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(includes a medication, necessary supplies, diet & exercise plan, and the consultation and monthly follow up appointments)

Semaglutide Tablets


(includes medication, necessary supplies, diet & exercise plan, and the consultation and monthly follow up appointments)

Semaglutide Puyallup (Ozempic & Wegovy)

Weight loss is never easy, and in the days of crash diets, intense exercise, and endless solutions, losing weight can feel impossibly complicated. On top of this, most fad diets, weight loss programs, or intense training plans fail to consider a person’s individual needs. The bottom line is that every metabolism and body responds to diet and exercise differently. No diet or workout sheds weight for every person at the same rate, with the same results. In fact, many people struggle to lose weight through these standard methods and quickly tire of the bland food and prolonged workout routines. 

Semaglutide Puyallup is a weight loss prescription aid. By utilizing the internal mechanisms of the human body and the food response hormones, semaglutide is one of the most successful weight loss medications on the market. Seattle Plastic Surgery provides this medication with customized weight loss plans so patients can ditch their boiled chicken and actually achieve their goals. 

How Does Semaglutide Work? 

The body has a hormone that responds to the food it ingests. While eating, this hormone talks to the brain, letting it know when we are hungry and have enough to eat. Semaglutide works as a clone of that hormone, known as the GLP-1 receptor, to satisfy the stomach faster. This prevents patients from overeating or indulging in unhealthy snacking. Additionally, semaglutide Puyallup stalls the process of digestion, keeping a person from cravings or unnecessary hunger. 

In addition to its GLP-1 hormone-mimicking ability, semaglutide raises insulin production and levels out blood sugar levels. By regulating insulin and blood sugar, patients are less likely to face severe health conditions like a heart attack or stroke. 

Finally, when taking semaglutide, patients can quickly develop a healthy diet. The medication alters the part of the brain that can develop severe cravings for the chemicals found in junk food. By adjusting this area, patients find that they no longer want the foods they used to and often develop a nutritional diet in their everyday lives.

Ozempic vs. Wegovy

There are two semaglutide medications on the market: Ozempic and Wegovy. The truth is that there isn’t a vs. between the two medications, as they work the same and both produce high-quality results. Ozempic was the first semaglutide medication, but it was only approved to help those with type 2 diabetes regulate their insulin and blood sugar levels. The medication was so successful for not only treating type 2 diabetes but also treating obesity that it was eventually approved as a weight loss Puyallup medication. Wegovy was introduced after Ozempic and is strictly for weight loss. Both prescriptions are available for patients seeking to lose weight and achieve their health goals.

Benefits of Semaglutide

For patients looking for stable weight loss Puyallup solutions, semaglutide has numerous benefits, providing sustainable body weight. These benefits can include: 

  • Long-lasting and reliable weight loss 
  • Loss of constant thoughts and cravings for unhealthy food 
  • Reduced risk of severe health complications 
  • Combats overeating 
  • Increased production of insulin 
  • Stabilizes blood sugar 
  • Encourages healthy eating 
  • Ability to workout with ease 
  • Encourages movement and mobility 
  • Improved outlook on self-image and worth 
  • Options for prescription administration 
  • Used as a long-term solution 

Seattle Plastic Surgery knows that semaglutide can be a life-altering treatment for many patients, so the providers have created a sustainable program to help patients reclaim their health and, therefore, their lives.

Semaglutide Risks 

While certain risks and side effects are associated with Ozempic and Wegovy, it’s important to note that they are rare. However, these risks can include: 

  • Chance of certain cancers (specifically thyroid cancer) 
  • Chance of pancreatitis occurring 
  • Blood sugar levels suddenly drop too low 
  • Nausea 
  • Fatigue 
  • Issues when using the bathroom 
  • Indigestion or heartburn 

The providers at Seattle Plastic Surgery have various ways to combat the side effects and require in-depth information about the patient to ensure they can safely begin treatment. 

Puyallup Weight Loss Program 

For semaglutide, Puyallup patients have no BMI weight requirement to qualify for the weight loss program. Instead, the providers at Seattle Plastic Surgery prescribe the medication based on the individual. They understand that weight loss differs for everyone and want to help patients achieve their ideal health. 

First, patients will attend a consultation with an experienced provider. Patients can attend this consultation in person or over a video meeting. The provider will need the patient’s medical history and any important family medical history. Additionally, they will take the patient’s starting weight and ask about any current and prior medications. 

After the consultation, the provider will prescribe the starting dose of semaglutide. Generally, the patient starts on a low dose, and the medication is adjusted during the following months. They will also have the choice of either injection or tablet semaglutide. The provider will create a custom nutrition and exercise plan to help the patient find their perfect, sustainable weight loss. 

Once the patient has begun the weight loss Puyallup program, they will start the monthly check-ins. During these check-ins, the provider can help adjust the dose of either Ozempic or Wegovy to accommodate the patient’s progress and side effects. They can also give the patient a vitamin B complex to prevent nausea or fatigue accompanying semglutide treatment.

Tablet vs. Injection 

There is no variation in quality between semaglutide injections and tablets. Seattle Plastic Surgery offers both to accommodate the patient’s schedules and lifestyles. The differences are found in the dosage frequency and the cost of semaglutide.

  • Tablet – taken daily and is $700 for one month’s supply 
  • Injection – administered once a week and is $575 for one month’s supply, including supplies 

Additionally, patients will receive self-administration training before beginning treatment if they decide on the injection option. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Do I Feel Exhausted On Semaglutide?

Initially, semaglutide may cause the side effect of fatigue. This generally improves in a few weeks. Patients should focus on keeping a good sleep schedule and getting enough sleep. Not only can this aid in weight loss efforts, but it can also dull the

Is Semaglutide Avaliable in Puyallup? 

Semaglutide weight loss Puyallup is available to patients at Seattle Plastic Surgery. The providers offer both Ozempic and Wegovy with a weight loss program that enables patients to find the best results. Seattle Plastic Surgery produces the top strategies and medications for those seeking permanent weight loss solutions in Puyallup.

The monthly cost of treatment includes the medication, necessary supplies, monthly in-person or virtual visits, and 24/7 on-call doctors

How Much Weight Can You Lose In A Month With Ozempic? 

The amount a patient can lose on semaglutide medications like Ozempic relies on the patient’s body response, metabolism, and lifestyle. However, reports show that semaglutide Puyallup patients can lose up to 3-5% of their body weight after a month of taking Ozempic. However, patients who used diet and exercise with Ozempic had the highest weight loss percentage. 

Does Ozempic Make You Tired? 

Semaglutide medication tends to cause fatigue during the beginning stages of the treatment. However, the fatigue generally lasts for a few weeks while the body adjusts to the new elements in the prescription. After this period, patients can see a higher level of energy than they had before taking semaglutide.

The Best Semaglutide for Weight Loss in Puyallup 

Seattle Plastic Surgery proudly offers the top semaglutide weight loss program in Puyallup. The providers don’t just prescribe the medication; they take time to find a lifestyle program to help patients achieve their goals. They go out of their way to provide monthly check-ins to ensure the patient’s success. Seattle Plastic Surgery has the most extensive and sustainable weight loss Puyallup program. 

To learn more and schedule a consultation, call us at 206-324-1120. Patients can also reach out online through chat, contact form, or Price Simulator.


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