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Relief of Headache Symptoms After Endoscopic Brow Lift

By June 14, 2013 No Comments

In a new study, the endoscopic brow lift was shown to have extremely high levels of patient appearance satisfaction, including a marked decrease in headaches.

The new study from the Journal of the American Medical Association was recently published online, and found that both male and female patients were particularly satisfied in their procedures, answering with remarkably positive answers compared to other surgeries. This in-depth study involved 57 patients who had previously had endoscopic forehead lifts, with nearly 50 questions designed to get a complete picture of their situation.

More Patients Choosing Endoscopic Forehead Lifts

The endoscopic forehead lift is a modern version of the popular and trusted traditional forehead lift. In the traditional forehead lift, an incision is made along the scalp line, and the underlying tissues are adjusted, repositioned and tightened. Any excess skin is also removed and the incision closed very carefully, for a youthful, more smooth upper face.

The endoscopic version of this procedure is designed to be more minimally invasive, with incision lines that are hidden in the hairline. Instead of one long incision, this procedure uses several very short incisions, which run perpendicularly to the hairline and are set far back from the scalp. The same tissue adjustment is still performed, but it is done using an endoscope, which allows for the most discreet adjustment possible.

The forehead lift is a less invasive version of the full face lift, which has long been considered the quintessential facial cosmetic surgery procedure. It is often performed in concert with a nose job, or other procedures like chin surgery, facial implants or non-surgical procedures like facial fillers. 93% of the patients surveyed reported that their procedures were successful, and 96% recommend others having the same procedure. Nearly 75% of these women reported being told that they looked younger, and reported increased confidence.