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Breast Augmentation

Stem Cell Research Could Dramatically Alter Breast Augmentation Surgeries

By October 3, 2008 No Comments

New research by medical scientists has revealed that human body fat is rich in stem cells. This discovery has spawned many interesting developments on the cosmetic surgery front. In Japan, a surgeon named Kotaro Yoshimura claims he can fortify fat even further with stem cells and use the product to perform a breast augmentation. The regenerative properties of stem cells apparently make this possible.

A similar procedure has been documented in the United States, but unlike Yoshimura’s technique, it doesn’t involve stem cell fortification. Dr Sydney Coleman of New York claims he has been performing breast augmentations using transplanted fat for years. He published an article in the publication Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery detailing the process.

But Coleman’s technique comes with certain risks. The most undesirable and commonly associated risk is the death and subsequent calcification of the transplanted fat. The body rejects the reintroduced tissue, failing to integrate it into its surroundings. Some speculate that this process might also hinder the effectiveness of mammogram screening.

Theoretically, fat supplemented with stem cells should more readily integrate itself with the body, as a new blood supply forms and the blood vessels bond with the new tissue. If this indeed became a reality, the breast implant would cease to be an implant and become a wholly natural augmentation.

The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic surgery is funding a related study. Interested patients should visit can for more information.