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What is it like to receive BOTOX injections?

BOTOX in Seattle at Seattle Plastic Surgery can be completed in as quickly as fifteen minutes for repeat patients. First, the experienced physician or injector identifies the proper injection sites to achieve the desired results. Then, an injector injects the desired dose of BOTOX into the skin in a series of small, generally painless injections. There is little to no downtime involved with this treatment. Sometimes a small raised bump may remain for the few hours following the injection. It may take a few days for the treated wrinkles to begin to flatten and smooth out. By one to two weeks post-treatment, the anti-aging effects of the product will be visible.

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I had a very pronounced frown line and decided to see if botox might help it relax and soften it. I was pleasantly surprised that my results were so much better than I expected. Dr. Jonov was very nice and informative. He explained to me about the procedure and answered any questions that I had. Staff is truly friendly and fantastic. I highly recommend them to anyone.

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A before and After Comparison of a patient who received a botox treatment at seattle plastic surgery
A before and After Comparison of a patient who received a botox treatment at seattle plastic surgery


Facial fillers are another popular cosmetic injection that fill in or augment facial features. Using BOTOX and fillers together is perfectly safe and often can provide the best results. Restylane, Juvederm, and Sculptra are all types of fillers offered at Seattle Plastic Surgery. 

The most common fillers are hyaluronic acid fillers like Juvederm and Restylane. Like BOTOX, these provide a temporary enhancement, but some hyaluronic acid fillers can last two years with ideal treatment and environment. 

Some patients choose to have BOTOX and a filler treatment at the same time. For example, receiving BOTOX for their glabellar lines and lip filler during the same appointment. Seattle Plastic Surgery also offers many filler treatments like tear trough filler, cheek filler, jawline filler, and many others.

B is for BOTOX: Frequently Asked Questions

When we think of BOTOX injections, the first idea that comes to mind is anti-aging. In fact, for many, BOTOX is an essential aspect of their skincare routines, along with sunscreen, Retinols, eye creams, and serums. BOTOX can also be used as a preventative treatment for migraines. At Seattle Plastic Surgery, we offer BOTOX injections as an anti-aging treatment to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and creases.

How do BOTOX Injections work?

Like other muscles in your body, the muscles in your face develop habits. Some people habitually furrow their eyebrows, crinkle the corners of their eyes, favor one side of their face, or scowl. These regular muscle motions beneath the skin cause wrinkles to form on the facial surface.

Botulinum toxin (BOTOX) is a substance approved by the FDA for cosmetic use in 2002. BOTOX injections are an effective treatment for the signs of aging including wrinkles, creases, fine lines, and indentations. It treats these by temporarily weakening the targeted facial muscles. Therefore, when the underlying muscles don’t move, wrinkles don’t form on the surface. The effects of a BOTOX treatment last between two and six months.

Does BOTOX Prevent or Correct Wrinkles?

The short answer is… both! Preventive BOTOX is a highly sought after treatment for patients in Seattle in their late 20’s and early 30’s. Just like it sounds, receiving BOTOX treatments regularly before deep creases appear can prevent dynamic wrinkles from forming. By selectively weakening certain facial muscles, you can train your face to not repeat those movements, ultimately preventing wrinkles.

Traditionally, BOTOX is used to correct and minimize existing wrinkles and creases by temporarily disabling the underlying muscles. As we age, our skin weakens and fails to resist the folds created by these muscle movements. Accordingly, when the muscles weaken, the existing wrinkles begin to flatten, and our skin has the opportunity to rest. In addition, BOTOX can enhance the effectiveness of an anti-aging skincare regimen, allowing our skin to heal from years of repetitive motions, sun damage, aging, and lack of exfoliation.

BOTOX vs. Dysport?

For many years, BOTOX reigned as the undisputed leader of non-surgical procedures. It was the only Botulinum toxin injection that was FDA approved for cosmetic use in the United States. However, in 2009, the FDA approved another Botulinum toxin injection for cosmetic use, Dysport. Dysport gained popularity in Europe and became an immediate competitor to BOTOX. 

So, which is better? There isn’t an easy answer. Some patients will find the most benefit using BOTOX, while others will find more benefit from Dysport. It varies widely between patients. Additionally, the average BOTOX patient tries Dysport and other similar products at least once.

Some patients and providers find that Dysport spreads more than BOTOX and sometimes kicks in faster. Typically, there isn’t much of a difference overall in the amount of time BOTOX and Dysport last. However, some patients may find longer lasting results with one over the other.

What Areas And Treatments Are Available?

At Seattle Plastic Surgery, we use BOTOX for many areas and treatments. The most popular uses of BOTOX are the classic cosmetic uses like frown lines and forehead lines. Other popular treatments and areas include:

In addition to these cosmetic uses, Seattle Plastic Surgery also offers BOTOX injections for medical purposes like chronic migraines and hyperhidrosis. BOTOX is FDA approved to treat these conditions and can provide temporary relief. Much like cosmetic BOTOX, your injections will need refreshed occasionally.

How Long Does BOTOX last?

On average, BOTOX lasts between three and six months. Although, depending on your metabolism and other body chemistry factors, BOTOX can last more or less than the average. You can encourage longer lasting results through practicing a good diet and healthy lifestyle.

Is There Recovery For BOTOX?

BOTOX injections are performed as an in-office procedure in around 10-30 minutes. You can expect little to no pain from the injections. Patients can usually return to their normal activities immediately following treatment. However, based on your unique needs and treatment, your Seattle BOTOX injector may give you some instructions to follow after injections.

In general, your injector will advise against strenuous exercise for 24 hours. This is because exercise increases blood flow which can reduce the effects of BOTOX. You should also avoid lying down for around 90 minutes after treatment because this can cause the BOTOX to migrate. Similarly, you should not rub or apply any pressure to the area for around four hours after treatment. This sometimes includes removing hats or jewelry.

Some patients experience some minor side effects. Much like any injection procedure, post-treatment pain, bruising, and swelling can occur. Normally, any side effects remain minor and resolve within a week. Any major complications rarely happen when you choose a qualified provider like those at Seattle Plastic Surgery.

What Is The Right Age For BOTOX?

BOTOX injections are safely tolerated in patients of many ages. Medical BOTOX is approved for treatment in adults and, in some cases, pediatric patients. However, cosmetic BOTOX should not be considered in patients under 18. 

Our injectors may perform certain procedures like the BOTOX lip flip or gummy smile on patients in their twenties. However, most wrinkle prevention and correction injections do not begin until they begin to form. This is typically in your thirties or forties. While this is the usual age to begin BOTOX, injectors can administer it safely in adults of any age.

Recently, preventative BOTOX, also known as “baby BOTOX”, has grown in popularity. This is when patients in their twenties or early thirties use BOTOX (often micro-doses) to prevent wrinkles from forming. Receiving injections at any stage of adulthood. is perfectly safe. And, in some patients the benefits of preventative BOTOX warrants beginning it earlier. 

Ultimately, when you begin BOTOX injections is when you believe it is time. If wrinkles or fine lines are bothering you, or you are becoming concerned with the signs of aging, it may consider scheduling a consultation at Seattle Plastic Surgery.

How Many Units Of BOTOX Should I Get?

The number of BOTOX units required varies widely between area and patient. Some patients receiving BOTOX in the same area may even use different amounts. During your initial consultation with your provider, they will examine the area and your goals to determine how many units of BOTOX you may need. Therefore, you may still need additional units depending on how your body responds to the treatment.

On an individual basis, you may require more units of BOTOX if you:

  • Have a larger facial structure/ facial muscles
  • Workout strenuously more than a few times a week
  • Have a faster than average metabolism
  • Want more dramatic or “frozen” looking results
  • Have more muscle mass
  • Want to treat deeper wrinkles

Can BOTOX Treat All Types Of Wrinkles?

BOTOX is best utilized for the early signs of aging. Most of the time, past a certain age, BOTOX is no longer the best treatment for deep set lines and wrinkles. In these cases you may consider procedures like a brow lift, blepharoplasty, or facelift. However, this does not mean BOTOX will not work or provide results. It just usually does not meet most patient’s goals at this stage of aging.

You can continue to use BOTOX through the advanced stages of aging and can once healed from most surgical procedures. BOTOX can improve and enhance surgical results. 

BOTOX Before & After Pictures

Seattle BOTOX treatment is very popular and effective if you have visible wrinkles around your forehead, mouth and eyes. Aside from its cosmetic purposes, BOTOX in Seattle is used for therapeutic treatments. Such as those that help reduce muscle spasms, headaches and excessive sweating.

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