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Breast Augmentation

Plastic Surgeons “Ramp Up” Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation

By December 8, 2009 No Comments

Marketing efforts for breast augmentation done with fat-grafting are being “ramped up” says the New York Times. Experienced plastic surgeons weigh in to warn potential patients about the unpredictable nature of this procedure. “Suddenly everyone is claiming to have 10 years experience,” says expert Dr. Sydney Coleman. [NY Times]

A British cosmetic clinic is showing off the cosmetic surgery results of their employees in a 2010 calendar. They’re calling the calendar “tongue-in-cheek, but tasteful, featuring “girls from across our company of all ages and they all look amazing.” [The Sun]

Can breast implants or lasik eye surgery be considered a marital asset? According to the Associated Press, attorneys in North Dakota thought the issue was worth debating. The judge’s ruling? “nonsense” [Star Tribune]

Giving cosmetic surgery for Christmas? Don’t surprise your significant other with a plastic surgery gift certificate unless you’ve discussed the idea in the past. Do it right and you’ve got an extraordinary gift! [RealSelf]