What Are The Risks Of A Facelift?

Facelift in Seattle and Tacoma

A facelift is a plastic surgery that addresses multiple signs of aging in the face such as wrinkled skin, sagging skin, and fat depletion or accumulation. A facelift–like with any surgical procedure–comes with some risks. 

The general surgery risks of anesthesia risks, infection, pain, bleeding, scarring, prolonged or excess swelling, and cardiac risks are present during a facelift procedure. These risks come with almost any surgical procedure and are rare when a facelift is performed by a skilled cosmetic surgeon and on a healthy individual.

Facelift risks associated specifically with facelifts and other facial surgeries include: facial nerve injury, prolonged numbness, hair loss at incision sites, skin discoloration or irregularities, skin loss, and unsatisfactory results.

When your facelift is performed by a board certified cosmetic surgeon, like Dr. Santos, it reduces the risk of your facelift procedure. Dr. Santos decreases the anesthesia risks of his facelift procedures by implementing the use of local anesthesia, which cuts the risk of unwanted side effects and risks from general anesthesia. 

Knowing and understanding the risks of your facelift surgery is an important part of the process of committing to your facelift procedure. Dr. Santos at Seattle Plastic Surgery strives to perform the safest facelifts possible and will work to make sure your procedure comes with the least possible risk.

The Dangers of At Home Chemical Peels

At Home Chemical Peels

Chemical peels are a common skin treatment that removes the upper layers of skin to help treat a variety of skin issues associated with aging. These peels use acids such as glycolic acid and trichloroacetic acid (also known as TCA) and should always be administered by a professional because of this. 


Recently, many chemical peels containing these and other acids, have become available. While at home products containing low levels of these acids (below 10%) are safe. They will not offer the same results as a medical-grade chemical peel. However, many at home chemical peels contain just as much as a peel performed by a Master Esthetician. Trying to administer these peels at home pose many threats to you and can harm your skin rather than help.


When a peel is performed by a Master Esthetician in a private environment, they will monitor the peel throughout the process. Ensuring your comfort and safety through the entire process. Their knowledge and experience with chemical peels allows them to gauge your safety and the performance of the peel accurately. Therefore, if something goes wrong, they can act immediately to prevent any disasters. 


When using an at home chemical peel containing these acids, you run the risk of damaging your eyes, chemical burns, and skin discoloration. These all can cause permanent or lasting damage to your skin. 


Contact Us to schedule a consultation with one of our Master Estheticians today. 

Introducing Dr. David Santos: Revolutionary Facelifts in Seattle

An Image of Dr David Santos Face Lift Specialist and Plastic Surgeon At Seattle Plastic Surgery

Seattle Plastic Surgery is proud to bring leading facial plastic surgeon Dr. David Santos to our team. Dr. Santos has dual board certifications from the American Board of Otolaryngology — Head and Neck Surgery and the American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. He is a phenomenal addition to our practice.

Dr. Santos has performed thousands of facial cosmetic surgery procedures over the past two decades. His extensive resume includes a medical doctorate from Tulane University and two residences in the Bay Area. He continues to learn and teach current advancements in facial plastic surgery to better serve his patients, refine his techniques, and educate and present to others.

Dr. Santos revolutionized the use of local anesthetic with oral sedation. This allows him to lower the risks of general anesthesia, while ensuring patients return to their daily lives as quickly as possible.

Along with his extensive experience in facial plastic surgery, Dr. Santos is a leader in his field. He was one of the first plastic surgeons to use laser lipolysis in facelift surgery, served as the Chief of the Department of Otolaryngology at Valley Hospital, as director of a national surgical practice of over 15 facilities, and President of the UC Berkeley Biological Society. These are only a few of the leadership positions Dr. Santos has held during his career.

How Our Estheticians Got Their ‘Master’ Title And Why It Matters

A Master Esthetician performing a procedure

At Seattle Plastic Surgery, all of our Estheticians hold the title of “Master Esthetician”, but what exactly does that mean? How is that different from a normal esthetician?

An Esthetician is a professional who specializes in skin care and the beautification of the skin. This can mean a variety of things, but estheticians typically spend their days waxing, performing chemical peels, facials, and other treatments.

A Master Esthetician does all of these things as well, but the difference is that they are also knowledgeable in medical terminology, skin conditions and disorders, and more advanced skin and body treatments. This qualifies a Master Esthetician to perform more invasive and complicated chemical peels, facials, and procedures.

Our Master Estheticians listen to and address all of your skin concerns–including skin conditions and diseases–and work to create a plan that will treat all of them. Their medical knowledge helps them provide you with the best care possible and qualifies them to work in our professional medical setting.

This is why you should only seek out care from Master Estheticians like ours at Seattle Plastic Surgery. They will work with you using their medical and esthetic knowledge to find the best treatment for you to keep you looking and feeling your best. Please contact us today to schedule a free consultation!

What You Need To Know About Breast Implant Revisions

When you first considered breast implants, you may not have thought you may need to deal with revisions later down the road. Implant revision surgery is completely normal and often performed for maintenance or medical purposes. Dr. Jonov understands that you need a surgeon you can trust throughout the breast implant revision process, which is why he wants to highlight some important information about this process at Seattle Plastic Surgery. Continue Reading

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