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Laser Tattoo Removal Procedures a Boon for Practitioners

By February 14, 2012 No Comments

laser tattoo removal procedureWith the frequency of people choosing tattoos on the rise, the number of those seeking laser tattoo removal has also grown, according to ModernMedicine.

Over the past five years, the revenue generated from laser tattoo removal procedures has risen more than 20%, based on market analysis. Laser tattoo removal procedures now generate more than $65 million annually number that analysts say will grow over the coming years.

But why are so many people turning to laser tattoo removal procedures, especially when the popularity of tattoos continues to rise?

Analysts posit that several factors have caused the increase in the number of patients seeking laser tattoo removal procedures, ranging from unemployment to the availability of tattoo removal technology.

Though unemployment continues to rise in the US, those with tattoos who find themselves unemployed may seek laser tattoo removal procedures as a way to make themselves more hirable.

The prevalence of tattoo removal technology may have also contributed to the rise in laser tattoo removal procedures in recent years. Since patients know they will have the option of removing the tattoo later in life, they may be more likely to get one, even if they don’t feel it be for life.

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