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What Is The Least Invasive Facelift?

Over the years, cosmetic procedures have become less invasive. This means that they cause less trauma to the body, may use smaller incisions, and generally come with less pain and recovery for patients. Facelifts are a good example of a procedure that becomes less invasive every decade. So, what is the least invasive facelift?

There are two types of non-invasive facelifts: surgical and non-surgical. Surgically, the least invasive facelift option is a mini facelift. It involves the smallest incisions and the shortest recovery time of all surgical facelifts for most people. Some surgical thread lifts are also non-invasive, but less effective.

For non-surgical facelifts, dermal fillers are a great non-invasive option that helps rejuvenate the skin and plump up areas that are experiencing hollowing. At a certain point, a surgical facelift may become necessary, but for those who do not want surgery or who are not ready for it, fillers are a fantastic option.

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