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Why Chin Implants May Increase in Popularity

By April 5, 2010 No Comments

According to studies published in Cosmetic and Reconstructive Surgery, facial bones of your chin and jaw may actually recede during the aging process, negatively affecting your facial proportions and outward appearance.

For the study, a group of 120 subjects were analyzed with CT scans. Researchers noticed that older individuals exhibited changes in bone structure, especially in the chin and jaw area. Other areas of concern include the middle of the face, in the cheekbones and eye-sockets. The authors of these studies, Dr. Howard Langstein and Dr. Robert Shaw Jr., suggest that a patientâ??s skeletal structures may require more attention in the future. Aside from traditional facelifts that reduce sagging tissues in the middle and lower part of the face, surgeons may need to focus more on chin implants and procedures that augment facial bone structure.

Restoring facial volume has already become commonplace in facial cosmetic surgery. Non-surgical procedures such wrinkles fillers are used to temporarily augment multiple areas of the face, while facial implants provide long-term solutions for inadequate chin or cheek projection.