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By August 6, 2013 No Comments

Afraid of Piling On the Pounds This Summer?

The tummy tuck is just the beginning to your new life with the slim new look that you have been waiting so long for. Here are two essential tips to kick out the bad summer habits and hang on to your sexy new figure! Maintaining your new flat belly will require the same hard work and exercise that you were used to doing before the procedure. Here in Seattle we don’t get a lot of sun, so when we do get these beautiful days during the summer, it can be very tempting to fall back into the lazy day routine of sunbathing at Alki and munching on pound after pound of barbecue. In other words: torture to your tummy.

These Popular Summer Foods Are Torturing Your Tummy

Summer is a time when greasy fried foods and fat-filled frozen treats rule our diets and populate the grocery aisles and restaurants. Well, a lot of these things just are not worth the damage they do to your figure. Here are five especially bad summer foods to stay away from.

  1. As good as ice cream sandwiches are, each one rings in at about 500 calories and 60% of saturated! If you’re still craving one, you can make your own using a lower-fat sorbet.
  2. With all the fairs and carnivals coming to town, fried foods like corn dogs and churros will be everywhere. Stay away! Battered and fried foods are one of the worst foods when it comes to trans-saturated fats. As tasty as it is, it’s just not worth it.
  3. Ribs. I know you are going to hate me for this, but before you pull out your torches and pitchforks, just hear me out. Without any sauce, a quarter pound of ribs will cost you 288 calories and a ridiculous amount of saturated fats. If you just cannot stay away, cook the ribs yourself and replace the barbecue sauce with low-fat spices. Mustard, garlic, or chili powder all can add delicious flavor without piling on the calories.
  4. Every barbecue that I’ve ever been to has had them, but avoid potato & macaroni salads. Don’t be fooled by the use of the word “salad,” both of them are mostly just fatty mayonnaise. If you absolutely need to have it, make your own with low-fat mayo or olive oil.
  5. Last but definitely not least, it is time to say goodbye to carbonated drinks. As good as a nice sparkling water or can of Coke tastes, those bubbles will cause your belly to blow up like a balloon. Stick with a glass of water or tea to avoid the bloat.

Cardio & Crunches to Bring Out the Abs

Many people either just do endless cardio without the ab exercises, or endless crunches and sit-ups without much cardio. Well, the thing of it is that these two exercises actually work together as a pair to effectively keep fat from building on top of the muscle while also helping to define the abdominals. Now that you have your new, slim shape, you can take it a step further by adding some sexy definition to those abs!

Is it Time for a Tummy Tuck?

If you have been doing all the exercises and eating right but are still struggling with a belly pooch or loose skin, a tummy tuck may be the right solution for you. Talk with your board certified cosmetic surgeon and find out how you can achieve your ideal tummy.