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Breast Reduction

3 Signs You May Benefit From A Breast Reduction

By October 11, 2022 No Comments

3 Signs You May Benefit From A Breast Reduction

Breast reduction surgery—as most can infer—reduces breast size. It is most commonly performed on women born with overly large breasts that lower or hinder their quality of life. This can also occur following pregnancy when the breasts never go back to their original size once done nursing. Here are 3 signs you may benefit from a breast reduction.

#1: You Have Neck Or Back Pain

While there are several possible causes of neck and back pain, when a person has breasts too heavy for their frame, this can put stress on their back and neck. Thus, this can cause pain that may only be alleviated when the breasts are heavily supported or when laying in certain positions. You should be evaluated to ensure that your pain is at least partially due the size of your breasts.

#2: Exercise Is Hindered

When a woman has overly large breasts, it can be hard to properly support them in order to work out. Even sports bras may not allow a comfortable range of motion for a person to exercise effectively. Not to mention, if you have neck or back pain due to your breasts, this can impact your ability to exercise as well.

#3: Your Breasts Sag

Breast sag is often a consequence of overly large breasts. In fact, a breast reduction and breast lift are nearly identical procedures with a few varying techniques. For women who are young or have never had kids and their breasts sag, this may be a sign they would benefit from a breast reduction.

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