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What Is The Best Facelift For Men?

Male facelifts have seen a rise in popularity with every year. While women are the leading patients who seek a facelift, men are beginning to catch up. There is not one specific type of facelift that is best for men, however, there are differences in technique that should be used on men versus women. This is due to many factors including, hormonal and anatomical differences, facial structure, and cosmetic desires. But what are the different techniques and procedures better for men? 

The facelift will focus on removing excess skin or fatty tissue which can contribute to sagging features. This is common in any facelift, but because men’s facial structure differs from women’s, the surgeon will focus on target areas such as “jowls” and bring a youthful appearance back into the jawline. They also must consider testosterone levels, which causes men to bleed more during surgery, hairlines, and facial hair. There are other procedures men can undergo to reduce the signs of aging, such as rhinoplasty, Co2 laser resurfacing, or chin implants. 

Men are often concerned about losing masculine features, but with top surgeons at Seattle Plastic Surgery, this is not a worry. Dr. Santos knows the techniques and procedures needed to rejuvenate the face and keep masculine features prominent. 

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