Brazilian Butt Lift for Vancouver, BC residents

Weight loss, childbirth, aging and other circumstances can leave many individuals with a less than desirable derrière. Unfortunately, genetics can also leave many people with a saggy, small and flat rear end. Furthermore, the butt can lack balance and proportion, and simply leave a feeling of inadequacy. As a Vancouver, BC resident, you may be unhappy with your posterior for a number of reasons, while wondering how you can enhance your rear with no viable options in your area.

Thankfully, there is a safe and effective surgical procedure that will give you the round, ample, appealing and youthful shape you desire. With a quaint and quick drive of no more than three hours by car from your Vancouver home, you can have the posterior that you want.

So, for the healthy, proportionate, hearty-looking, and balanced backside you deserve, consider receiving a Brazilian Butt Lift from Seattle Plastic Surgery’s Dr. Craig Jonov.  Using the most advanced techniques coupled with uncompromised safety measures, Dr. Jonov will create a posterior that you can be confident with. Regardless of the reason you desire to alter your derrière, you can be assured of results that will exceed your expectations with Seattle’s Dr. Craig Jonov.

What the Brazilian Butt Lift Will Do?

The Brazilian Butt Lift is an intricate and layered surgical process involving the removal of excess fat deposits from unwanted areas of your body, helping to create a structure that is perky and desirable.

The Brazilian Butt Lift (also referred to as BBL) is becoming one of the most sought-after surgical procedures. Given the results achieved, many are inquiring about the BBL, having a successful and efficient surgery and then receiving a posterior that helps to achieve confidence and happiness.

The Brazilian Butt Lift has many advantages. For example, with your own fat cells easily integrated into the body, fears about post-surgical reactions or rejections can be abandoned. Your fat cells are utilized, instead of foreign chemicals or objects. This makes the BBL one of the safest surgeries.

Other benefits include:

  • A rounder, visible and healthy behind
  • Hips that are shapelier
  • A more defined and sculpted body
  • Natural and soft feeling results
  • Minimally invasive methods
  • Better-fitting clothes
  • Little down or recovery
  • A more proportionate and balanced look and feel of entire body
  • Dramatic, defined and long-lasting posterior enhancement

According  to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, there was over a 20% increase in BBL procedures from  2014 to 2015. The ASPS also deemed the Brazilian Butt Lift as “one of the fastest growing cosmetic surgical procedures…”

Questions About Brazilian Butt Lifts

Are Brazilian Butt Lifts Safe?

Dr. Jonov is proud to provide one of the safest BBL surgeries for Vancouver BC residents at his Plastic Surgery Center in Seattle. Your BBL will be performed in a state-of-the-art medical facility by Dr. Jonov, who is a board-certified cosmetic surgeon. The transfer of your own fat, is immensely safe, due to the fact that no foreign chemicals, substances or objects will be inserted. Your body will not reject something it has already manufactured.

What is the difference between a BBL and receiving butt implants?

Although both a Brazilian Butt Lift and a butt implant surgery enhance the profile, there are some notable differences between the two. A Brazilian Butt Lift enlarges the butt with fat transference. The use of your own fatty tissue is taken from one portion of your body and then inserted into the backside area. A butt implant procedure involves using silicone and inserting it into the posterior. A BBL is deemed as a safe alternative for gluteal enhancement for many reasons including:

  • Less risk of infection, due to your own fat being used to enhance your rear end and there being no chance of rejection from your body
  • The fat that is transferred into the posterior from a BBL can be shaped to look more natural and aesthetically pleasing.

With butt injections, there is a risk that the body may reject the silicone, given the fact that the substance is foreign to the body.

How much bigger will my new butt be, compared to my previous butt?

With each and every Brazilian Butt Lift case and surgery varying based upon the needs and structure of the patient, Dr. Jonov will create results that will be life-enhancing. He will evaluate your case using the following:

  • How large you desire your butt to be
  • The amount of fat able to be harvested for injection and more.

Each BBL is a unique case. With proficiency, a tremendous skill set and past success, Dr. Jonov will help you create a natural, balanced and beautiful butt.

Am I a good candidate for a Brazilian Butt Lift from Vancouver BC?

If you are in optimal health, then you are a great candidate for BBL surgery! Dr. Jonov’s ideal candidate is a non-smoker, and has an excess of fat that is able to be harvested, then consequently injected into the gluteal region.

What if I don’t have enough fat to harvest for a BBL?

Generally, a Brazilian Butt Lift involves liposuctioning a vast amount of fat from another portion of an individual’s body. Most of the time, the fat is extracted from a person’s thighs, flanks, abdomen or another part of the patient’s body. That fat is then injected into butt for roundness and additional volume. Sometimes, not everyone has enough fat to be harvested and then injected into the posterior. In these instances, Dr. Jonov will design an alternate and healthful plan to help you achieve the ample backside you want and deserve.

Why should I have my Brazilian Butt Lift performed by Dr. Jonov?

Not only is Dr. Craig Jonov a board-certified cosmetic surgeon, but he is one of the most sought-after surgeons on the west coast. Additionally, Dr. Jonov is board certified from the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery. He is also a member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery, the American Society of Liposuction Surgery, the American Medical Association and other credentialed medical organizations. With each and every procedure he performs, Dr. Jonov combines his proficiency, with the most innovative techniques, tools of his trade and the desires of each patient. Safety is paramount with Dr. Jonov; therefore, you can be assured of your well being each and every moment. Furthermore, all of your questions about your BBL will be answered, while all of your concerns respectfully addressed.

Dr. Jonov also uses ground-breaking techniques for BBL surgery including:

  • Custom cannulas to prevent injuries to blood vessels
  • Safe and effective injections that are located above the gluteal muscle and more.

Why travel from my home in Vancouver, BC to Seattle for my BBL?

As a Canadian citizen, you will be welcomed and respectfully received by Dr. Jonov and the medical professionals of Seattle Plastic Surgery. Whether you’re making the 2.5-hour drive, or choosing to fly, we can help with the arrangements of your excursion for your surgery! Furthermore, we can assist with comfortable and affordable accommodations. Seattle is one of the most progressive and affluent cities in the United States. So, not only will your BBL be performed in one of the country’s premier plastic surgery facilities, but you will be surrounded by rich and layered culture, fun and activities before you’re your BBL surgery.

How should I prepare for my Vancouver BC Brazilian Butt Lift?

Once you have decided to have a BBL with Dr. Jonov, we will begin helping you with your trip to Seattle Plastic Surgery. We can assist with hotel accommodations and helping you receive all of the assistance you need afterward.  During your consultation, we will discuss the particulars of your surgery and address any questions and concerns you may have. If there is a picture of a particular posterior you wish for us to see, bring it! At Seattle Plastic Surgery, we are committed to creating a beautiful shape, form and figure for you, using only the safest and most proven techniques. Furthermore, you will never feel hurried, rushed or pressured into anything. You’ll be treated with the warmth, privacy and the respect you deserve. Once your surgery date arrives, we will help to arrange your travel and recovery accommodations, follow-up visits, and then your return home to Vancouver.

How long will my recovery time be from my Seattle Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery?

After your BBL surgery, your projected time for a full recovery is one month. Depending on your specific circumstances and lifestyle, this time can be lengthened. Dr. Jonov will provide you with specific directives and instructions upon completion of your Seattle BBL. For your trip from Vancouver, BC to receive your Seattle Brazilian Butt Lift, it is recommended that you travel with a trusted family member and friend, who can provide the assistance you will need afterward.  While you make provisions to rest for three to four weeks, prepare to spend time away from work and normal activities. You will also need to spend time resting your glutes. This means you should not add any unnecessary pressure to your posterior. Your sleeping patterns will change temporarily during your recovery as well.

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