Get Ready for Summer with these Mommy Makeover Procedures

If you are still struggling to get your pre-pregnancy figure back and want to be more confident in a swimsuit this summer, talk to Dr. Jonov about a mommy makeover. Dr. Jonov can target several common problem areas many mothers deal with after one or multiple pregnancies. A mommy makeover can work to reshape your body so you can achieve your ideal figure and feel comfortable in all the clothes you love to wear. Continue Reading

Get a Flatter Stomach with a Tummy Tuck in Seattle, WA

 No matter how many crunches you do or how good your diet is, you may still have a flabby stomach or a tummy pooch. Many men and women who have lost a significant amount of weight over their lifetime and women who have undergone multiple pregnancies cannot achieve a flat stomach with diet and exercise alone. Extra skin and stretched abdominal muscles can create the appearance of a rounded belly and this could be making you feel self-conscious about your appearance. A tummy tuck in Seattle WA will give you that flat stomach you’ve always wanted. Continue Reading

Get a Summer-Ready Body with these Seattle Plastic Surgery Procedures

 If you’re planning to spend some time at Alki Beach or any other number of popular Seattle summer spots as the sun comes out, make sure your body is ready for bikini and bathing suit season with the right plastic surgery procedure. Seattle cosmetic surgeon Dr. Jonov offers several body procedures in Seattle that can enhance your silhouette and help you feel more confident as you walk along the beach or boardwalk in your bikini or board shorts! Continue Reading

Female Celebrities Help Inspire US Women to Get Arm Liposuction

women inspired obama arms

The recent surge in arm lift and liposuction procedures may have been strongly impacted by female celebrities, according to a recent poll.

This poll, which was conducted by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, was recently discussed in a Los Angeles Times article. The much-talked about arm lift trend, which has caused arm lifts and liposuction to increase by 4000% in the past decade, has led many to look for possible causes of this trend. The ASPS report states that one cause may be that women “are paying closer attention to the arms of female celebrities.”

Jennifer Aniston, Kelly Ripa, Demi Moore Are Also Arm Inspiration

While Michelle Obama may have been deeply inspirational to the women of the past few years, the other celebrities listed in the poll likely had a greater impact in the first half of the decade, before the 2008 election. These women include Jennifer Aniston, Demi Moore and Kelly Ripa.

Many women are not able to achieve the arms they want through exercise and diet alone. According to Dr. David Reath, who serves as the chair of the ASPS Public Education Committee, “We are genetically programmed to have different accumulations of fat in different areas, and for some women the arms can be a problem area.”

These fat areas may often be treated through highly targeted and minimally invasive liposuction procedures. However, when the skin lacks its former elasticity, or there is too much arm tissue present, the excess skin must be surgically removed through a process known as an arm lift, or brachioplasty.

In an arm lift, an incision is made between the elbow and the armpit, with the length varying based on the amount of skin being removed. Excess skin and tissue are removed, giving the upper arm a sleeker, more toned appearance, and allowing it to more fully reflect other exercise and muscle-building activity. Other common body procedures which target these types of deposits include thigh lifts, tummy tucks and buttocks lifts.

Photo by dbking on Flickr.

New Thigh Gap Trend Boosting Popularity of Liposuction & Thigh Lifts

A current online trend may be contributing to leg cosmetic surgery procedures, according to the Daily Mail. This craze involves the quest for a space between the upper legs, known as a “thigh gap.” Although women throughout history have always pursued the perfect legs, the level of devotion which this trend has gathered is drawing media attention. In addition to widespread online content focused on this goal, including Facebook groups and countless websites, the trend is contributing to the rise in specific leg contouring procedures. According to the article, these groups have more than 700,000 followers, and some surgeons are reporting dramatic increases in the number of leg procedures performed.

Treatments to Help Shape the Inner Thigh

The two most commonly performed procedures for the legs are the thigh lift and liposuction, both of which are procedures that can have a dramatic effect with a relatively short recovery period. Each procedure varies based on the extent of the treatment goals, which are unique to each patient. Liposuction comes in a variety of forms, and is generally used for more minimal treatments where the skin still retains a healthy amount of elasticity. It may be specifically targeted to address certain trouble areas of the legs where the fat deposits persist despite focused exercise. Thigh lifts represent a more significant treatment, in which excess skin is surgically removed along with the excess fat, sort of like a face lift for the legs. Often, liposuction will be used to enhance the overall appearance of the final result. A thigh lift is typically done in cases where greater amounts of fat must be removed, and the skin has lost its elasticity, meaning that if only liposuction were to be performed, excess skin would be left behind. Other procedures that may be performed in this area at the same time include buttock lifts and tummy tucks. Photo by Lorena Cupcake on Flickr.

Surgeons Can Replace Breast Implants with Fat in â??Reverse Liposuctionâ? Procedure

A reverse liposuction procedure may soon become a popular alternative to using breast implants and revision surgery. This procedure replaces breast implants with the patient’s own body fat, rather than new implants, providing natural-looking results, according to a report in the latest issue of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.

Properly known as simultaneous implant exchange with fat (SIEF), reverse liposuction is a conceptual paradigm shift of using natural fat for volumetric augmentation and breast reshaping, says report author Dr. Daniel Del Vecchio. He used the technique to help a 42-year-old woman who was dissatisfied with the appearance of her breast implants after seven years. She felt that they were too full and rounded, and appeared unnatural.

Although she wanted the implants removed, she was concerned about how her breasts would look afterwards. Dr. Del Vecchio designed the SIEF technique as a way to maintain the natural shape of her breasts after the removal of the implants. Here’s how the reverse liposuction technique works:

  • Over the course of three weeks prior to surgery, the patient uses a bra-like device to gradually expand her breast. The device uses negative pressure  basically vacuum suction to stretch the tissue.
  • Before performing the implant removal surgery, the surgeon harvest fat cells from the patient’s thighs and/or abdomen with liposuction.
  • The fat cells are injected into the space over the implants. This allows the surgeon to sculpt and reshape the breast.
  • The breast implants are removed, and the surgeon can inject additional fat beneath the skin.

When he followed up with his patient one year later, Dr. Del Vecchio discovered that her breasts were roughly the same volume as they had been with breast implants. He was also pleased to find that they looked better than before, with a smoother transition at the top.

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