Lash Extensions

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Procedure Time: 1 - 2 Hrs

Recovery Time: None; 48 hours of modified routine

Lash Extensions Seattle & Tacoma

Every day people use makeup and beauty tools to create eyelashes that appear long, perfectly curled, and dark. Only within the last few decades have longer lasting lash solutions become widely available. One of these–and arguably the most popular–is eyelash extensions. This addresses all the major desires that people tend to have about their lashes: length, curl, and tint. Seattle Plastic Surgery performs the best lash extensions Seattle and Tacoma offers.

Enhancing Your Lashes With Eyelash Extensions

Lash extensions involve taking individual false lashes and adhering them to your natural eyelashes. This is a tedious process and one that can only be performed effectively by a professional. 

The lashes themselves are generally made of materials such as silk. However, in the past, and in some cases still today, they were made of mink, sable, or fox hair. Most synthetic lashes are designed to mimic these animal based lash extensions.

Eyelash extensions–especially the classic type which our master estheticians specialize in–tend to look natural. Even those with lighter colored lashes can get dark colored extensions. Though, they sometimes may need a lash tint for the best results.

Strip Lashes Or Lash Extensions?

Strip lashes are false lashes often applied with makeup and available in stores. They can be worn daily, but not slept in. They are somewhat similar to lash extensions in concept but are instead a more temporary solution. For some, they can be difficult to apply or maintain. Others find them cheaper and more convenient. Each can offer unique benefits that you should consider before opting for one or the other.

Strip lashes are temporary, can be placed in a few minutes, and offer specialty lashes not possible with lash extensions. They are great if you’re looking for lash extensions for a costume or event, but do not want something that lasts weeks. Overall, they do also have less risk to your natural lashes. This is because they are applied along the lash line.

Eyelash extensions are semi-permanent and completely customizable. They last on average between two and six weeks depending on aftercare, lifestyle, and growth cycle. For those who wear natural looking strip lashes every day, lash extensions can take multiple steps out of their routine.


Lash extensions come with many benefits. Your master esthetician will discuss your individual benefits during a consultation. Some of the benefits of lash extensions include:

  • Enhance length, volume, curl, and color of lashes
  • Accentuate the eyes
  • Mascara not needed
  • Can discontinue use of strip lashes
  • Removable
  • Viable with all lash lengths
  • Saves time on a daily basis
  • Unlikely to damage natural lashes
  • Requires little maintenance
  • Long lasting
  • Customizable
  • Complements a brow tint

Lash Lift vs. Lash Extensions

Another lash service often used to enhance the look of the lashes is a lash lift with tint. This service essentially temporarily perms and dyes the lashes. It lasts about the same amount of time as lash extensions. However, the entire procedure must be performed every time you want to refresh the look of your lashes. Let’s take a look at some of the other differences between a lash lift and lash extensions.

Lash Lift Lash Extensions
  • Takes under an hour
  • Enhances look using only your natural lash length
  • Lower maintenance
  • Does not work on short lashes
  • Can be performed with or without a tint
  • Less dramatic results
  • May be easier to perform on those with lighter lashes
  • Takes between one and two hours
  • Uses false lash extensions to enhance the eyes
  • Requires some daily maintenance to maintain and promote longevity
  • Sometimes a tint is helpful, but normally not needed
  • Wide range of results are achievable
  • Works on any lash length
  • Can be in-filled for consistent results

During your consultation, your master esthetician will discuss the different options and recommend the one best suited for your goals. Both a lash lift with or without a tint and extensions offer fantastic lash enhancement results.

Eyelash Extension Application From Start To Finish


As mentioned, before getting Seattle lash extensions at Seattle Plastic Surgery, you will meet with a master esthetician for a consultation. At this appointment, they will want to know your goals, aspects of your lifestyle, and medical history. This can help them determine if lash extensions will work based on your lifestyle and safe considering medical history.

If you and your master esthetician determine that eyelash extensions are a good fit for you, they will go on to detail the process. Most of the time, they will provide you with preparation instructions and price details. You can then schedule your eyelash extension appointment.

Preparing For Your Appointment

While not an overly medical procedure, for your safety and the efficacy of your lash extensions, your master esthetician will provide you with preparation guidelines. Some of the instructions before getting lash extensions may include:

  • Come to the appointment free of eye makeup (free of all makeup is ideal)
  • Take a shower beforehand
  • Remove contacts (wear glasses if needed)
  • Stop using waterproof mascara at least a few days prior to the appointment
  • Avoid oil based makeup, lotions, cleansers, sunscreens, and creams for 48 hours before
  • If you need/want a tint before, do it a day or two before
  • Schedule any facials, waxing, or skincare before your lashes
  • Avoid caffeine on the day of your appointment


On the day of your lash extension appointment, your master esthetician will start by cleansing the area gently. They will then use soft, paper tape to hold down the bottom lashes and position your upper eyelid. This offers optimal access to your lashes while the eye remains closed. Your master esthetician will then place cotton pads below each eye.

From there, they will begin isolating lashes and may also map out the lash pattern on the cotton pads. After isolating a lash, your master esthetician will dip one of the extensions into the adhesive and apply it. They will do both eyes at the same time. In addition, they will place the lashes in such a way that if you had to run out of the room, you would still have a somewhat natural look.

Applying all of the lash extensions takes between one and two hours. You should remain perfectly comfortable and not feel any discomfort or pain. Once all the lashes are attached, they will gently comb through them and remove the tape and cotton pads.


Lash extensions require care and maintenance to keep them for as long as possible. Most of the restrictions only apply for about 48 hours. Though, there are some daily things you will need to do to care for your extensions. Some of the aftercare includes:

  • Continuing to avoid waterproof mascara and oil based products
  • Avoid getting your face/lashes wet for 48 hours (this includes swimming, showering, sweating, and crying)
  • Do not rub, pick, or pull your lashes
  • Brush through your lashes daily
  • Clean your lashes frequently, especially after swimming or working out

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Lash Extensions Get Tangled?

Yes, lash extensions can become tangled or unruly when you sleep or during certain activities. This is easily remedied by combing through your lashes every day. Use a clean mascara wand and gently comb through the lashes.

Are They Permanent?

No, if left alone, eyelash extensions will eventually fall out according to your hair growth cycle. For most people, this is somewhere between four and six weeks. However, it can be as short as two. In-fills keep lashes looking full and voluminous. They are recommended every two to three weeks to prevent gaps and keep lashes looking their best.

Are There Any Risks?

While few, there are some risks associated with eyelash extensions. During your consultation, your master esthetician will review them in-depth. Before evaluating whether or not you are a low risk candidate. Some of the possible risks and complications can include:

  • Infection
  • Allergic reaction
  • Chemical burn
  • Injury to the eye
  • Damage to natural lashes

How Do I Fill In Gaps As The Extensions Fall Out?

If you’ve missed an in-fill or simply are letting the extensions fall out, you can fill in gaps with mascara as needed. However, lash extensions can be in-filled or removed at any time if major gaps are present.

What Is The Cost Of Lash Extensions?

Lash extensions at Seattle Plastic Surgery start at $250 for a full set. In-fills vary in price based on the week you get the fill and the condition of the lashes. After 30 days, lash extensions will be $250. Lash extension removal starts at $40. You can find full pricing and more information on our price list.

Volumize Your Lashes With The Best Lash Extensions In Seattle & Tacoma

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