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The Science Behind Laser Tattoo Removal

By February 4, 2020 No Comments

Lasers have become one of the most lucrative advances in the past century. From use in printing, cutting devices, and surgery, lasers have many uses. At Seattle Plastic Surgery, we utilize laser technology for multiple procedures, including laser tattoo removal. But, how does laser tattoo removal work?

Throughout your life, your body is slowly breaking down the ink of your tattoo. Most people will only see slight fading or distortion of their tattoos in their lifetime, not full removal without outside intervention. The laser delivers bursts of energy to the ink, breaking it down and helping your body break down the ink faster and more efficiently.

Usually, patients require more than one laser tattoo removal session because it takes time for your body to visibly break down the ink. While every patient will react differently to treatment, most patients should see results within three to six sessions. 

Certain tattoos may respond better to treatment. Black ink, older tattoos, and small tattoos tend to see quicker results, however, nearly any tattoo is possible to treat. A Seattle master esthetician can determine if laser tattoo removal is viable for your tattoo and specific needs. 

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