Our wonderful and experienced nurses offer services at less cost than Dr. services. Give us a call to schedule an appt with one of our nurses and save today. 206-324-1120

staff lynda

Lynda Borge-Jouini

Director of Aesthetics

staff gyna

Gyna Huynh

Lead Registered Nurse

staff angela

Angela Turingan

Lead Registered Nurse

staff haley

Haley Rowe

Registered Nurse

Available Services

  • Restalyne-L with Nurse $389
  • Restylane-Silk with Nurse $525
  • Restalyne-Lyft with Nurse $525
  • Juvederm Ultra with Nurse $525
  • Juvederm Ultra Plus with Nurse $550
  • Juvederm Voluma with Nurse $850
  • Radiesse 1.5mL with Nurse $800
  • Sculptra (Each Vial) with Nurse $700
  • Kybella (Each Vial) with Nurse $530
  • Botox 20 Units $179
  • Dysport 60 Units $175

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