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Platysmal bands are vertical bands or cords on each side of the neck that become visible with age. These “bands” are portions of the platysma muscle becoming visible underneath the skin. While not everyone will develop prominent vertical neckbands, some do become frustrated with their appearance. They are nearly impossible to cover with makeup and have few viable treatment options before undergoing surgery. Botox is one of the only effective non-surgical treatments for platysmal bands. The injectors at Seattle Plastic Surgery provide the best Botox for platysmal bands Seattle and Tacoma offer.

Overview: How Botox Works

Botox is a diluted and injectable form of Botulinum toxin A. Derived from a neurotoxin, Botox is designed to provide localized relaxation of muscles. While it comes from the same toxin that causes botulism, Botox contains only the proteins necessary to provide the desired effects. It is a well studied treatment and widely considered safe.

Once injected, the Botox will spread slightly in the muscle it was injected into. Over the next two weeks, it will begin to block brain signals to that muscle that tell it to move or contract. It will not stop all of these signals because it does allow you to continue to show emotion and make facial expressions. 

This is why the injection of Botox is so technical. Your injector needs to know the right injection sites to provide the ideal freezing of movement without freezing all movement. The injectors at Seattle Plastic Surgery have years of experience with neuromodulators like Botox including both cosmetic and medical treatments. 

Formation Of Platysmal Bands

The platysmal bands themselves have always been present during your life. However, your more youthful skin and fat kept them nicely covered. As collagen reduces, tissue loss occurs, and the skin thins, sometimes muscles, tendons, and veins can become visible through the skin. This is also frequently observed on the hands where people sometimes receive hand filler injections to disguise the appearance of tendons and veins.

Unfortunately, there’s really no way to prevent this. Other than a good skincare routine and some professional treatments like chemical peels and microneedling, aging may eventually reveal the neck muscles. Others are simply lucky enough to never develop overly prominent neckbands.


Botox injections on the neck come with benefits and risks. While most of the time, the benefits outweigh the risks, it is important to know and understand all of the potential risks. Also, make sure to inform your injector of your full medical history as this will allow them to gauge your risk.

The benefits of platysmal band Botox include:

  • Reduction in vertical neck bands
  • More youthful looking neck
  • Can help prevent the worsening of platysmal bands
  • May improve jaw contour
  • Smoother looking skin
  • Quick injection process
  • Little to no pain
  • Minimal aftercare
  • No traditional recovery period
  • Non-surgical
  • Performed by an experienced and qualified injector


The risks of Botox, in general, are relatively few. Overall, this is also true for neck Botox as well. However, if performed incorrectly or by an inexperienced provider, there are a few extra or increased risks. Ensuring you are seeing a qualified provider helps reduce these risks significantly.

The risks of Botox for platysma bands include:

  • Asymmetry or unexpected result
  • Infection
  • Prolonged or severe side effects
  • Difficulty swallowing
  • Neck weakness (usually temporary but people who partake in certain activities may be disproportionately affected)

Major complications or reactions are extremely unlikely. Millions of Botox injections are administered every year and it has been studied for over two decades. 

Platysmal Band Botox Injections Process

When you come in for your neck Botox treatment, your injector will first clean and disinfect the area with alcohol. It is best to come in without makeup on the neck if you typically wear it. Numbing cream is available, but not usually necessary because Botox injections use a tiny needle and are quick.

The procedure tends to use between forty and one hundred units of Botox. Your injector will then make a line of injections down each vertical band. The injection sites are roughly two centimeters apart. Depending on the severity of your banding, this can take anywhere from ten to thirty minutes to complete.

When they finish the injections, your injector will clean up any instances of pinpoint bleeding and provide aftercare instructions. In some cases, they may help cool the area if necessary.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is There Any Necessary Aftercare?

Aftercare following Botox for platysmal bands is fairly basic and consists of altering your daily routine only slightly. Some of the possible aftercare instructions may include:

  • Refrain from strenuous exercise for one to two days
  • Avoid saunas, hot tubs, and submerging the area fully for a few days
  • Do not smoke or drink excessively
  • Avoid touching or picking at the area unnecessarily
  • Stay upright for a few hours after treatment
  • Sleep on your back
  • Keep out of direct sunlight
  • Do not undergo additional cosmetic procedures on the neck for at least two weeks
  • Keep pressure off your neck
  • Know what to expect and when you should see results

Your injector may provide additional information or directions based on your medical history or specific treatment. In general, Botox requires no practical downtime and little aftercare.

Can Botox Also Treat Horizontal Neck Lines?

Botox has shown some small improvements for horizontal necklines but is not generally considered to be an ideal treatment. Treatments for horizontal necklines often focus on the skin such as radiofrequency microneedling, VI Peels, and occasionally dermal fillers.

How Long Does Botox Last In Platysmal Bands?

The results of platysmal band Botox last around three to six months. The exact time you enjoy your results depends on several factors. Some of these factors include genetics, the environment, aftercare, and your metabolism. Other neuromodulator options such as Dysport sometimes last longer for certain patients.

Who Is A Good Candidate?

The ideal candidate for neck bands Botox will have vertical platysmal bands that are prominent and become worse with normal activities such as talking and eating. Also, it is usually best that the patient is not yet ready for a surgical neck lift because Botox will not provide enough skin tightening for a good result if this is the case.

Patients should be in generally good health and have realistic expectations for the treatment. As a non-surgical procedure, there is a larger pool of potential candidates. Your injector will evaluate you during a consultation to determine if Botox for platysmal bands is the right treatment for you.

Will Botox Help Slow Neck Aging?

Yes, Botox may help slow neck aging. While it is best combined with treatments for the skin, over time Botox weakens the muscles enough that they can become less prominent. This usually is not enough not to warrant future Botox treatment, but it may provide some longer lasting effects with regular treatment.

How Much Is Platysmal Band Botox?

At Seattle Plastic Surgery, the cost of Botox depends on the number of units you need and the provider you choose. You can find our full Botox pricing on our price list, but the basic, starting prices are as follows:

  • 20 Units with Nurse: $199
  • 30 Units with Nurse: $269
  • 20 Units with Injector: $219
  • 30 Units with Injector: $299

We do work with Allē Rewards. Beyond that, Seattle Plastic Surgery works with Care Credit and United Medical Credit to provide outside financing for any and all of your desired aesthetic procedures. You can find out more about financing options on our financing page.

I’m 50 and went for my first time to get some injections done and received the most amazing bedside manner, compassionate advice and gentle treatment. I left feeling AMAZING and so well taken care of. I highly recommend them for any self-care service you might want or need. My husband and I are both so impressed with them we are planning to book all of our spa services there going forward. I can’t wait to get my next treatment!


I've been here several times for Botox, and my most recent experience with Dr Khezri was fantastic. Not only did he thoroughly explain the differences of Botox and Dysport before injection, he was personable, professional, and efficient. It has been one week and my face looks amazing.


This is the best place I’ve got to for Botox. Great service and fantastic results.


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Seattle Plastic Surgery is a leading plastic surgery clinic and medical spa located in Seattle, WA. Providing top quality surgical and non-surgical services, the providers at Seattle Plastic Surgery work to individualize each procedure to fit the patient and their goals. When it comes to treating platysmal bands, they will gauge the severity of your banding and alter their approach based on their examination. Seattle Plastic Surgery offers the best Botox for platysmal bands Seattle and Tacoma perform.

The injectors at Seattle Plastic Surgery come from a variety of backgrounds and include a mix of aesthetic medicine physicians, physician assistants, registered nurses, and our plastic surgeons. All have undergone training under our plastic surgeons who have decades of extensive experience in Botox and fillers.

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