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A smoother, hourglass figure is often considered the ideal physique for the modern woman. To achieve this, women sometimes seek out cosmetic procedures to address a variety of factors that may not align with their idea of the perfect body. One of the most common problems areas women express concern with is hip dips, also called violin hips. There are a few treatment options, but among the most popular and effective is fat transfer. Dr. Craig Jonov at Seattle Plastic Surgery performs the best hip dip fat transfer Seattle and Tacoma offer.

Overview: Fat Transfer Surgery

Fat transfer surgery essentially involves removing fat from one area of the body and injecting it into another. It forgoes the use of implants and materials foreign to the body. This does reduce the chance of several risks or complications. However, depending on the desired amount of augmentation and the area, implants are sometimes recommended. Fat normally only achieves mild to moderate results. Though, they are among the most natural looking and feeling. 

When it comes to hip dips, fat transfer is a fantastic option because the area is relatively small enough to ensure that fat will offer adequate results. Rarely do patients have to undergo an additional fat transfer to see the results they want. Also, there is not really an effective or safe implant option for the area. Fat or dermal fillers are the best treatments when it comes to filling in the hip dips.

Possible Fat Transfer Areas

Plastic surgeons perform fat transfer procedures on multiple areas of the body. Though, some are more popular than others, fat transfer is not a well know solution to many commonly expressed cosmetic concerns. Places where Dr. Jonov can transfer fat include:

  • Cheeks
  • Temples
  • Lips
  • Breasts
  • Chest
  • Buttocks
  • Hips
  • Thighs

In singular cases, Dr. Jonov may recommend a fat transfer surgery to treat certain types of scars, address congenital or developed deformities, or treat the effects of a major injury. This will all depend on your needs and particulars of the area and concern you want to treat. Fat transfer is increasingly used in reconstructive procedures.


Patients looking for a solution to their hip dips often find several benefits in fat transfer to the hips. The surgery is also often combined with a Brazilian butt lift to further round out the buttocks and contour the shape of the body. Regardless of the extent of your procedure, some of the advantages and benefits of hip dip surgery include:

  • Disguise the appearance of hip dips
  • Smoother transition from hips to buttocks
  • Create an hourglass figure
  • Fuller buttock appearance
  • Enhancement of liposuction areas
  • Removal of unneeded fat
  • Effective for patients of many sizes
  • Minimally invasive liposuction
  • Use of patient’s fat reduces the risk of allergic reaction and rejection
  • Natural looking and feeling results
  • Little to no scarring
  • Combinable with other surgeries such as mommy makeover, BBL, and fat transfer to the breasts
  • Low risk and effective
  • Long lasting, if not permanent, results
  • Performed by an experienced plastic surgeon who specializes in body contouring

Before & After

A Before and After photo of a Non-Surgical Brazilian Butt Lift by Dr. Craig Jonov in Seattle and Tacoma

Before & After

A Before and After photo of a Brazilian Butt Lift Plastic Surgery by Dr. Craig Jonov in Seattle and Tacoma

Hip Dip Fat Transfer From Start To Finish

Consultation With Dr. Jonov

At a consultation with Dr. Craig Jonov at Seattle Plastic Surgery, he will determine if you are a good candidate for hip dip fat transfer. To begin, you and Dr. Jonov will discuss your procedures of interest and aesthetic goals. He will also review your medical history and the medications you take. Finally, Dr. Jonov may examine the hip area and possible fat donor areas. After evaluating all of these factors, he will decide if you are a good candidate for hip dip surgery.

If Dr. Jonov determines you are an ideal candidate, he will describe the procedure in detail and the expected results. He may also make further recommendations based on your goals and anatomy. Before you leave the appointment, you will receive a finalized price quote and financing information.

Fat Transfer Surgery

When you first come to Seattle Plastic Surgery, the surgical team will begin preparing you for surgery. During this process, you will meet with Dr. Jonov who will review the surgical plan and may make markings. From there, a licensed anesthesia provider will place you under general anesthesia.

Dr. Jonov will start with liposuction. This uses tiny incisions to insert the liposuction cannula and remove unneeded fat. He will repeat this process across all of the pre-determined fat harvesting areas. 

Once he has enough fat to transfer to the hip dips, he will then purify the fat of blood and use a small cannula to inject the fat into the hip dips. After achieving your desired results, you will slowly begin to wake up.


Recovering after a fat transfer to the hip dips is less intensive than other fat transfer procedures like a BBL, but does involve a traditional surgical recovery. You may need one to two weeks off work depending on the physicality of your job. Other instructions that Dr. Jonov may give you can include:

  • Take prescribed medications to prevent infection and side effects
  • Avoid sleeping on areas where the fat transfer occurred
  • Refrain from strenuous exercise beyond walking and some daily activities for around two weeks
  • Wear your compression garments at the liposuction sites
  • If okayed by Dr. Jonov, some light exercise can begin at around two weeks
  • Expect bruising, swelling, and some post-operative pain
  • Do not smoke or drink
  • Attend all post-operative appointments
  • Avoid salty foods as this can prolong swelling
  • Drink plenty of water and eat well once nausea subsides

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Hip Dips Bad?

No, humans have hip dips due to their pelvis sitting above their thigh bones. This bone structure is more prominent in some people than others. Women are more likely to have hip dips because their hip bones are wider, but men can also have hip dips. They are perfectly natural and humans have always had them. It is simply something beauty standards have come to devalue. 

There is nothing wrong with having hip dips. If they are especially prominent or bother a patient, filling them is safe. For the average person, who does not have strong feelings, there is no reason to address hip dips unless they choose to themselves.

Will All Of The Transferred Fat Take?

It is expected that between 50% and 80% of the transferred fat will successfully create a healthy blood supply. The rest will simply be metabolized by the body. Therefore, to account for this, Dr. Jonov may initially overfill the area. However, this will even out throughout the healing process.

Can Liposuction Alone Fix Hip Dips?

For people with certain body types and bone structures, liposuction alone may correct their hip dips. However, this is not true for every patient and is evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

How Much Fat Do You Need For Transfer?

It depends on your anatomy. On average, if only filling the hip dips, it takes less fat than a BBL or breast fat transfer. It can be as little as 200cc or 300cc per hip to over 600cc per hip. This is better determined by Dr. Jonov when he can examine your specific bone structure, body type, and amount of fat.

Additionally, not all of the fat removed needs to be transferred. It is easy to add liposuction areas that are not necessary for the fat transfer itself. This is up to you and you can discuss this with Dr. Jonov. However, oftentimes, more fat than necessary is removed during a fat transfer procedure.

Does Fat Grafting Leave Scars?

Any scarring is minimal and hidden. Liposuction and fat transfer require only small incisions often much less than an inch wide. Therefore, while there is a possibility for scarring, most patients experience little to no scarring following a hip dip fat transfer.

If you are prone to scarring, discuss this with Dr. Jonov as he will customize the procedure and aftercare to address this. It does not necessarily disqualify you from undergoing the procedure. Seattle Plastic Surgery also offers a revolutionary scar system known as Scar Protocol that helps reduce and prevent scarring.

The Best Hip Dip Surgery In Seattle With Dr. Craig Jonov

Seattle Plastic Surgery is located in First Hill, the medical hub of Seattle. Having served the Pacific Northwest for over twenty years, Seattle Plastic Surgery offers a variety of plastic surgeries, injectables, professional skincare, and brow services. Seattle Plastic Surgery provides the top hip dip fat transfer Seattle and Tacoma offer.

Dr. Craig Jonov is a renowned plastic surgeon with decades of experience. He performs all types of Brazilian butt lifts including surgical and non-surgical BBLs. Dr. Jonov personalizes the surgery to each patient’s needs and anatomy. Performing among the most Brazilian butt lift and fat transfer surgeries in Washington State, Dr. Jonov is one of the best Seattle plastic surgeons.

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