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Does Lipo Leave Scars?

By October 12, 2021 No Comments

Liposuction is known for being a fairly non-invasive surgical procedure. However, before undergoing the surgery, patients often do not know what it entails. While they tend to know that scarring is usually easy to cover, many patients end up asking, “Does lipo leave scars?” Let’s look at this question to understand what you can expect after liposuction.

The average liposuction incision is less than half an inch. Though, the incision size can vary based on the treatment area, size of the cannula, how much fat is removed, and the type of liposuction. Some types of liposuction only require incisions a few millimeters long. In general, these small incisions tend to heal well and may not even leave behind a scar after a few years. Though, scarring is not purely up to the size and specifics of the incision.

How visible liposuction scars are and what they look like often has to do with your body and the quality of aftercare. First off, if you are someone prone to keloids or raised scarring, this is a risk, even with the tiny incisions used for liposuction. Though, this does not mean they will turn into raised scarring. This is best evaluated in person at a consultation. 

Also, taking good care of the incisions post-operatively gives you the best shot at having little to no scarring. Other factors such as age, skin quality, treatment area, and medical conditions all impact post-surgical scarring. To promote optimal results, Dr. Jonov recommends the use of Scar Protocol

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