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Plastic Surgery

Junior French Open Champ Will Undergo Breast Reduction Surgery

To improve her mobility and her game, tennis player Simona Halep has announced plans to undergo breast reduction surgery next fall.

According to news sources in the UK, Ms. Halep complained that her large (34 DD) breasts have slowed her reaction time on the court and caused discomfort. It’s the weight that troubles me my ability to react quickly, she told The Sun.

In 2008, Halep won the junior French Open. She is now ranked 317th in the world.

Women pursue breast reduction surgery for a several reasons, increased mobility being just one of them. One breast reduction patient stated, Before I didn’t want to run anywhere. Even across the street if something happened I would not run. It was painful and embarrassing (Klassen 2009).

Beside issues with physical activity, many women hope to alleviate irritation around their bra strap and underneath the breast, pain in the back and neck, and discomfort during sleeping.

The procedure can be described as a “normalizing” experience for women. Once the surgery is complete, patients often say they are less self-conscious, they fit into more regular sized clothes, and that they typify what is perceived as the norm of the female body.