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What Filler Is Best For Lines Around The Mouth?

By March 1, 2022 No Comments

Many lines on the face form due to repetitive movements. For example, forehead lines form due to raising your eyebrows and scowling. These movements are unavoidable in everyday life but can be treated proactively with Botox injections. Another example of these lines are called “smoker’s lines” which are small lines that form around the lips due to pursing of the lip. While Botox can treat this area, it requires precision and often the lines form quickly and the movements cannot be restricted enough for the Botox to make a difference. This is why filler is often preferred for this area. What filler is best for lines around the mouth?

Generally, any filler suitable for the lips is also suitable for lip lines. With that said, sometimes slightly thicker fillers work better because the area is constantly moving and thin fillers would not last as long. Examples of commonly used fillers in the area include Restylane Defyne, Restylane Refyne, and Juvederm Ultra Plus.

If you already get lip filler, it is quite easy to add a small amount more to treat any lines around the lips. It often does not take a large amount and should be done by an injector skilled in such injections.

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