Facial Feminization


Procedure Length: 4-8 Hrs

Recovery Time: 7-10 Days


The face is arguably the most identifiable features of a person. When a patient is unhappy with its appearance, or find that their outward appearance does not match their identity, this can cause self consciousness and dysphoria for transgender people. Male to female transgender individuals may want to reduce masculine features and achieve a more outwardly feminine appearance. Dr. Craig Jonov of Seattle Plastic Surgery offers facial feminization in Seattle and Tacoma.


Facial feminization is a facial plastic surgery that takes traditionally masculine features and alters them to feminize the face. The surgery is most common among MTF transgender women who seek the procedure as part of a transgender transition. However, some cisgender women who may have or are unhappy with masculine facial features may also undergo facial feminization in Seattle.

The surgery consists of multiple, combined facial plastic surgeries individually catered to each patient. Every patient’s face is unique and will require a customized combination to accomplish the look they want.

The procedures performed during facial feminization will vary based on patient goals, age, anatomy, and gender identity. A facial feminization Seattle procedure may include surgeries like:

Some of these procedures have surgical and non-surgical methods, such as, non-surgical chin augmentation and lip fillers. Each patient can make the decision on the method that will work best for them.

Other Common Transgender Surgeries

When performed as part of a transgender transition, some MTF patients may decide to undergo additional procedures. Other procedures that MTF transgender patients may opt for in addition to facial feminization can include:

  • MTF Breast Augmentation
  • Brazilian Butt Lift
  • Body Contouring
  • Tracheal Shave
  • Hairline Feminization

Before & After Facial Feminization


Traditional male and female faces have many differing facial qualities. In general, feminine faces have smaller and softer facial features. The parts of the face that differ the most between male and female are the brow, nose, lips, and chin. 

  • Brow: A masculine brow and forehead is typically more prominent and larger than a feminine brow and forehead. Facial feminization can soften the brows and forehead to create a softer, more feminine appearance.
  • Nose: Masculine noses are often wider and larger. They are also more likely to be crooked. Feminine noses often have a more concave profile. A nose job as part of facial feminization can often create this desired profile.
  • Lips: The largest difference between masculine and feminine lips is the length of the philtrum. The philtrum refers to the distance between the upper lip and the nose. Feminine lips tend to have a shorter philtrum. To address this, a bullhorn lip lift can shorten the distance between the lips and nose.
  • Chin: While a feminized chin tends to be smaller and rounder, the chin also influences the look of the jawline. Men typically have sharper chin and jaw features. Facial feminization can round out the shape of the chin and jaw for a more feminine face.

Preparing For Facial Feminization

The Consultation

At a consultation with Dr. Jonov, he will want to know your goals for the procedure and medical history. He will also discuss the specifics of the surgery with you. After a conversation, he will physically examine your face with your goals in mind. He will then determine if you are a good candidate for facial feminization. Dr. Jonov will also conclude the procedures that will provide you the results you want.

During the consultation, you are also encouraged to ask any questions you may have. Before leaving, you will receive a price quote for your facial feminization surgery. The Seattle Plastic Surgery team can also place you in contact with our insurance coordinators and provide information about insurance. 

Pre-Operative Appointment

Following a consultation with Dr. Jonov where he determines if you are a candidate for Tacoma facial feminization, you will receive instructions on how to prepare for surgery. Even if your surgery is months after the consultation, once confirmed, there are many ways to prepare for facial feminization surgery. 

Firstly, if you smoke, you will need to quit before surgery. Smoking puts patients at a higher risk of complications. Patients who smoke often see more scarring and take longer to heal. Dr. Jonov will advise you on the length of time before surgery you need to completely cease smoking. Secondly, continuing to eat well, exercise, and live a healthy lifestyle will promote good results and healing. This may also positively contribute to health conditions. Finally, you should continue to manage any health conditions you have.

About three weeks prior to surgery, you will have a pre-op appointment where a pre-operative coordinator will discuss your facial feminization in Seattle. At this appointment, they will give you instructions on how to prepare in the few weeks leading up to the procedure. Examples of instructions your pre-operative coordinator may give you include:

  • The best type of clothing to wear on the day of surgery
  • When you need to begin fasting before the procedure
  • Any medications or supplements to start or discontinue
  • Basic recovery instructions
  • Showering protocol for before and after facial feminization

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    On the day of your Seattle facial feminization surgery, the Seattle Plastic Surgery team will begin the check in process. They will take your vitals and perform any necessary testing prior to the procedure. Once cleared, Dr. Jonov will meet with you to discuss the procedure and make preoperative markings.

    At this point, a licensed anesthesia provider will place you under general anesthesia and Dr. Jonov will begin the surgery. The way Dr. Jonov completes each facial feminization surgery Seattle varies based on the procedures performed. In most cases, he will start at the hairline, forehead, or brow and work down the face.

    Regardless of the procedures that are a part of your facial feminization surgery, Dr. Jonov will soften your facial features to create a more feminine appearance. The length of time it takes Dr. Jonov to complete the surgery will depend on the number of procedures included. As a general rule, it will take multiple hours to complete the procedure, at least four to six hours.


    After surgery, you will likely have your head wrapped and remain in recovery as you wake up from anesthesia. Once you wake up and are cleared, the Seattle Plastic Surgery team will release you to your caregiver. 

    For the first few days, you can expect limited activity. Dr. Jonov will prescribe antibiotics and painkillers to keep you comfortable and prevent infection. You can expect at least a week off work and exercise limited for two weeks. To aid in recovery, Dr. Jonov may give various instructions like elevating the head of the bed and massaging carefully. 

    You will find that you can resume most daily activities in about 10 days. However, strenuous exercise will continue to be restricted for a number of weeks. The length of time you need off work will vary based on the number and extent of the procedures.

    At post-operative appointments, Dr. Jonov will evaluate your progress and remove dressings. This will allow him to individually assess your recovery and lift restrictions as soon as possible.

    Expected Results

    The final results from facial feminization surgery will take months to settle. In many cases, skin, tissue, and muscles need to settle into place and contract. Additionally, residual swelling can last for months, although usually is not visible after a few weeks.

    When you do see your final results, most patients see overall softer features and a more feminine appearance. Dr. Jonov will monitor your results closely and keep you informed on what to expect and when.


    Dr. Craig Jonov of Seattle Plastic Surgery is a renowned plastic surgeon with decades of experience in facial plastic surgery. He also often performs transgender surgeries like FTM top surgery. His expertise ranges from facelifts to breast augmentation to non-surgical procedures like Sculptra injections.

    An expert in many procedures involved in facial feminization, Dr. Jonov understands how to smooth and soften the features for a naturally feminine look. He also works with each patient individually during a consultation to customize each facial feminization procedure.

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