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Breast Lift

What Are The Restrictions After Breast Lift?

By March 28, 2023 No Comments

A breast lift is a plastic surgery that removes extra skin, repositions the nipple, and restores a perkier breast. It requires more recovery than breast augmentation in most cases. However, many of the restrictions are similar to any breast surgery. Let’s look into the question, “What are the restrictions after breast lift?”

Following breast lift surgery, patients will need to limit their activity for two weeks and heavy lifting or strenuous cardio for around four to six weeks. Patients are encouraged to be up and walking around as soon as they are comfortable to do so. Still, patients will need to be careful and not lift anything heavy or do anything too strenuous until otherwise cleared.

Patients will also need to wait around two to three days before they can shower. Dr. Jonov may also recommend keeping bandages covering the incisions for up to a month after surgery. Patients will also likely wear a surgical bra to adequately support their breasts and promote comfort.

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