of health factors that contribute to candidacy for the procedure. Your cosmetic surgeon will consider these at your consultation and monitor them before, during, and after surgery.

    Third, realistic expectations are important because if your surgeon or a mini arm lift cannot achieve your goals, you may consider a different procedure, a combination of procedures, or simply not undergoing surgery. Your consultation at Seattle Plastic Surgery will help you understand what is possible with your procedure, see before and afters, and know what the surgery can do for you.

    Finally, certain health conditions can make a mini arm lift surgery ill-advised for you or your health. While your cosmetic surgeon can take precautions and work around some conditions, you should disclose all of your medical issue at your consultation. 

    Among some of the conditions and situations that may make you an unfit candidate for a Tacoma mini arm lift include: 

    • Blood or bleeding disorders
    • Cancer or recent cancer treatment
    • Pregnancy or nursing
    • Disposition to scarring or keloid scars
    • Smoking
    • Have not yet reached your goal weight, or plan to lose additional weight
    • Any other significant medical illness that could hinder surgery/optimal results


    Mini arm lift procedures have grown in popularity recently because of their smaller incision sites and less invasive techniques. Finding a cosmetic surgeon who understands the delicate structures of the arm is imperative for the best results.

    At Seattle Plastic Surgery, we will take the time to listen to your goals, concerns, and answer any of your questions. As advocates of patient education, our cosmetic surgeons and staff are dedicated to keeping you informed at every step of your surgery and creating a welcoming, yet honest atmosphere. 

    Our Seattle office is the premier stop for your mini arm lift needs because our board-certified cosmetic surgeons will ensure you receive the best possible care along with results that will no longer make you afraid to go sleeveless.

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