Brow Tint & Wax


Procedure Time: 30 min

Recovery Time: None; 24 hours of modified routine

Brow Tint Seattle & Tacoma

Among the most expressive features on the face are the eyebrows. Their presence, dominance, or lack of presence can make a major difference in the look of the face and how people perceive you. Therefore, beauty trends have often affected the eyebrows to reflect the idea of beauty at the time. Today is no exception. Thick, dark eyebrows are a coveted feature that men and women alike seek out. Seattle Plastic Surgery offers the best brow tint Seattle and Tacoma have to offer.

Understanding Brow Tints: What Do They Do?

Brow tints–like brow pencils or powder–darken the brows to create a more prominent appearance. Generally, when applying makeup, you choose a shade that is close to or just darker than your natural hair color. This creates brows that look full, dark, and natural. The same effect can be achieved–for much longer–with a brow tint.

In the simplest way to understand it, a brow tint is a way to dye your eyebrows. Unfortunately, it is not permanent due to the brow hair cycle. This cycle replaces your eyebrow hairs on average every four to eight weeks. While it is not permanent, it does allow for experimentation and the ability to change your brow shape and thusly update your tint.

History Of Eyebrow Trends

Like how every decade has a fashion trend, eyebrow shapes and types come in and out of style. Today, natural shapes with a dark color and thickness are what people, especially women seek. In the past few decades, rounded brows, barely there thin brows, and exceptionally natural brows all had their time.

However, it is not just modern history that carries brow trends. Brow tinting goes back to Ancient Egypt where dark, arched brows were popular. They also had many traditions surrounding eyebrows which included removing them in some situations. Other ancient cultures would leave their eyebrows untouched beyond a slight tint. Some even would create unibrows because they were a coveted feature. 

From the Middle Ages through the Elizabethan period, England valued high foreheads. Therefore, some people would completely pluck out their eyebrows to provide the illusion of a higher forehead. When Queen Elizabeth I reigned, some people would dye their brows lighter to match her natural blonde-red hair color.


Brow tinting comes with many benefits, especially to those who may have lighter or less prominent brows. Among some benefits associated with eyebrow tinting include:

  • Appearance of brow makeup
  • Darker, more defined brows
  • Full looking eyebrows
  • Save time applying makeup
  • Pain free treatment
  • Little risk to natural brows
  • Suitable for all hair types and colors
  • Difference noticeable immediately
  • Can change tint color and look every treatment
  • Complements a lash lift and tint and brow lamination

Professional vs. At-Home Brow Tinting

Having your brows professionally tinted may seem unnecessary when there are countless, semi-permanent brow tinting kits available online and in stores. Many look similar to mascara or brow makeup options. However, are these options safe and worth it? The table below compares the two to help you make an informed decision.

Professional At Home
  • Performed by a master esthetician who has performed countless brow tints
  • Full visibility of the brow area
  • Precautions taken
  • Less risk
  • Typically yields better results
  • Tint often matches skin tone and hair color better
  • Sterilization and safety guaranteed
  • Uses higher quality, safer dyes
  • More expensive on average
  • Usually performed by the individual
  • May have limited or no visibility of the brow area when tinting
  • Individuals may choose to follow precautions or not
  • Riskier
  • Results noticeable, but not as good as a professional tint
  • Sterilization and safety are not guaranteed
  • Lower quality dyes
  • Less expensive on average

Generally, our master estheticians will recommend a professional brow tint over an at-home kit. However, if done safely, at-home kits can yield results. Though, for the best results and safest environment, a brow tint at Seattle Plastic Surgery is ideal.

Eyebrow Tinting From Start To Finish


First, you will meet with a master esthetician at Seattle Plastic Surgery to discuss your goals and medical history. They will want to make sure you are a good candidate, will receive your desired results, and that it is safe for you to undergo a Seattle brow tint.

Most people are good candidates for a brow tint. However, there are certain situations where your master esthetician may recommend against it. This may include instances like:

  • Injury or open wound in the brow area
  • Recent brow lift or similar surgery
  • Have known allergies to any of the ingredients or supplies used
  • Taking certain medications such as immune suppressants or prescription acne medications
  • Have had a brow tint within the last month

If your master esthetician determines a brow lift beneficial and safe for you, they will discuss the process and various tint options. They may also perform a patch test to ensure you are not allergic to the tint.


A brow tint typically takes less than 45 minutes. After you arrive and check-in, your master esthetician will greet you. You should come to your appointment free of makeup, especially makeup on or around your brows. Regardless, they will still start by cleaning your brows since they often carry residual debris and makeup. This can interfere with the tint.

Your master esthetician will then mix and apply the tint carefully. Using a specially made brush they ensure to coat every hair as necessary to obtain a good result. Your master esthetician will also clean up the edges and make sure tint is not left behind on the skin. Following this, the tint will need to sit for 10 to 20 minutes.

Using dry cotton pads or similar tools, your master esthetician will gently remove the tint from your eyebrows. At this point, after ensuring all the tint is removed, they will show you the results and provide aftercare instructions.


For the most part, brow tints are low maintenance. However, for the first one to two days after your appointment, you will need to use caution. First off, avoid getting the area wet in any way, this includes water or sweat. This may mean that you have to limit exercise and take baths instead of showers. However, this is only for a maximum of two days.

To promote the longevity of your brow tint, do not apply brow makeup or oil-based products on top of the brows. Also, oil-based skincare can break down a brow tint faster. Based on your situation, your master esthetician may make other recommendations.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are The Dyes Made Of?

Brow tint ingredients vary widely depending on the manufacturer. Many are vegetable-based, semi-permanent dyes. They are gentle and less likely to irritate the sensitive skin of the face and brows. Brow tints often contain a common allergen known as para-phenylenediamine (PPD). If you know you are allergic to PPD, discuss this with your master esthetician. If you have a known history of allergic reactions, have your master esthetician perform a patch test.

Overall, when compared to traditional hair dyes, lash and brow tints are much gentler. However, they can still be harmful if they get into the eyes, are applied incorrectly, or safety precautions are not taken. This is another reason why seeking a professional brow tint is preferred over at-home options.

Do You Have Multiple Color Options?

Yes, brow tints can be customized based on your natural hair and skin color. Your master esthetician can also customize your tint based on your goals. For example, many clients choose to go only one or two shades darker than their hair color. This results in a natural, makeup look. Others may want a more dramatic tint, especially if they want to match dyed hair color.

Can I Shower After A Brow Tint?

Like hair dye, a brow tint should be stable enough after application to handle washing. However, it is generally recommended that patients wait for at least one to two days before getting the area overly wet. This includes washing your face. Your master esthetician will provide personalized instructions on when and how to best wash the area following a Tacoma brow tint.

Does An Eyebrow Tint Fill In Gaps?

No, while it does give the appearance of fuller brows by darkening the eyebrow hair, if you have any major gaps in the hair, the tint will not stain the skin between them. Other procedures or makeup can address this following a brow tint. Still, the tint often draws attention away from the gaps and makes it easier to fill them in.

If gaps or patchiness are your main concern, microblading may be the ideal treatment for your eyebrow enhancement.

What Is The Cost?

A brow tint with wax starts at $99 at Seattle Plastic Surgery. Additional services or specifications may result in additional costs. Following your consultation, your master esthetician will be able to provide you with a more accurate price based. It will encompass all of the services you are interested in and what each treatment will entail. You can find more pricing and financing information on their respective pages.

Make Your Eyebrows Pop With The Best Brow Tint In Seattle & Tacoma

Seattle Plastic Surgery has a storied history of providing the best cosmetic surgery, medical grade skincare, and cosmetic injections. Offering brow tints is just one more way that we serve our patients and clients to help them look and feel their best. Located on First Hill in Seattle, the Seattle Plastic Surgery office is perfectly centered in the city to best serve the Greater Seattle area.

The master estheticians at Seattle Plastic Surgery studied esthetics as well as medical grade treatments and skincare. This makes them uniquely qualified to administer a variety of treatments include chemical peels and microneedling. Brow services are one of the esthetic procedures that they can add extra knowledge and safety to based on their expanded experience and education.

To learn more and schedule a consultation, call us at 206-324-1120. You can also reach out online using Price Simulator, chat, or contact form.