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Brow Lift

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Procedure Time: 1 hr

Recovery Time: 7-10 days

BROW LIFT –  With Dr. David Santos

Sometimes as we age, our skin can shift and make us look constantly tired and angry. For some patients, Botox or similar products may address these issues. But, for older patients or those with more extensive facial sagging, a Seattle brow lift surgery may be the solution to getting rid of wrinkles and sagging skin at and around the brows. Seattle plastic surgeon, Dr. Santos offers brow lifts to Seattle and Tacoma area patients.

What Are The Different Types of Seattle Brow Lift?

There are various different types of brow lift that range in technique and invasiveness. Dr. Santos can advise you on the correct type of brow lift for you and your needs.

Endoscopic: An endoscopic brow lift is among the less invasive of brow lift methods. Using an endoscope camera, it guides Dr. Santos during surgery as he tightens the skin and muscle to create a smoother appearance. 

Subcutaneous Browpexy: This technique is slightly more invasive than an endoscopic brow lift, but is often ideal for patients who need a more extensive procedure. This method specifically targets the lateral one-third of the brow.

Direct: A direct brow lift is typically performed on men with male pattern baldness and involves a direct lifting of the brow.

Trans-blepharoplasty: This type of brow surgery is commonly performed in conjunction with an upper blepharoplasty procedure. During this surgery, Dr. Santos repositions and tightens the brow through a lower incision in the crease of the upper eyelid.

What is a brow lift?

A brow lift is a facial cosmetic surgery that focuses on the forehead and eyebrow area. This procedure targets wrinkles, sagging skin, eyebrow drooping, and increased skin laxity in the area. The eyebrows are imperative to framing the face, so a brow lift can offer dramatic results that take years off your appearance and restore a lively look to the face. 

Dr. Santos performs brow lifts as an outpatient procedure and often under local anesthesia over general. While already a safe surgery, Dr. Santos works to perform the safest possible surgery for you and your particular needs.

Brow lift surgery may be the solution to getting rid of wrinkles and sagging skin at and around the brows.

Most Surgeons Require General Anesthesia, Dr. Santos is so Skilled at Facial Procedures He is Able To Perform Under Local Anesthesia, reducing Patient Risk and Cost

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    The method Dr. Santos will use during your Tacoma brow lift will depend on the type of brow lift and your particular needs. All brow lifts (with the exception of a trans-blepharoplasty brow lift where the incision is in the crease of the upper eyelids), utilize incisions at or above the hairline. Through these incisions, Dr. Santos lifts and tightens the skin and muscles of the brow and forehead. He may also remove excess skin and fat. Once he finishes surgery, Dr. Santos will carefully stitch up the incisions to minimize and hide scarring. 

    The method and technique Dr. Santos will use for your brow lift in Tacoma will depend on your reasoning for seeking the procedure, your anatomy, and your desired outcome. Dr. Santos can recommend the method that best suits you.

    Possible Risks Of Brow Lift Surgery: 

    All surgical procedures–cosmetic or not–come with some risk. Risks and complications from brow lift surgery are rare, especially when performed by a double-board certified facial plastic surgeon like Dr. Santos. You can also reduce risk by giving Dr. Santos a comprehensive medical history and understanding of your lifestyle. Ensuring you are a good candidate can help Dr. Santos perform the lowest risk surgery possible. 

    Risks and complications–while rare in a healthy patient–can include:

    • Hair loss
    • Unwanted scarring
    • Loss of sensation at the incision site
    • Nerve damage
    • Paralysis of the brow

    Seattle Plastic Surgery encourages discussing these and other risks with Dr. Santos at your consultation, so you can work together to create a custom surgery plan that addresses all of your needs, while also keeping any risk to a minimum.

    How Does Local Anesthesia Contribute To A Safer Surgery? 

    Dr. Santos was among the first cosmetic surgeon to use local anesthesia in combination with an oral sedative for his facial plastic surgery procedures. Under local anesthesia, you are not completely sedated, but perfectly comfortable. With a light oral sedative, while not unconscious, you are not fully awake either.

    Utilizing local anesthesia instead of general anesthesia reduces the chance of side effects and risks associated with general. For high risk patients, local anesthesia reduces the risk of complications from surgery and can help you feel better coming out of your Seattle brow lift.

    What Causes The Need For A Brow Surgery?

    Your reasoning for seeking a brow lift is unique and personal. Often, patients come to Dr. Santos with concerns about the effects of aging on their forehead and brow. There are many diverse reasons to seek a brow lift in Seattle including: 

    • Vision problems caused by eyebrow drooping
    • Laxity of the brow
    • Wrinkles on the forehead
    • Droopiness of eyebrows or forehead skin
    • Eyebrow malposition
    • Tired or angry appearance

    Master of the craft

    Dr. Santos helped pioneer the use of local anesthesia as a way to reduce risk during facial cosmetic surgeries.

    A Before and after picture of a patient who received a Brow Lift plastic surgery treatment


    The best Seattle brow lift candidates are patients with facial issues that solvable with a brow lift who have realistic expectations for the procedure. Candidates also ideally do not smoke and are in generally good health. 

    Unmanaged or significant medical problems may complicate your surgery. Dr. Santos may determine that a brow surgery is not right for you if you have a health problem that would make the surgery unsafe or cause you dissatisfaction with the end result.

    Additionally, those who have had recently had a brow tint should discontinue it at least a month before and a few months after surgery. A consultation with Dr. Santos is the best way to know if a brow lift is a possibility for you. 


    Dr. Santos is a facial plastic surgeon who is board-certified by the American Board of Otolaryngology and the American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. He has over two decades of experience performing facial plastic surgeries. 

    He is known as an educator in his field and continues to learn himself–always refining and improving his techniques. As mentioned before, Dr. Santos helped pioneer the use of local anesthesia as a way to reduce risk during facial cosmetic surgeries.

    Dr. Santos is among the best Seattle facial plastic surgeons. His patient-focused care and long lasting results define his career as a facial cosmetic surgeon. Dr. Santos will cater your brow lift to you, your anatomy, and your needs, so you can enjoy the best possible results with the least invasive surgery methods.


    Recovery after a brow lift in Seattle will vary from person to person and depending on the type of brow lift Dr. Santos performs. 

    In most cases, patients takes between 7 and 10 days off work and two weeks avoiding exercise and other type of exertional activities. Staying in contact with Dr. Santos will allow you to know when you can safely return to work and all of your daily activities.

    Patients can often function at home the day after the procedure, but you will still need to take it easy and wear your forehead wrap as Dr. Santos directs. Bruising and swelling is normal and should reduce enough that you can use makeup to cover it after a week or so. 

    How Can I Help My Recovery?

    To prevent blood clots, Dr. Santos recommends avoiding ibuprofen and other aspirin related painkillers. It is also important to walk around every day to promote circulation, but you should not perform your typical exercise routine or anything more than walking around your house for the first two weeks or until Dr. Santos okays it.

    Other ways you can help along your Seattle brow lift recovery are to apply cold compresses to the forehead and eye areas for the first two days and to elevate your pillow as Dr. Santos directs. 


    A brow lift with Dr. Santos at Seattle Plastic Surgery under local anesthesia costs $3995 and under general costs $4995. You can find more pricing information on our pricing page. Additionally, we detail financing options on our financing page.

    In A Consultation At Seattle Plastic Surgery:

    Seattle Plastic Surgery–located across from Swedish Hospital on Capitol Hill–offers a welcoming and warm environment for every appointment. From the consultation to the post-op, you will always feel comfortable and safe at the Seattle Plastic Surgery office.

    When you come in for a consultation with Dr. Santos, he will ask for you medical history and discuss your reasoning for seeking a brow lift. After a lengthy discussion, Dr. Santos will examine your forehead and brow area to determine if you are a good candidate for a brow lift. He can also recommend other procedures that may benefit you and the best surgical method for your needs. 

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