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Breast Lift With Or Without Implants: How To Choose

By December 31, 2019 No Comments

Women seeking breast lifts often decide to fix two concerns at once: addressing breast sag and size in one go. For some, breast implants can help improve the look of sagging breasts, while it can worsen it in others. This is why it is important to consult with a board-certified cosmetic surgeon to determine what is best for your own needs.

The easiest scenario comes when a patient is concerned with the sag and size of their breasts and does not possess a high degree of breast ptosis. Often, these individuals are the best candidates for a breast lift with implants. 

The situation becomes more difficult when a patient has extreme sagging of the breasts or loss of breast tissue. Implants can sometimes increase the sag postoperatively or cause your breasts to sag, even after a lift. Choosing implants too large (whether having a breast lift done or not) can also cause this result. 

Dr. Jonov at Seattle Plastic Surgery will help assess the state of your breasts to determine if a breast lift, breast augmentation, or a combination of the two could help you achieve the look you want for your breasts.

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