Botox For Trapezius Seattle & Tacoma 

We all have some degree of muscular tension in our neck or shoulders. Stress, poor posture, long work days, or strenuous exercise can create unwanted knots and inflammation in the trapezius area. For many people, this can lead to chronic headaches, stiffness in the shoulders or neck, and pain from the neck down to the upper back. The tension and inflammation can also cause the neck muscles to gain mass and appear large. Botox for Trapezius is a new technique to decrease trapezius muscle tension, pain, and size. For patients in Seattle, this technique can alleviate many issues throughout the neck, shoulders, and upper back. Seattle Plastic Surgery now offers this incredible treatment for all patients in Seattle and Tacoma. 

Understanding TrapTox 

Botox for trapezius, called TrapTox, utilizes Botox injections to relax the trapezius muscles. The trapezius muscles are the muscles in the body’s neck, shoulder, and upper back region and are frequently engaged throughout the day. The muscles form a diamond-like shape, beginning at the top of the neck, spreading throughout the shoulders, and tapering off at the upper back. They are susceptible to holding tension, inflammation, knots, and spasms. 

TrapTox uses the botulinum toxin in Botox to force the muscles to rest. The neurotoxin allows the muscles to release spasms, knots, or tension through the trapezius muscles. This decreases the pain of Botox for trapezius patients in Seattle may feel.

Alleviating Neck and Shoulder Tightness 

The neurotoxin found in Botox temporarily paralyzes the trapezius muscles, causing inflammation and tension to fade. It also allows the muscles room to rest and release knots or pressure build up in the shoulders. TrapTox Seattle patients can find relief from things such as: 

  • Chronic tension headaches 
  • Neck and shoulder stiffness 
  • Knots in the shoulders 
  • Tension in the shoulders or upper back 
  • Neck soreness 

Slimming The Neck and Shoulders 

Some Seattle TrapTox patients want to reduce the size of the neck and shoulder muscles. Botox for trapezius creates a slender, feminine neck and shoulder frame. By reducing the muscular ability in the trapezius muscles, they can relax and decrease in size and mass. This leads to a beautifully contoured shoulder line and neck. Traptox can also help create a beautiful collarbone line, giving patients a well-defined decolletage. Cosmetic benefits include: 

  • Better posture 
  • Sculpts an elegant neckline 
  • Slims the neck 
  • Lasting results 
  • Performed by one of the Best Tacoma cosmetic surgeons 

Botox For Trapezius Seattle Treatment

Botox for trapezius in Seattle doesn’t have to be a complex process. Patients deserve relief from stress, tension, and pain in their neck and shoulders. That’s why Seattle Plastic Surgery has created a streamlined process for all of their TrapTox patients. 

The Consultation    

The providers at Seattle Plastic Surgery will need a consultation with every patient before the TrapTox treatment. This consultation ensures the patient is safe to receive the treatment and understands the patient’s goals and needs. Typically, the consultation and treatment can be done on the same day.  

The Treatment 

After the consultation, the provider will administer the Botox injections quickly. The entire treatment process takes around five minutes to perform. Here is the standard breakdown of the injections for Seattle TrapTox: 

  • 40 units of Botox for the entire treatment 
  • 20 units administered per side 
  • Botox units can be upped to 60 (30 per side) if needed 

Seattle Plastic Surgery can customize each patient’s Botox for Trapezius treatment plan. Some patients’ medical or aesthetic goals may require more units of Botox, while others may require less. The providers work with every patient to find a treatment plan that works for them. 

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What Creates Tension In The Trapezius Muscles? 

    The cause of trapezius tension varies from patient to patient. Daily life activities, strenuous exercise, heavy lifting, poor posture, and remaining hunched over a desk can all create neck, shoulders, and upper back inflammation. Whatever the cause, trapezius tightness can create discomfort for TrapTox Seattle patients.

    What Does TrapTox In Seattle Cost? 

    For the standard 40 units of Botox injected during a Botox for Trapezius treatment, the price is $439 in total. The price can vary depending on the treatment plan and if more or fewer units of Botox are needed. 

    Are There Any Risks of Botox For Trapezius Seattle? 

    There are inherent risks that come with any cosmetic treatment, but the risks and side effects associated with TrapTox are minimal and rare. Swelling and bruising around the injection site are expected and fade within a few days. Other risks, such as muscle weakness, headaches, and nausea, are less common but typically reduce after the first week of treatment.

    Does TrapTox Hurt? 

    All Botox injections come with a certain level of irritation. Botox for trapezius creates a quick prickle sensation as the injection is inserted. After that, the pain is minimal and barely felt. The provider can always use a numbing cream for patients worried about discomfort. 

    Do I Need To Prepare for My TrapTox Treatment? 

    While there is no significant prepping a patient needs to perform before treatment, the providers suggest a few recommendations to produce the best results. These include: 

    • Keeping the muscles as relaxed as possible before and after the treatment 
    • Refrain from exercise two hours before the injections 
    • Refrain from exercise for the rest of the day after treatment 
    • Avoid alcohol at least a week before treatment 
    • Avoid blood thinning medication (like aspirin) at least a week before treatment

    When Will I See Seattle Botox for Trapezius Results? 

    It takes around a whole week to ten days for the results of TrapTox to take effect. During this week, the muscles will respond to the botulinum toxin, relax, and lose their tightness. Once the results take full effect, the muscles will feel loose, and any inflammation will be significantly reduced. Muscle mass will also begin to decrease, and a slender neck will begin to take shape. 

    How Often Will I Need TrapTox Treatment? 

    The injectors at Seattle Plastic Surgery recommend patients schedule a follow-up TrapTox treatment every four months to stay on top of their shoulder and neck tension. However, if a patient wishes to space the treatment out further, can schedule their follow-up appointment every six to eight months. Ultimately, patients can wait until they feel the tightness and tension return before scheduling another treatment. However, the effects will begin to fade slowly, so it’s recommended to schedule the subsequent treatment before the effects disappear entirely.

    What Are Other Patient’s Saying? 

    Botox for trapezius in Seattle patients are loving the new treatment Seattle Plastic Surgery offers. One patient raves, “I absolutely love my results. The providers and the rest of the staff are super friendly. Seattle Plastic Surgery is the only place I’ll go for Botox injections in WA.” 

    For patients in Seattle, there is no better TrapTox treatment than Seattle Plastic Surgery. 

    The Leading Botox For Trapezius in Seattle 

    Dr. Craig Jonov leads his team at Seattle Plastic Surgery with decades of experience and a dedication to all Seattle patients. With new treatments such as TrapTox, patients must go to a professional clinic that understands the delicate nature of Botox. Seattle Plastic Surgery excels in understanding the ins and outs of Botox and provides some of the best TrapTox treatments for all Seattle patients. 


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