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Procedure Time: 2.5 Hrs

Recovery Time: 1-2 Weeks

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Most of us have heard of a tummy tuck, as it’s a common and popular cosmetic surgery. However, when you think of a tummy tuck, does a woman or man come to mind? It’s okay if you thought of a woman, as it’s mainly promoted, marketed, and advertised as a female surgery. But, like with everything, a tummy tuck is not just for women. 

In fact, many men wish to slim down their figure and show off the muscles beneath. Whether you have experienced significant weight loss or have lost your shape, a male tummy tuck can be extremely beneficial. So before you go all macho and decide you don’t need it, let’s look at its purpose, how it works, and the benefits it provides. At Seattle Plastic Surgery, our providers help men achieve their goals through a tummy tuck.

What Is A Male Tummy Tuck?

If you’re feeling a bit apprehensive or embarrassed for even considering the surgery, you shouldn’t. A lot of men want to achieve a more flattering shape and have a more prominent definition in their abdomen, and there’s nothing wrong with this. With age, weight loss, or stress,  it can be hard to get rid of excess fat and skin all on your own.    

So, what exactly is a male abdominoplasty? Well, it’s not just a fancy medical term for a tummy tuck; it’s a surgical procedure designed to remove excess skin and fat from the abdomen. While this is the same goal for women who undergo a tummy tuck, the two have some key differences. 

Male Vs. Female Tummy Tuck

Is there really a difference between a male and female tummy tuck? Well, it’s not just a different name for the same exact surgery, if that’s what you’re thinking. While men’s tummy tuck may be similar to a woman’s, the techniques and incisions are different. 

Men are built differently than women, and when a tummy tuck occurs, the surgery is tailored and tapered to accommodate those differences. With men, the incision is flat rather than curved because it’s near the groin and forms a man’s shape. However, other differences may lie within the patient’s goals and preferences. 

Why Get A Male Tummy Tuck?

An abdominoplasty for men provides incredible results that can help you achieve definition and shape. When you experience significant weight loss or have stubborn fat around your middle, it can be discouraging not to see results in the gym or with a well-balanced diet. Weight loss may cut down on the pounds and the fat, but it can leave sagging skin in its wake. Skin doesn’t usually respond to time in the gym or a diet plan. This can hinder your sense of accomplishment or sense of self. A male tummy tuck can help you enjoy weight loss or regain your shape.    

Benefits Of A Male Tummy Tuck

Whether or not you undergo a male tummy tuck is entirely up to you. You don’t need cosmetic surgery to feel good about yourself, but there’s also nothing wrong with wanting to improve your look and show off your accomplishments. Whatever you decide, we want you to stay informed and feel confident in your decision. A male tummy tuck offers many benefits, especially if you are looking to achieve a definition around your abdomen. Benefits of a male tummy tuck include: 

  • A flatter, well-defined abdomen 
  • Can restore a six-pack 
  • Eliminates loose skin around the stomach and waist 
  • Gets rid of stretch marks 
  • Can reposition the belly button to maintain symmetry 
  • Clothes will fit better 
  • An improved sense of self 
  • Can improve energy & productivity during workouts 
  • Performed by the leading tummy tuck surgeons in Seattle 

These are just some of the things that a male tummy tuck results can accomplish. So, if this all sounds appealing, you can schedule a consultation with one of our providers. 

Are There Risks?  

There are always some risks involved with any surgery. Even though a male abdominoplasty is considered a safe and reliable procedure, it still involves risks. However, it’s important to note that working with a skilled surgeon is the best way to avoid these risks from actually occurring. In other words, don’t just shop around for the cheapest option. (You can do that with your clothes but not surgery, okay?) Risks of a male tummy tuck include: 

  • Scarring 
  • Infection 
  • Nerve damage 
  • Bleeding 
  • Blot clot 
  • Numbness 
  • Negative reaction to the anesthesia

Male Tummy Tuck Steps

The first step in a male tummy tuck procedure is to schedule a consultation with an experienced and highly trained cosmetic surgeon. In fact, it’s great to schedule several consultations with different providers so you can get a good understanding of the surgery and find the best provider for your needs. While we are a bit biased toward the incredible surgeons at Seattle Plastic Surgery, we want you to choose the provider whom you feel completely comfortable with. 

Male Abdominoplasty Surgical Options 

There are many options for your unique tummy tuck, as this is a customizable procedure. It can be fixed to your needs and overall goals. (Whatever you want, we do our best to make it happen.) We can even combine the surgery with liposuction to create a well-defined abdominal region and carve out a sick pack. There are a few options for your tummy tuck, including: 

Mini Tummy Tuck:

A mini tummy tuck is the least invasive of all the procedures, as it only affects your lower abdomen. While it does have a shorter recovery time, it’s only best for those who need a minimal amount of skin and fat removed from their lower stomach and waistline. 

Standard Tummy Tuck:

A standard male tummy tuck is great if you want a more in-depth surgery that significantly slims your middle. A standard tummy tuck is the perfect solution for toning and definition in the lower and middle abdomen and around the waist.  

Extended Tummy Tuck:

An extended male tummy tuck works to eliminate large amounts of skin and fat from the entire abdomen. The incisions extend around the waist line, as it removes fat and skin from the hips and lower back. 

Fleur-De-Lis Tummy Tuck:

A Fleur-de-lis male tummy tuck moves the greatest amount of skin and fat across the entire abdomen. It’s often used on patients who have experienced extreme weight loss and are left with large amounts of excess skin. The scars extend both up the abdomen and across the lower waist so the surgeon can reach every area that holds the skin and fat.

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    Your Tummy Tuck At Seattle Plastic Surgery 

    When you choose the incredible surgeons at Seattle Plastic Surgery, you choose providers who genuinely care about your needs, goals, and results. Undergoing a male tummy tuck isn’t something to ever be ashamed of. Bettering yourself and your life should always be celebrated. At Seattle Plastic Surgery, we aim to help you celebrate your success and enjoy your shape for a long time.


    Is A Male Tummy Tuck Worth It?

    Whether or not a male tummy tuck is worth it is ultimately up to you. But if you are struggling to feel like yourself or want to achieve definition in your abdomen, it’s definitely worth considering and looking into.

    What Is The Recovery Time For A Male Tummy Tuck?

    Your recovery time depends on the type of tummy tuck you undergo. A mini tummy tuck may only take a week or so of resting, but more in-depth techniques will require an in-depth recovery process. Your provider will give you detailed instructions so you can have a smooth recovery.

    How Much Does A Male Tummy Tuck Cost?

    A male tummy tuck cost depends on the provider and the type of tummy tuck you undergo. At Seattle Plastic Surgery, a standard male tummy tuck starts at $7,485 but can go up depending on different surgeries or any liposuction added.  


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