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Non Surgical Brazilian Butt Lift New

Does A Non-Surgical BBL Hurt?

By September 14, 2023 No Comments

Aesthetic treatments like a non-surgical Brazilian Butt Lift utilize fillers to enhance the shape and size of the rear. However, because it is a non-surgical treatment, no anesthesia is used during the process. This can make patients worry about the discomfort levels they may experience. 

Typically, patients find the treatment tolerable, but the providers use a local numbing treatment to dull the sensation from the injections. The buttocks have many nerve endings that make them sensitive, so patients may feel pressure and discomfort during the treatment. The providers can also give the patients additional medication to ease any pain and help the patient feel more comfortable. Although most patients don’t require added sedatives, they are available. Patients may also feel mild soreness after the injections, but this usually subsides after a day.   

A non-surgical Brazilian Butt Lift takes less than an hour and is not overly painful. The providers at Seattle Plastic Surgery take extra steps to ensure the comfort of every patient and ease any treatment concern.   

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