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Injectable Fillers

The Many Benefits Of Temple Filler

By July 13, 2021 No Comments

Injecting dermal fillers into the temples is becoming an increasingly popular non-surgical way to look younger and enhance facial appearance. Its growing popularity largely has to do with more awareness of the procedure and the benefits of temple filler. Additionally, it can help achieve current beauty standards. Let’s dive into the many benefits of temple filler.

The main reason that patients seek Seattle temple filler is due to fat loss in the face. This is natural and can happen with aging, weight loss, and by living an athletic lifestyle. Adding fillers into the temples can take away a gaunt aged look, plump up the face, and contribute to an all around younger look.

Other than aging, temple filler can achieve two of the most coveted recent beauty trends: a heart shaped face and the cat eye look. A heart shaped face is often considered the most attractive face shape and can contribute to a more youthful appearance. The cat eye look gently lifts the eyes for a more alluring look and shape to the eyes. This is sometimes used when a patient sees age related changes to the eyes as well.

Temple filler also comes with relatively few risks and is usually well received by patients. To learn more about the benefits of temple filler, schedule a consultation at Seattle Plastic Surgery by calling 206-324-1120. You can also submit an inquiry online via Price Simulator™, chat, or contact form.